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Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts in November 2018

Haircut in November 2018: favorable and unfavorable days

In November, the weather becomes harsh and cold, which is particularly reflected in the condition of the hair and skin. What favorable days for a haircut in November 2018 are recommended to us by the lunar calendar, and on which days it is better not to visit the hairdresser?

We consider in detail in the article and days for cosmetic procedures in the specified period.

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts in November 2018

Favorable days

In November, several favorable days for manipulations with hair. These days you can safely do any haircut.

Consider in detail every day in November, than he can please us.

November 1st — a haircut on this day sharpens the intuitive perception of the world, improves health and brings material well-being. On this day, you can do hair removal from any parts of the body.

November 5th You can change your life for the better if you visit a beauty salon. On this day, you can at the same time clean the pores of the skin and make the depilation of unnecessary body hair.

November 6th You can make a haircut and at the same time get rid of broncho-pulmonary diseases. Creating a new image can drastically change the course of your life for the better.

You can also visit a beautician to make a correction.

November 8th will give an unforgettable experience of creating a new image. Hair coloring is not recommended, however, you can use shampoos or gels.

This day can be devoted to skin care around the eyes, the elimination of the “crow’s feet”.

November ninth — On this day, a haircut will help strengthen the health and immune system. This is an auspicious day for relieving stress by cutting the tips of your hair.

For the face, you can make nourishing masks from natural products or herbs.

November 10th — haircut will help to improve relationships with loved ones. It is better not to experiment with the face, as it is possible to get irritated by the use of cosmetics.

November thirteenth a haircut will raise your spirits, but it is better not to carry out cosmetic procedures. This day is best devoted to rest and surrender to a positive mood entirely.

November 16th will give a sense of irresistibility that will inevitably affect the impression of other people from yourself. Among cosmetic procedures, attention should be paid to the skin around the eyes — masks, massage.

November seventeenth — the hairstyle will affect the prolongation of life, and the hair will become strong and healthy. For the skin is better to choose tonic preparations with an alcohol content.

It is advisable to visit the sauna or take a bath at home with the addition of herbal infusions or sea salt.

November 18th will give optimism and confidence in their own irresistible. It is better to refuse cosmetic procedures — let your skin rest.

The same applies to body care — do not perform any manipulations.

November Twentieth can give a sense of youth and a surge of strength. For the care of the skin suitable face masks from natural ingredients.

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts in November 2018

Twenty first day will bring financial well-being. There is no need to do anything with the face, especially to have a massage!

But for depilation this day is favorable and desirable.

November 23 can open in you inner talents that you didn’t suspect. Also, the day is favorable for improving relations with loved ones and a strong financial position.

It is not necessary to carry out any manipulations with the face; relaxing baths are useful for the body.

November twenty-fourth can save you from annoying disease. Facial masks rejuvenate the skin and give it irresistible.

On this day, recommended active rest and moderate exercise for the body.

November Twenty sharpens intuition. Haircut can contribute to the knowledge previously hidden. However, this may plunge you into sadness, since truth is not always pleasant.

It is not recommended to use new cosmetic products because of the possibility of allergies. Depilation is also not recommended.

November 27th will help get rid of diseases. For health, breathing exercises are useful, for the face — low-key makeup.

November 29th — haircut will help save energy. Physical exercise is beneficial for the body, but cosmetics can cause allergies.

November 30th will bring financial well-being. It is impossible to experiment with the face, since the day is not conducive to cosmetic procedures.

Massage is useful for the body.

Unfavorable days

November 2nd will bring negative emotions, on this day it is better to give up haircuts. But on this day depilation goes well — hair will grow back very slowly.

Cosmetic procedures are best not to carry out.

Third, Seventh and Nineteenth of November — dangerous days for cutting, as the procedure will have a negative impact on health. It is better not to carry out cosmetic procedures either (only gentle cleansing), massage is useful for the body.

November eleventh and twelfth will bring conflict situations with relatives, a haircut is better not to do. For the face, you can carry out any procedure, water procedures and fitness classes are useful for the body.

November fourteenth and fifteenth bring apathy and frustration to your life. On the face, you can impose nourishing masks, carry out cleaning procedures.

The body needs rest and relaxation.

Twenty second november will also bring frustration and disappointment, so postpone a visit to the hairdresser until a more favorable time. Nutritional masks will be useful for the face, and moderate exercise for the body.

November Twenty-Six will bring trouble. For the face, nourishing masks are useful, for the body — rest from the procedures.

November 28th will bring a negative. For the face, make a mask around the eyes, let your body just rest.

Favorable and unfavorable days for haircuts in November 2018

Hair coloring

First and second of November — You can tint the hair roots or use a tinted shampoo / hair gel.

November 3rd and 4th suitable for coloring hair in dark colors.

November fifth You can dye your hair in blond or red tones — this will improve relationships with loved ones.

November 6th You can dye your hair in any color that you like.

November 7th hair coloring will help to gain credibility among colleagues.

November 9th color the curls in a light tone, and you can make useful contacts.

November 10th and 30th staining will bring financial gains.

November 13th You can paint the curls in a darker shade to improve relations with the boss or find another job.

November 16th Favorable for financial growth — boldly paint curls.

Twentieth and twenty second of November bring to life positive emotions if you dye your hair in your favorite color.

November the third You can paint the curls in a dark color to achieve career success.

November Twenty will bring optimism and a sense of self-reliance.

Adverse November Days, when hair coloring brings trouble: 8, 14, 18, 24 and 26 number.

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