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Favorable days for haircuts in May 2018

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts in May 2018

Since ancient times, people have noticed that the moon has an effect on hair growth. If you cut the curls on a waning moon, they will grow slowly.

If you make a haircut on a growing moon, curls will grow quickly. Favorable days for haircuts in May 2018 are determined using astrological tables.

Consider everything in detail.

Favorable days for haircuts in May 2018

Favorable days

Successful days for cutting hair happen at different times of the lunar month — on both the growing and the waning moon. On a growing one, you can attract some benefits in your life, besides a beautiful hairstyle.

On a waning moon, you can get rid of problems along with a change of image.

Haircut May 2 will attract success in everything, besides, rejuvenate and give charm. For the skin of the face, you can make masks on the basis of fruits, and the body is better pampered with contrasting procedures — a sauna with a swimming pool or a hot / cold shower.

A haircut the 6th of May heals the body, as it draws vital energy from space. Soothing masks will be useful for face skin, and active rest for body.

A haircut May 7 and 12 will help to establish a harmonious contact with others. The skin of the face and body should be given rest from any cosmetic procedures, just devote these days to rest.

A haircut May 14 will help in the financial sector. You can carry out any manipulations with the skin of the face, and leave the body alone.

A haircut 16th of May will bring joy and good luck. The skin of the face that day needs deep cleansing, and the body — in anti-cellulite procedures.

Day May 19 fill you with positive, attract financial well-being. The skin of the face will be useful lifting procedure, and the body — rest and relaxation.

A haircut May 22, 23 and 26 will increase life expectancy. Normal daily procedures are suitable for the face and moderate exercise for the body.

A haircut May 28 able to harmonize relationships with friends and colleagues. With the face of special manipulations should not be carried out, and for the body will be a fasting day.

A haircut May 29 will bring financial profit and energy outflow. This is a dual day when you should give preference to something alone.

Peeling is suitable for the face and wraps for the body.

Favorable days for haircuts in May 2018

Unfavorable days

May days 1, 3, 4, 15 and 31 numbers will bring health problems. On May 1, it is best to visit a massage room, 3 numbers — go to the sauna, 4 numbers — to carry out medical procedures, May 15 — to conduct steam procedures, and on May 31 — to go to a fitness club.

A haircut 5 May bring inner discomfort. Whitening masks work well for face skin and gymnastics for body.

May days 8, 19, 20 and 27 numbers fill the body with fatigue, and the soul — with longing. Physical activity for the body is not desirable, for the skin suitable gentle cleansing procedures.

May days 9, 10, 11 and 18 numbers will lead to ailments and illnesses. These days, any cosmetic procedures can harm instead of benefit.

Day may 13 may shorten lifespan. Cryotherapy is suitable for the body, for the skin of the face — only moderate treatments.

Day May 21st will lead to conflict with others. Nourishing masks are suitable for body and face skin.

May days 24 and 25 numbers will reduce the immune defense. It is better not to carry out manipulations with the skin of the face, activity is useful for the body.

Day May 30 may cause injury. It is better not to load the body with anything, nourishing refreshing masks are suitable for the face.

Favorable days for haircuts in May 2018

Coloring curls

Beauticians are advised to conduct hair coloring in the days of the moon’s growth or in the full moon. This time favors the uniform dyeing of the hair in depth, a beautiful overflow of tone.

On the waning moon, you get the opposite effect, but you can tint the regrown roots of curls.

Coloring curls May 2 will bring a happy mood and positive, if you use natural basma or henna.

Hair coloring May 3 will bring success in the field of labor and business, positive and joy.

If a May 4th to paint curls in natural tones, it will give inner confidence and strength.

Coloring 5 May will ensure mutual understanding with the environment — relatives and colleagues.

Hair coloring May 7 will change the financial situation for the better.

Color change May 8 will bring joy and optimism.

Hair coloring May 12, 17 and 29 — to joyful changes, excellent mutual understanding with friends and colleagues.

Change the color of the curls May 18 will lead to monetary gain and authority among colleagues.

Hair coloring May 19 and 20 increase self-esteem and strengthen relationships with family and friends.

Natural dyes Basma and henna will help improve health May 25.

Hair coloring May 26 and 27 will bring good luck in work and love.

Unfavorable days for staining are 9, 10, 14, 19, 20, 22 and 23 May — this will lead to conflicts with others. May 28 staining will bring illness and malaise.

Note! Hair dyed with chemical dyes needs constant care — a nourishing mask.

Do not forget to make masks once a week.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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