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Favorable days for a haircut in July 2018

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts in July 2018

Midsummer is characterized by scorching sun and dry air. This has an adverse effect on the body and hair health.

What will help favorable days for a haircut in July 2018? They are able to return the lost moisture and shine to the locks, as well as restore the damaged hair structure.

Favorable days for a haircut in July 2018

Favorable days

Astrologers claim that days at any time of the lunar month can be favorable — in the growing and decreasing phase. It is just that each lunar day carries its own vibrations, different from the vibrations of the other days of the month.

Therefore, to choose the right time to visit the hairdresser, you need to refer to the lunar calendar haircut and hair coloring.

Day 4th of July will give new strength, increase energy and make you believe in new opportunities. It is better not to experiment with the face — time is not favorable.

Physical activity is undesirable.

July 5th — a dual day. You can both improve health and gain weight.

This time is favorable for diets and fasting days, and cosmetic manipulations with the skin of the face will qualitatively change life.

July 10th strengthen immunity and create a favorable situation for the harmonization of relationships with loved ones. On this day, you can get rid of annoying freckles and go in for sports weight loss.

Day July 12 and 17 will bring positive emotions and cash receipts. Deep cleansing will be useful to the skin of the face, for the body — complete rest and relaxation.

However, on July 17, it is better not to schedule cosmetic procedures.

Days July 21 and 24 will add years of life and bring joy. For the face, rejuvenating masks are useful, for the body — therapeutic mud and other useful healing procedures.

Day 26 July will bring reconciliation and harmony in relationships with relatives. Skin at this time are useful protective procedures that save from UV rays.

Dual day is and July 27 — You can improve the financial situation, but at the same time lose the vital energy. Body wraps are useful for the body, any manipulations for the skin.

Favorable days for a haircut in July 2018

Unfavorable days

Haircut July 1 and 7 worsen health and spoil health. The first number can be made body wraps and light makeup for the face.

July 7th is useful to make a wrap for the neck.

Barbershop second of july will lead to illnesses. For removal of fatigue make salt baths for legs, also mint decoction will be useful.

What can be done with the skin of the face? This time is favorable for any cosmetic manipulations.

Day July 6 — very unfavorable for haircuts. It will bring irritability, will create fertile ground for quarrels and conflicts.

You can pamper your face with moisturizing masks, instead of training, take a walk in the fresh air.

Haircut July 8 will lead to a breakdown, de-energizing. It is useful to make moisturizing face masks, and leave the body alone.

Visit to the hairdresser July 11 and 13 shorten the days of life. Better make anti-aging face and neck masks, take a stroll through the park.

A haircut July 16 upset all the planned cases, bring bad luck. Visit the spa, pamper your body with pleasant treatments.

July days 18, 19, 25 and 29 the numbers will only bring frustration and create a cause for conflict. At this time, you can give preference to aromatherapy to strengthen the immune system.

July twentieth — also unfavorable day for haircuts. Dedicate it to aromatherapy.

Days July 22, 23 and 28 carry the risk of conflict and energy loss. It is better to engage in meditative techniques, wellness treatments, or just a walk in the fresh air.

Favorable days for a haircut in July 2018


In order for the hair to maintain a pleasant shine and look healthy, it is necessary to do the coloring on favorable lunar days. Hair painted on the growing moon will shine with beauty because the dye is absorbed evenly throughout the hair structure.

Hair coloring July 1 and 31 will attract success, give strength and energy for the realization of new beginnings. You can experiment with color and shades.

Day second of july will help get rid of the accumulated negative, if you choose a tone of natural color. Staining will strengthen the immune system.

Hair coloring in bright shades 4th of July helps to find mutual understanding with others.

Coloring curls in light shades 5’th of July will attract financial success.

Beauty salon visit July 6 will raise a good mood for a long time.

If you paint the strands in dark colors July 7, can avoid conflicts.

Day July 10 will give confidence in their own abilities and capabilities.

Coloring strands July 15 will help restore lost confidence of friends and colleagues.

If you take a chance and create a new bright image with paint July 16, You can attract success in your life and cash profit.

Coloring curls July 17th will attract happiness and joy. If you choose a chestnut tone for hair, balance will be restored in your soul.

Days July 20 and 27 favorable for restoring peace between colleagues and relatives.

Days July 24 and 25 will attract success in all walks of life.

Tip! So that the colored curls always look shiny and healthy, every week make nourishing masks.

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