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Find out how the Year of the Dogs will pass from its characteristics.

Interesting and true characteristics of the year of the Dog

According to the Eastern calendar, each year has its patron from the world of animals, its color and element. To replace the red Fiery Rooster, the year of the Yellow Dog is in a hurry.

Each animal in its own way influences the fate of people, so it is necessary to know what nature the Yellow Dog has in order not to miss its chance for success.

Find out how the Year of the Dogs will pass from its characteristics.

Characteristic Year of the Yellow Dog

February 16, 2018 Yellow Dog will officially enter into its rights and will affect the fate of people until February 4, 2019. In the meantime, she has to live under the same roof with her neighbor, the Fire Rooster.

The dog is not an animal. On the one hand, a friendlier, loyal and faithful animal is not to be found.

But to the uninvited guests, she is able to show anger, aggression and rage, protecting her home from strangers.

It is very difficult for the resolute and assertive Fire Rooster to find a common language with a faithful and calm Dog, but thanks to the wisdom of the Dogs this period should pass relatively calmly.

Elements of 2018

The new 2018 year will be under the rule of the earth element. In place of a fierce and merciless Fire, sweeping away everything in its path, comes a balanced and peaceful Earth — consistent, slow and stable.

It will not only allow you to bring all the started business to its logical conclusion, but also provide an opportunity to make far-reaching plans and start long-term projects.

These trends will apply to all areas of life — politics, economy, health and the environment. This year all disagreements and conflicts should stop, military clashes abate, and people will be able to find the right way out of any situation and learn the ability to compromise.

This year, people will be interested in quite earthly spheres of life — real estate, career, agriculture, material values. But the spiritual and ideological problems until recede into the background.

The color of 2018 will be yellow, as well as all its shades — golden, yellowish brown, khaki. This color will become a symbol of calm, stability, sincerity, kindness, optimism and faith in a bright future.

Stone 2018 must be natural and have a shade from light yellow to chocolate. Favorable stones can be amber, jasper, opal, citrine.

Find out how the Year of the Dogs will pass from its characteristics.

Positive qualities of the year Yellow Dogs

The Yellow Dog has many positive qualities that will be decisive in the new year:

  • The dog is always intelligent, loyal and sincere;
  • The dog does not know how to speak — for her actions are more important than beautiful words;
  • A dog will never let his friend down;
  • A dog is able to love selflessly;
  • The dog will not leave a friend in distress;
  • The dog is always modest and does not expect praise or reward for his merits;
  • The dog does not tolerate injustice and betrayal;
  • The dog is brave and ready for any feats;

The more people are compatible with these qualities, the better the coming year will be for him.

What will be the year 2018 for the various signs of the Chinese horoscope?

  • This year will be the most favorable for the Dog. Representatives of this sign expects unprecedented luck and fulfillment of the most cherished desires.
  • Good compatibility with the Dog at the Tigger and the Horse. Year will bring them success in all endeavors.
  • Rat, Rabbit and Monkey can also count on the support of Dogs. For them, the year will be positive and full of interesting events.
  • The controversial year is waiting for Snake, Pig and Rooster. Periods of success will be replaced by periods of difficulty. As a result, the year will be changeable.
  • A difficult period awaits the Dragon, the Goat and the Bull. Difficulties in relationships and violation of plans are possible.

Astrological forecast for 2018

The dog has a conservative character, so the coming year will be relatively even and calm in all areas. It will not be critical or critical for most people. But at the same time, the Yellow Dog is a very active and active creature.

Therefore, only the workers can rely on her favor and patronage, but she will not tolerate lazy people.

The Yellow Dog has a keen sense of justice, so this year everyone will get what they deserve. If you do not want to cause the anger of a dog, you should not compromise with your conscience.

In 2018, many will experience a transformation of consciousness and a rethinking of life values. Only those qualities that really have true value — justice, loyalty, love, mercy, kindness will come to the fore.

Many will come to the conclusion that these qualities are much more important than expensive purchases and other material values.

Year of the Yellow Dog will be favorable for love relationships. In 2018, many will be lucky enough to meet their soul mate and even get married.

The only thing that should not be forgotten is that the Yellow Dog will show its protection only to those who have sincere feelings. Relations based on vested interests will be doomed.

Find out how the Year of the Dogs will pass from its characteristics.

The coming year will be favorable for people who put family values ​​above all and are loyal to their loved ones. In addition, this is a very favorable period for friendships, because the dog is the best friend.

In financial terms, the year 2018 will be favorable for those people who do not like to idle and do not rely only on the mercy of fate. The dog will bring a significant profit to honest workers who are not prone to dubious scams.

The second half of the year will be more favorable in terms of money.

Do not forget that the dog is simple in life and does not need luxury items. Therefore, it will approve only really useful and substantial expenses: construction and repair, purchase of housing, purchase of education, entrepreneurial activity.

But in general, it is safe to say that the Year of the Yellow Dog will bring positive changes, instill hope and optimism and change the lives of many people for the better.

People who were born in the year of the Dogs

According to the eastern calendar, people born in the Year of the Dog are distinguished by loyalty, friendliness, kindheartedness and compassion. They will always come to the aid of all those in need and are ready to fight for justice.

Representatives of this sign are very active and can not sit idle. They always know what they want from life and achieve everything on their own, rarely asking for help.

Often the dog is very stubborn and cynical. She loves to criticize others and finds fault with every detail.

The dog does not parade its emotions, preferring to experience joy and pain deep in the soul. In this case, it in no case can not be considered insensitive.

In fact, she is experiencing hard not only her own, but also other people’s suffering, trying to help those in need.

The dog does not strive for comfort and luxurious life, it is generous and unselfish, simple and modest. She does not tolerate injustice and adheres to strict moral rules.

Dogs born in the daytime have a more calm and peaceful disposition. Representatives of the sign who were born at night are more unbalanced and prone to conflicts.

Male dog

Men-dogs are distinguished by intelligence, justice and generosity, always faithful to the code of honor. They are fun and active, easily find common language with people and have many friends.

Representatives of this sign have a well-developed sense of responsibility. They are honest, courageous and resolute, always ready to help.

Dogs are not prone to the accumulation of material goods. Even well-to-do men are content with a modest life, not seeking luxury.

Much more for them means the opinion of people and relationships with loved ones.

The dog is a sacrificial mark. She cannot live for herself and enjoy life.

Its mission: to serve others and to be faithful to its duty, while sacrificing even personal happiness.


Women born in the year Dogs are rarely calm and balanced. As a rule, they work a lot, not having a moment’s rest.

Usually they have a closed character, trying not to openly express their feelings. At the same time, they are friendly and easily get in touch with people.

Women dogs are sometimes stubborn and prone to criticism and pessimism.

Representatives of this sign can rely on and trust them with any secret. They will always stand up for the innocent, will not betray and will provide all possible assistance.

And for the sake of loved ones woman-dog can even sacrifice themselves.

To learn more about people born in the Year of the Dog, watch the video:

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