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Feng Shui Compatibility Horoscope

Feng Shui Compatibility Horoscope

Determine compatibility in love in different ways. One of them is a love horoscope of compatibility based on feng shui. According to the ancient Chinese theory of the energy of the five elements, compatibility in love and marriage can be determined by year of birth. Each year, Feng Shui is under the auspices of one of their elements.

In order to know the love compatibility with a partner, you must first learn your element.

The elements of the earth are people born in years, the last digit of which is 9 or 8. People of the fire element are born in the years with the last digit 6 and 7. Those whose year of birth ends at 4 or 5 belong to the element of the tree. The elements of water are those born in years ending in 2 or 3. The element of metal is people born in years whose last digit is 1 or 0.

After you have defined your element and the element of your second half, you can proceed to the description of the compatibility of signs of the elements.

Fire + fire — this is a very strong and strong union. If two people the elements of fire are in a relationship, then together they are able to achieve all their goals. This is an ambitious couple that will support each other and complement.

Fire + earth — this is a relationship in which the person of fire will constantly stimulate the person of the earth element to take action. According to the compatibility horoscope by year of birth, there will be passion, love, and mutual support in this pair. Such a union will be strong in those cases, if the earth will drag over the fire.

Fire + metal — in this pair the fire will suppress the will of the metal. The person of the elements of fire will constantly strive for leadership in relationships, however, exactly the same way as the person of the elements of metal. This is a union of two strong people who want to be in charge in a relationship.

In order to make this union successful, the representatives of these elements need to use their sense of humor more often in resolving conflicts and problems.

Fire + water — it is believed that in such a relationship the person of the elements of water will suppress the person of the elements of fire. However, not everything is so bad. The representative of the fire element will constantly send a man of water in the right direction, and he, in turn, will inspire him to accomplish deeds.

Fire + wood — this is a harmonious couple, in which the man of fire will stimulate the representative of the elements of the tree for new achievements. A man of the tree will create comfort and take care of financial stability. Both in pair will complement each other.

Earth + Earth — this union is very favorable in all respects. Both will go towards a common goal. At first glance, such a couple may seem boring, as representatives of this element rarely show their emotions.

However, in fact, in their relationship real passion rages.

Earth + metal — This is a strong alliance based on mutual support and real feelings. In the compatibility horoscope for years it is said that both will take care of each other. The man of metal will make the representative of the elements of the earth successful, and he will take care of comfort and finances.

Earth + water — relations in such a pair can be called complex. Both are sensitive and can hurt each other. The man of the earth will annoy with his stubbornness, but will give stability.

The man of water will stimulate his soul mate in personal and career development. This union is more like a relationship between business partners.

Earth + tree — not a very good alliance. This is a relationship of two completely different people. The representative of the verses of the earth is distinguished by a conservative view of life, striving for stability and financial independence. And the man of the elements of the tree is more active, progressive and radical in his goals and deeds.

This union can be successful if both openly express their feelings.

Metal + Metal — a good alliance. Both in this pair have a strong emotional connection. They are easy to understand each other and find a compromise.

In addition, this pair of like-minded people, which is moving towards its goal.

Metal + water — very good and promising union. According to the free compatibility horoscope, the representatives of these elements perfectly understand each other’s desires and strive for a common goal. A man of metal gives his partner confidence in himself, and a man of water teaches his soul mate to express his feelings directly.

Metal + wood — relationships in this pair can be complicated. Everything lies in the difference of their characters. The representative of the elements of the tree can not live without communication, and the man of the metal is more committed to privacy.

Relationships can become harmonious only if the person of the element of metal will more often listen to the representative of the element of the tree.

Water + water — this is a wonderful union of two people who understand each other. Representatives of these elements are soul mates. However, in order to maintain a warm attitude and strengthen their couple, they need to show more confidence and decisiveness in life.

Water + tree — strong alliance, the basis of which is mutual support and complement each other. Water will give strength to the tree, and it, in turn, will give stability and confidence.

Tree + tree — a great union of two active and active people. These relationships can not be called boring. Both will develop, go ahead and grow not only in their careers, but also as individuals.

This horoscope of compatibility by year gives you the opportunity to know the prospects for the development of relations, and also it will help strengthen relationships where they have cracked. Do not assume that the incompatible elements have no future in the relationship. Everything is quite real, just have to work hard on their incompatibility.

The most important thing is love and the desire to be together, and everything else will follow.

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