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Financial horoscope for the week from 12 to 18 October by Pavel Globa

Financial horoscope for the week from October 12 to October 18 from Pavel Globa

Simple recommendations of Pavel Globa will help to avoid financial crisis and unforeseen expenses. With the help of them you can find out in which areas you can multiply your incomes from October 12 to the 18th.

This week, all investments related to banking operations, will bring a significant profit. You have a real opportunity to receive income from short-term investments and make a substantial contribution to long-term projects that will bring a steady income in the future. But do not invest in a profitable business all to the last penny; Try to count and control your daily expenses.

You should be careful with transactions that involve payment via the Internet. Before sending money in a similar way, it is worth checking the integrity of the recipient, since it is likely to be in the hands of scammers. This week, only those operations will be successful, which will be based on the personal transfer of money from hand to hand.

The money horoscope warns: you may want to spend money right and left. If you give free rein to your wishes, you risk spending everything and going into debt. Such a situation can be avoided if you plan your expenses at the beginning of the week.

Do not necessarily deny yourself everything. You can afford a large-scale purchase, but it must necessarily be planned, and its cost should be included in the budget.

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac expects a large salary increase. However, in order to get such a desirable sum, you need to try hard at work and make some effort to achieve the goal. Under a rolling stone, water does not flow — remember this and get to work.

The money received is better to spend on large acquisitions or invest in a bank at interest.

The astrologer recommends that you pay more attention to your valuables and your wallet. In the current period, the chances of forgetting a bag with documents and money in a public place are very high. Be careful and, if possible, leave all valuables at home.

You should not show sympathy for everyone in need, who will beg for a monetary contribution to his food — at the moment you are in a position to help far from everyone.

This week, the astro prediction of finance advises you not to be led by your bosses, and if you are confident that you are right, try to explain to the management how advantageous your approach to solving the problem will be. If you manage to convey information correctly, you can count not only on increasing your income, but also on a new position.

You have been dreaming about a vacation for a long time, but you cannot accumulate the necessary amount. But in these numbers, the Stars promise you the likelihood of additional earnings. The main thing in this business is not to be lazy and agree to any offer.

If in doubt, do you need another source of income, think about your goal. Of course, you have to spend non-working time. But with a reliable customer you have every chance to go on a long-awaited trip.

This week you will have to count the expenses not only on yourself, but also on your friends, since the likelihood that people will come to you to ask for money in debt is very high. Pavel Globa does not recommend making large purchases in the first half of the week. Otherwise, you run the risk of being completely out of money, because you will not be able to deny your financial question to your friends.

The best time for major acquisitions in terms of a money horoscope. If you have long been saving money for a certain purchase, this week you will have a great opportunity to achieve what you want. However, in petty spending it will be necessary to limit myself for some time, since the receipt of large profits during this period is not expected.

You astrological forecast advises to reveal their talents to the authorities and apply them in practice. The initiative and creative approach to the tasks will not leave your leader indifferent. Therefore, after the increase, it is recommended that you discuss in detail the issue of payment for your work.

All purchases of the household plan this week will be successful and will last a long time.

You had to spend a lot of money in the recent past, so you should responsibly treat your expenses and tighten your belt. This week is not expected large cash receipts, but this does not mean that you should give up. For you, this time will be a period of planning new projects and reporting that will bring substantial profits in the future.

Only hard work and attentiveness will help you to get the expected income this week. However, if you decide to arrange a small vacation in the middle of the week, this can greatly affect the final result and financial income. Do not expect easy profits, only patience and work will help you succeed in the monetary sphere.

This period will be quite difficult for many signs of the zodiac. It is worth remembering that to get financial profit you need to make a lot of effort, because nothing is given just like that. Applying all your professionalism and patience, you can achieve what you want. The horoscope from Pavel Globa wishes you to achieve your goals, to engage in self-development and, of course, do not forget to press the buttons and

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