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Financial horoscope for the week from 14 to 20 August

Financial horoscope for the week from 14 to 20 August

To manage money luck is possible with the help of a financial horoscope. Astrological recommendations will help you to enlist the support of stars and become more successful this week.

Good luck is paramount — income level, career growth and an independent future depend on it. This week, you can confidently act in your own interests: the stars will give enterprise, business acumen and a chance to win a prize in the struggle for success. Enlisting the support of the planet-patrons, you will unleash a whimsical fortune, and therefore you will succeed in the workplace.

Your opponent Mercury began to reverse the movement. Despite his strong position, it will be a good time for business. This week Aries can organize at their own discretion, in many ways indulging their desires.

Earlier this week, aspects of the Sun patron will give impetus to financial issues. Wednesday and Thursday will highlight your material errors, emphasize the reasons for the outflow of funds. On August 20, the sextile of Mars and Jupiter will give Aries good luck in business.

Strengthened Mercury is your chance to succeed this week. The patronage of the active moon will help to feel the influx of positive emotions. Everything can be as you expect, if you direct the energy in the right direction.

At the beginning of the week Taurus will be able to draw attention to themselves, their capabilities and abilities. On August 16 and 17, proceed slowly, be practical and do not rush to be in the center of the team. Friday and Saturday are good days: the square of the Moon and Uranus will help you make the right decisions and go around obstacles.

This week, your patron Mercury will be retrograde. This means that you can rethink your relationship, purpose in life, review your thoughts and decisions. Be careful: you can be deceived, or you yourself will be inclined to act on the basis of mercenary motives.

At the beginning of the week you will have to work harder, especially if your work concerns the interaction with people. All because of the adverse influence of the enemy-the Sun. Starting Wednesday, inaction will be harshly punishable.

Astrologers advise to give in to the infectious example of a successful person.

This week, the lucky patron of the Moon and Venus in your Token will give you money luck. To achieve your goals quickly, you need an active course of action. It is possible that we will have to give up comfort and our habits, but the game is worth the candle.

The most pleasant and long-awaited time will come on August 14, 15, 18 and 19. Plan on these days all the most important and responsible: you are guaranteed success. In the middle of the week monetary tension will be felt, try to survive this time as economically as possible.

The sun — the planet that controls the Lions — will be in your Token. This means that all aspects will be bright and harmonious. The period from 14 to 16 August is just marked by abundant connections of the planets with your patron.

You will be lucky, so do not be afraid to act and take steps in the chosen direction.

Mid-week will create favorable conditions for making deals, large purchases and finding new partners. The end of the week will be slightly blurred by the negative impact of the moon, which will not allow to shine and create. Be responsible and serious about money and job responsibilities.

The ruler-Mercury will be marked by being in your Sign, which will give a business-like organicness, the release of their critical situation and an increased concentration of attention. Monday and Tuesday are good days for representatives of the Sign of Virgos: you will be assisted by an active Moon. This time will give impetus to the use of hidden talents.

The middle of the week is not the best time to concentrate on household and business routines. Let yourself rest. Friday and Saturday will give you courage and excitement, and by adding your experience to this list, you can get out of the material impasse.

This week, the energy of the Sun antagonist will pull you down, increasing internal insecurity. Stars advise not to take up dubious business and not to take someone else’s initiative.

At the beginning of the week you will have to recognize the significant advantages of rivals and tame personal ambitions for the normalization of relationships and reputation in the team. Chaos, dishonesty and lack of professionalism will become your main obstacle in the execution of your plans. Do not give in to emotions, including fear and greed.

For Scorpios, the week will be associated with fulfilling commitments and voluntary help. Mercury’s retrograde from August 14 to 20 is ideal for solving technical problems, mental work and making responsible decisions.

The required level of performance will give the activity of the patron of Uranus in Aries, especially on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Interest in executable business will increase your chances of success. Astrologers advise to rely on experience, professionalism, cunning and determination.

This week, Streltsov will visit the inspiration, enhanced by the activity of the ally-Sun. The period, according to experts, is conducive to business activity and the establishment of partnerships.

At the beginning of the week it is better to give preference to creativity, rather than a working routine. Success can have its price — emotional experiences and financial costs are possible. In the middle of the week, any initiative will require caution, and you should not stir up the past and make past mistakes.

The strengthened position of an ally-Mercury will add decisiveness and will push for spontaneous and ambiguous actions. Beware worth an active antagonist-the moon, especially on 14 and 15 August. Fortunately, at this time the initiative will not go beyond what is permitted, there will be a chance to settle the financial side of life.

In the middle of the week there will be an opportunity to manage events and solve a complex task. On Friday and Saturday, it is best to cooperate with reliable and experienced people, otherwise there will be a conflict of interest bordering on large losses.

This week, the stars dictate an active rhythm of life. The negative impact of the Sun antagonist will remain in the shadows, so do not reject invitations to cooperate. Intensive social contacts will help to build relationships with the right people.

At the beginning and the middle of the week business relationships will come to the fore. Perhaps the initiative will be intercepted by another person. The role of the slave will help relieve the burden of responsibility and devote time to personal hobbies.

At the weekend, it will be a good time for an external update.

Pisces Sign representatives are very lucky this week, especially in the business field. You will be helped by the successful location of the patrons of the Moon and Venus relative to other planets and constellations. Astrologers advise caution over spontaneous decisions.

This will help reduce material risks and gain luck.

Monday and Tuesday are the most promising days for Pisces. Better to focus on work. Starting with the environment, activity, diligence and creative spirit will contribute to increasing your well-being.

Do not waste time on empty talk, experiences and dreams.

The weekly astrological forecast will help representatives of the zodiacal circle to remain in the mainstream of success and prosperity. The positive influence of the planets and their aspects will create favorable conditions for doing business. We wish you new victories. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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