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Financial horoscope for the week from 13 to 19 August

Financial horoscope for the week from August 13 to 19

The weekly financial horoscope will tell representatives of all the signs of the zodiac what situations to watch out for and what to do to stay in the win.

The week from August 13 to 19 will be fairly calm in terms of financial issues. The phase of lunar growth begins, so it is possible to carry out monetary rituals on the growing Moon, to accumulate wealth, and for a more detailed forecast, refer to the horoscope from experts of the site dailyhoro.ru.

Aries is patronized by the trine of Mars with the Moon — a harmonious aspect that will lead this Zodiac sign to stability in the middle of the week. Some risks are likely on Friday, and on Saturday they will increase, so these days it is better to beware of the advice of unfamiliar people and be careful not to get caught by scammers, for example, when ordering via the Internet. To upgrade the monetary energy one can pay attention to which wallet attracts money.

For happy shopping, Taurus is better to choose Monday, since the energy of the Union Moon will become weaker further. You should not go on about a sudden rush and acquire things thoughtlessly: intuition and the sixth sense can bring the Taurus. August 18 is an unfavorable day when representatives of this Sign need active creative activity.

Saturday is good for financial transactions, especially those related to charity or presents. But Sunday is the day of the negative impact on Gemini Jupiter and Neptune. Lackiness can cause missed opportunities, and inattention can lead to annoying financial losses.

It is recommended to strengthen energy, so as not to lose money.

Mars will influence actively enough and not always positively on those born under the auspices of Cancer. The energy decline due to the weakened moon also does not play into the hands of Cancers. It is best to take Sunday to shopping, and then shopping will be carried out with advantage and without fuss, and devote your everyday life to moderate spending and earnings, not forgetting the psychology of wealth and the materiality of thoughts.

Bikvintil of the Sun with Pluto will lead to non-standard solutions for financial problems, will help to find an additional source of income, turn circumstances in its direction. All week should prepare the soil and be more attentive to the little things. It will not be superfluous to recall the talents of the Sign of Leo and turn to your best qualities.

Saturday is financially favorable for Dev. The decisions made will have a lasting impact on the state of affairs in the future. Virgins will need caution on Sunday: what seems a good idea at first glance may entail extra expenses, fuss and bustle.

If in doubt check with the lunar calendar.

Aspects of Mars with the Moon on Tuesday and Thursday may push Libra representatives to reckless spending for entertainment or shopping. Astrologers advise to give preference to more useful purchases. Thursday is a crisis day, when in financial matters you need to plan well in order not to remain at the bottom of the trough.

Attract wealth in life through creative visualization.

Thursday will put a lot in its place in the life of Scorpions. On this day, it is good to hand out debts, fulfill financial obligations, help with money to relatives, as well as consolidate agreements with business partners. A small financial pillow will by the way be closer to the weekend, and for career development Scorpios can come in handy with an effective Simoron ritual.

Strelets Troops is important not to confuse the monetary sphere with personal relationships and love affairs. This week finances may come unexpectedly — in the form of a gift, a bonus, a win or even a random find. Whatever happens, it is important to maintain a presence of mind.

In case of stagnation in the professional sphere, you can get a money talisman for the desktop.

Financial issues among many representatives of this Zodiac will be in priority. With doubts or loss of strength, you can remember affirmations to attract success. Favorable business related to trade and real estate, small investments in the future.

Health and personal care expenses will also be successful, as this will contribute to the disclosure of financial flows.

The effect of Pluto on Saturday may confuse all the cards. Each solution is recommended to be carefully weighed, as well as follow the prompts that the universe gives. You can indulge yourself with pleasant trifles during the week, but by the weekend it is better to conduct operations with money very deliberately, and spend them only on necessary things.

On Saturday, the risk of making the wrong decision increases due to doubts and rush. It is important for the fish not to forget that for this week the foundation for future success is largely laid, so planning will be useful. Even a simple shopping list before going to the store can make life a lot easier.

And so that the calculations and numbers do not catch up with depression, you can learn more about the codes of wealth.

If the week promises to be difficult, and you feel that the support will not hurt you, you can use the money talisman for the wallet. Leave negative thoughts and attitudes behind, look to the future more boldly and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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