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Favorable days for haircuts in April 2018

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts in April 2018

April every day brings the long-awaited summer. Hair for the winter period is tired, their structure needs to be revived with nourishing masks and a vitamin diet. Favorable days for haircuts in April 2018 will help the hair to recover and strengthen.

Consider them in detail, as well as days for coloring curls and facial skin care.

Favorable days for haircuts in April 2018

Favorable days

Astrologers say that a haircut on favorable days will not only improve the image of a woman, but also attract auspicious events to life. Therefore, you need to visit a hairdresser on certain days of the month, when the moon has a beneficial effect on the female body.

These days should be marked in the calendar with a red circle and not to miss!

Haircut April 3 will give you a charge of vitality and bring the body to a tone. The same applies to the body — going to the fitness club will charge you with energy for a long time.

But the skin of the face should be left alone, there may be irritation from cosmetic procedures.

A haircut April 7 and 8 will bring tranquility to the soul and vigor to the body. The same applies to facial and body skin care.

These days any procedures will have a beneficial effect.

A haircut April 13 bring joy, you can build relationships with loved ones easily and simply. Manipulations with the skin of the face and body are better postponed for another day, time is not very suitable.

A haircut April 15 bring happiness to your privacy. On this day, you can do a facelift and self-massage.

You will feel a surge of energy and vigor.

A haircut April 19 will give composure and material well-being, as well as strengthen the hair roots. For the skin of the face any cosmetic procedures are suitable, for the body a good physical exertion is good.

Days April 22 and 26 increase life expectancy. Cleaning the pores of acne rash is suitable for the face — 22 numbers, but on April 26, manipulations with the skin of the face can lead to allergies.

The body these days you can just relax, do not engage in active exercises.

A haircut April 28 strengthen the structure of curls and give mutual understanding with loved ones. Also on this day you can make a biowave.

It is better not to carry out manipulations with the skin, let it rest.

A haircut April 29 will bring good luck, but take away vital energy. On this day, you can not care for the skin around the eyes, so as not to harm the eyesight.

For the body fit spa treatments.

Favorable days for haircuts in April 2018

Bad days

What happens to the hair if you make a haircut on a dysfunctional day? This may affect the structure of the hair — they will become fragile and brittle, and the tips will begin to exfoliate. Hair can lose shine and crumble.

Unfavorable days should be avoided to preserve the beauty of curls. Also, an unfavorable haircut time can attract various troubles and illnesses.

April first will bring various troubles and even domestic injuries. Oxygen masks are useful for the skin, for the body — individual programs for rejuvenation.

A haircut April 2 and 5 can deprive you of good luck and health. Steam treatments can be done for the face and anti-aging treatments for the body.

A haircut April 4 and 10 will bring nerve disorder and health. The skin of the face can be cleaned from pores. Mud baths and seaweed wraps are well suited for the body.

Day April 6 also bring disorder and mental imbalance. It is useful to do anti-aging face masks, ride a bike.

Days 9, 21 and 20 numbers will bring conflict situations. Cosmetic procedures for the face can be performed, but not necessarily.

For the body useful scrubs from natural ingredients.

A haircut April 11th will bring a loss of energy and a sharp deterioration in health, however, can improve the financial situation. For the face any procedures are useful, for the body — active physical activity.

A haircut 12 numbers contributes to a depressed mood. Facial care is better to postpone for another day, the body, too, leave alone.

Very unfavorable day for any manipulations.

Haircut 14th of April can shorten life. For the face, you can make masks against wrinkles, for the body — any procedure.

A haircut April 17 may worsen the structure of curls. For face skin, use essential masks, it is better not to carry out any manipulations with the body.

Day April 18th bring bad luck if you visit a hairdresser. If you need to update your hair, it is better to apply styling tools and coloring.

Days April 23, 24 and 25 will deprive you of energy and lower the protective properties of the body. These days, nourishing face masks and acupressure are best.

A haircut April 27 will bring malaise. For the face, you can do the usual cleansing procedures, for cosmetic manipulations unfavorable day.

A haircut April 30 will bring a lot of trouble — and monetary losses, and domestic injuries, and various disorders. It is also better not to touch the skin of the face, since lunar rhythms do not favor cosmetic manipulations.

For the body — relaxing treatments.

Favorable days for haircuts in April 2018

Hair coloring

If you paint on an auspicious day, the color of the curls will be saturated. Your hair will shine with beauty, and not hang down lifeless strands over your shoulders.

Day April, 4 — favorable. Hair coloring will be held with success.

Coloring April 7 will bring interesting acquaintances, if you choose a light shade.

The eighth of april will make a financial profit if you dye your hair in your favorite color.

April 9 will give a good mood. The day is so favorable that you can paint curls even in the most incredible color.

Coloring April 13 and 29 will bring joy and optimism.

In a day April 16 It is best to choose natural dyes. It will bring confidence and stability.

In days April 17 and 25 You can strengthen the roots of the hair Basma / henna, and along with relationships with loved ones.

Hair coloring with natural dyes April 18th will bring financial well-being.

Days April 19, 21, 26 and 27 will bring joyful mood and improve relationships with family and work colleagues.

If you dye your hair in a dark tone April 30, You can avoid the impending failure.

Negative days for hair coloring in April: 6, 11, 15, 20, 22 and 28 number. It is better not to touch the curls and wait for an opportune time.

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