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Eye color and its meaning for character determination

Eye color and its meaning for character determination

People have long noticed the relationship between eye color and human character. Five primary eye colors are distinguished: brown, blue, green, gray and black.

However, the primary colors have many shades, which determine the essence of man. Consider the color of the eyes and their meaning in detail.

Eye color and its meaning for character determination

Color characteristic

All colors and shades of eyes can be divided into warm and cold. This characteristic has little to do with color, although gray and blue eyes are considered cold. Also color can be characterized as:

There are also multi-colored shades of the iris, when it is impossible to determine the dominant tone. Eyes of different color are also quite common.

Eye color values:

  • gray — a balanced person, modest, undemanding and friendly;
  • green — defines a hardworking and harmonious personality;
  • Brown — charming, friendly and charismatic personality;
  • black — impulsive and impulsive natures;
  • mixed — unpredictable behavior.

It should highlight people with different eye color. In the old days, they were feared, because they were considered “peering”, and in modern times they were lucky.

In fact, there is nothing mystical about eyes of different color, this peculiarity depends on the deficiency / excess of melanin in the iris and has the scientific name “heterochromia”. Melanin is a special pigment that affects the color of the iris.

Heterochromia can be either full or partial (sector). With a complete heterochromia in a person, one eye is brown, the second is green or blue.

At partial there may be blotches of another color against the background of the main one. People with a similar color type have a complex energy structure, their character is formed depending on the prevailing shades of the eye iris.

Eye color and its meaning for character determination

There are also people whose iris color is constantly changing. Eyes-chameleons science has not yet been studied, and therefore remain mysterious and inexplicable. The color of the iris can vary depending on the person’s inner feelings or just weather conditions.

In ancient times, chameleon eyes were considered a sign of magical abilities. The nature of such people is characterized by instability and variability, inconsistency and indecision.

A positive point is the rapid adaptability to any environment, ease of recovery and quick decision making.

Warm shades

What shades of eyes can be called warm? These include dark brown, green and bright blue eyes. These people are distinguished by impulsiveness, explosive temper and curiosity.

The warm shade of the eyes characterizes a generous nature, for which calculating and excessive egoism are not characteristic.

People with rich blue color iris different romance and vulnerability. They set high goals and do not depend on the material component of life.

For the sake of ideas, owners of dark blue eyes are ready to sacrifice a lot.

Owners dark brown eyes able to budge the mountain, if this requires an internal impulse. They are very persistent and purposeful, have a high stock of vitality and energy.

As a rule, they refuse from outside help and often suffer from excessive self-confidence, considering themselves leaders.

Owners green eyes different inconstancy in the manifestation of emotions. They can be very soft and hard, depending on the mood.

Often prone to stressful situations, mood can change very often and unpredictably. Holders of green eyes are often servants of art, religious cults or addicted to the occult.

Green-eyed can not argue, the last word always remains for them.

Eye color and its meaning for character determination

Cool shades

The cold shades of the iris include black and gray, and also derivatives of gray:

Holders of cold shades of eyes are guided in life exclusively by reason, leaving little room for emotions. They are not aware of inspirations, play of feelings and deep feelings.

These are people of science, inventors and mathematicians. They are not prone to fantasy and dreaminess, prefer to adhere to logical reasoning.

Also, they are characterized by loyalty to the chosen principles, the habit of following the schedule and rules.

Black-eyed people distinguished by pride and even cruelty. They are disobedient and selfish, unyielding in their demands and intractable, vindictive and biased. These are always leaders who do not tolerate any objections.

Friendship with a black-eyed man is possible only on his terms.

Owners of gray eyes differ in hypocrisy and deceit. These are chameleons, easily and imperceptibly adapting to any situation.

This quality is the result of seeking benefits from any situation. For the sake of gain, they can go to any treachery and dishonest act.

You should never count on gray-eyed people, they can fail at any moment. Nor can you trust them secrets.

Employers should be especially careful when taking a gray-eyed person for the position: he will definitely reveal all the secrets to competitors.

Gray green

Owners of a beautiful mixed eye color are characterized by high intelligence and education. However, they are not capable of independent decision making and suffer greatly from this. They need a leader who will direct in the right direction.

People with gray-green eyes are good psychologists and philosophers who can conduct a deep analysis of the situation and give professional advice. They are attentive and courteous, patient listeners and pleasant interlocutors.

Gray blue

Owners of a gray-blue tint of the iris are not prone to sentimentality and are distinguished by sober calculation, high intelligence and development, all decisions are carefully thought out and weighed. Many people consider them callous and cold, selfish and cynical.

Literary characteristics — composure.


This is a very peculiar eye color that characterizes good and intelligent people. They are always ready to give a helping hand to their neighbor, to come to the rescue, to become a reliable friend and ally.

Many consider them lucky in life, however, this quality is not based on chance or blind chance — this is a consequence of mental activity. People with gray-brown eyes are very optimistic, they are able to find positive aspects in any situation and turn all events on the right track.

However, excessive gullibility may fail them at the most unexpected moment.

It is believed that people with gray eyes have a large energy reserve and are donors, and brown-eyed people own their energy (vampires). Gray-eyed differ active behavior, and brown-eyed idle and only consume.

People with a mixed color type have a complex energy structure and exhibit both qualities of character (vampire donors) depending on their mood.

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