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Features horoscope for Aquarius in July 2018

Horoscope for Aquarius on July 2018: the time of secret desires

The second hot summer month of July is just around the corner and you probably want to know what events it will bring to you. This material deals with an interesting and informative horoscope for Aquarius for July 2018.

Features horoscope for Aquarius in July 2018

How will the second month of summer take place for Aquarius?

Representatives of the zodiacal constellation Aquarius in July 2018 will experience a strong desire to hide from the surrounding chaos, hiding from it somewhere on the coast, in the jungle or at their summer cottage — it all depends on how much Aquarius has enough imagination. What is the reason why you will become so annoyed with bustle?

The answer is very simple — in your life there will be some kind of new hobby that lies beyond the limits of everyday reality.

How stars and planets will affect Aquarius

Aquarian people, by their nature, are accustomed to building castles in the air filled with unrealistic plans and hopes. In general, this is not very surprising — Aquarius is patronized by the creative and unusual planet Uranus, so from birth it is possible for them to go beyond the boundaries of their usual reality.

In the second month of summer, the planet Uranus — the traditional patroness and guardian of Aquarius, will manifest its enormous energy potential. That is why her wards now more than ever want to give up the dullness and ordinariness and go in pursuit of emotions and bright colors.

And, moreover, the night light will contribute to the immersion of Aquarius in their own inner world. The charismatic and mysterious Moon will want to motivate you to a new search for the meaning of your life and you will want to conduct this search not with your usual environment.

While you are at the peak of your reverie in the background, a powerful pest planet will suddenly appear, which in July will be Jupiter.

Why does he get mad at you? Because he is absolutely antipathetic personality, prone to soar in the clouds and divorced from real life. In order to teach Aquarius life wisdom, Jupiter will from time to time begin to send him various small trials concerning the realities of harsh life.

This may be the loss of important documents, vehicle breakdowns and the like. In general, nothing terrible, but they make you nervous.

Characteristics of the personal life of Aquarius in July

Considering the peculiarities of the personal life of representatives of the mark, one can speak of sufficient protection from any anxieties. If you are in a relationship, your soulmate will understand your desire to “fly in the clouds” a little bit and be alone with yourself, with your thoughts and feelings.

You will get a short-term opportunity to take a break from bored everyday realities, but, of course, this time will not last forever. Therefore, when your dreams and fantasies are exhausted, you will still have to return to ordinary life and all its problems.

Lonely representatives of the sign of their rainbow dreams can prevent to miss something very significant for them. Now it means the interest in you of some very interesting and charming personality.

Sadly, during this period of time, it will seem too mundane to you. Fortunately, the fan promises to be quite persistent, not one of those people who gives up after the first loss, so he will definitely continue to win your attention and location.

Features horoscope for Aquarius in July 2018

What will the health of Aquarius in July

Astrologers emphasize that the health of Aquarius in July 2018 is directly dependent on the psycho-emotional state. It does not exclude a serious psychological crisis that provokes a lack of implementation in the professional field of activity or carefully concealed complexes and fears.

In order not to worsen the situation, it is best for you to visit a psychologist or psychoanalyst and discuss your condition with him.

Also in July for Aquarius there is a high probability of being in the hands of a specialist who will help direct your energy in the right, positive direction. It is also recommended to use «live» water — it will have a healing, sobering and calming effect on Aquarius.

And if a lump of irritation suddenly arises inside you — do not rush to spew your anger out, but take a sip of water and keep silent.

With regards to caring for your appearance — Aquarius in July, it is preferable to stop at the cleansing and rejuvenating programs and procedures. During this period, the result from the activities of such a plan promises to occur as quickly as possible and will continue for a long time.

Especially attentive you need to be in the last week of July 2018, because it will be a traumatic period for you. If possible, limit any trips now, do not drive in order to avoid various unforeseen situations on the road. Features of the material sphere

In matters of money and material wealth, Aquarius in the second summer month will not feel offended by a share. Midsummer is a suitable time to realize your financial ideas in life and make various acquisitions.

Therefore, we can talk about a fairly stable financial position of Aquarius in July, which in this case will only improve. Many representatives of the constellation are expected to receive a good profit from your past efforts, plus short-term successful deals are not excluded.

From the approximate dates of the month when you should receive the most substantial amount, you can call the following numbers: the third, fourth, twelfth, thirteenth, twentieth, twenty-first and twenty-ninth of July.

Horoscope of work and business

In terms of work for Aquarius, this month promises to be very active and labor. Thanks to your achievements of the past and well-deserved authority, an excellent base for real achievements is created.

There is a high probability that your boss will not refuse your request and will surely go to a meeting in matters that matter to you. In general, take advantage of favorable times with profit for yourself, for example, do not miss the chance to take a couple of days off, if you can leave on vacation not soon.

For Aquarius-entrepreneurs and chiefs, there are chances of concluding lucrative deals and obtaining additional profits.

Aquarius servants will be able to gain a foothold in their positions. But the situation in the team will not be too calm, the occurrence of intrigue, competition and conflict situations is not excluded.

During this period of time, it is worthwhile to demonstrate diplomacy with regard to your colleagues, and if there are too serious disagreements, you should turn to the boss for help.

The main recommendation from the stars for Aquarius for July 2018: adhere to the most diplomatic and consistent demeanor and do not be afraid to once again devote other people to especially your planned actions.

Features horoscope for Aquarius in July 2018

Tips astrologers

  • From the first to the seventh numbers — do not forget about the fact that free cheese can only be in a mousetrap, but you should make a lot of efforts to achieve some success. Therefore, be diligent if you need an excellent result in the end.
  • Between the eighth and the fifteenth — do not step on the old rake again! Let your experience teach you something, there is no need to make old mistakes again. Use the already acquired skills and knowledge that will help you achieve your goals.
  • In the time interval from the sixteenth to the twenty-second of July — show openness and friendliness. Thanks to the friendly attitude to others, now you can achieve success.
  • From the twenty-third to the thirty-first, if you are going to make an important decision, weigh all the alternatives very well, or even better, ask the advice of a person who has an unbiased point of view.

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