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Favorable days for haircuts in October 2018

Haircut calendar: favorable days for haircuts in October 2018

The moon affects the female body with great force. A certain lunar day carries with it a special energy characteristic capable of producing changes in the female body.

Favorable days for a haircut in October 2018 — what are they, how are they different? Consider the days for haircut and hair coloring on the lunar calendar for this period.

Favorable days for haircuts in October 2018

Lunar haircut — first half of the month

October 1 not suitable for handling hair. On this day, you can lose energy, which will affect the overall health of the body.

If you need to change the hair color, you can use a tinted shampoo or a dyeing foam.

The second also an unfavorable day for a haircut. Lunar rhythms do not favor the accumulation of monetary energy, so you can lose significant amounts of money.

If you want to rectify the situation at work, use a tinted shampoo.

Third — again an unfavorable time to change the style of hair, wait for a better time. What will the haircut on this day? You can pursue dark thoughts, which will gradually turn into depression.

Not worth the risk.

Fourth — a favorable day in all respects. You can change the style of hair, dye strands and experiment with their appearance.

Also, the day is considered successful for bleaching curls.

Fifth will have a negative effect on overall well-being. On this day is not recommended staining and cutting.

Sixth also considered an unfavorable day for going to the hairdresser. This day threatens to trouble at work and in the field of health.

Leave it as it is.

Seventh — the perfect day to visit the hairdresser. A change in hair style and color can produce a favorable change in well-being and health, and even increase life expectancy for a while.

Favorable days for haircuts in October 2018

Eighth — the day is unfavorable. Manipulations with curls can negatively affect health and even lead to illness.

Ninth — a bad day for a haircut. But henna hair dye will strengthen the immune system and improve your status at work.

Tenth — good day for any manipulations with hair. Haircut will increase the sharpness of mental thinking, enhance intuition and sharpen the perception of the surrounding world.

Eleventh — day for coloring curls with natural means. It can be henna, basma, walnut shells and other natural dyes known to you.

Chemical dyes can not be used, as well as shaving curls — this is to trouble.

Twelfth — ideal for haircuts, but unfavorable for coloring. Haircut will make you charming and give happiness.

Thirteenth — Great date for haircuts, and for coloring. You can improve your financial situation.

Only use clarifiers is not recommended.

Fourteenth favorable only for dyeing hair with Basma or other dark natural dyes. Cutting curls is not recommended.

Favorable days for haircuts in October 2018

Second half of the month

The fifteenth it is possible to dye curls in dark colors and shades, it is not recommended to cut hair — this can lead to spiritual discomfort and inner feelings.

Sixteenth Great for creating new hairstyles and dyeing strands in red or light shades.

Seventeenth bring a change in life, if you visit a beauty salon. If you do not want a change, you should refuse a haircut.

Eighteenth will bring success in business, if you dye your hair with natural dyes. A trip to the hairdresser will promote health and prolong life.

Nineteenth well suited for brushing and stranding them in light colors.

Twentieth — a dangerous day to visit beauty salons. Set aside a visit to the hairdresser.

Twenty first will bring some trouble if you dare to change the image with a haircut or coloring.

Twenty second — unfavorable time for changing the image. It is only allowed to dye curls with natural dyes.

Twenty third — A good date for haircuts and curls.

Twenty fourth You should not visit a beauty salon: haircut will bring health problems, and hair coloring — scandals in the family.

Twenty fifth — A visit to the hairdresser will end in complete disappointment.

Twenty sixth will bring joy in everything that you would not do. If you return your natural color to your curls, it will increase your social status.

The 27th — favorable time for any manipulations with curls. If you change the hair color to the opposite, it will contribute to profit.

The 28th — a favorable time for a haircut, but you can not repaint the hair in a different color.

Twenty-ninth make a profit if you dye your hair with natural dye.

30th A visit to the hairdresser is better not to plan.

Thirty-first — extremely bad day. You will lose positive energy and can get sick.

However, tinted shampoos and balms can be used.

Note! If the lunar day is not suitable for dyeing hair in a persistent color, you can always use tint dyes to temporarily change the style.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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