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Elements of the signs of the zodiac: their characteristics and compatibility

Elements of the signs of the zodiac: their detailed description

The elements of the signs of the zodiac are formed from the four basic principles of astral energy: heat, cold, dryness and moisture. How one element differs from another, what constellations relate to it — this article will tell about it about everything.

The signs of the elements in the zodiac circle

Ancient astrologers believed that the basis of our Universe is a teaching about four basic elemental elements. Any of the phenomena can be characterized as a manifestation of one of these elements: Fire, Earth, Air or Water.

Elements of the signs of the zodiac: their characteristics and compatibility

For each element of nature, there are three zodiacal constellations (in astrology, they are called trigons).

  • Fire Trigon — represented by signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius;
  • the trigon of the Earth — the constellations Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn;
  • the trine of Air — belong to the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius;
  • Water Trigon — includes the constellations of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Further I propose to deal with the distinctive features of each of the elemental elements.

Signs of Fire feature

The fire element is based on the principles of heat and dryness and is called the creative trigon. It acts as a source of oxygen and “caloric” (this is also called “astral light”).

According to ancient philosophy, the elementals (that is, the lower spirits) of a given element are salamanders.

Fire is the main control force of instincts, intuitive knowledge, spirit, thoughts and mind. It is this energy that motivates to further movement, gives faith and hope, makes them defend their own position to the end.

The main driving force of the Fire element is ambition. People of Fire are by their nature active, impatient, careless, self-confident, hot-tempered, impetuous, arrogant, courageous, courageous and militant.

As for the human body itself, the Fire element is responsible for maintaining life, as well as for the state of the temperature regime and stimulation of the metabolism.

Fiery personalities (that is, those who in the horoscope correspond to the signs of Fire ascendant, constellations of the Sun or the Moon) are distinguished by choleric temperament. The same can be said if there is a stellium (planetary clusters).

Not to notice such an individual is simply not possible: he will certainly deserve a vocation, most of all in the closest-to-spirit area of ​​life. The elements of Fire Zodiac signs have creative inclinations and inflexible will, as well as not ending “Martian energy” and impressive penetrating power.

You can also talk about organizational skills, the desire to act and big enterprise.

A distinctive feature of such personalities is the ability to inspire and show devotion regarding a certain idea, deed or partner, bordering on self-sacrifice. Thanks to a developed business acumen, they are at the top, in the spiritual spheres of life, in the material ones.

The activity they perform brings them real pleasure, makes them proud of the result of their efforts.

Representatives of the hottest elements in the zodiac are natural leaders and commanders who love and know how to lead, give orders. You can even talk about a special cosmic electrical voltage emanating from such people: it is transmitted to others, as attraction or repulsion, makes others feel constantly excited.

Elements of the signs of the zodiac: their characteristics and compatibility

To personal freedom, independence and independence — the most important things for them. It is quite remarkable here that submission is unacceptable for the fire signs of the Zodiac, causes them great irritation, but their adaptation to various life circumstances is at the highest level.

Of the most developed personality traits, one can speak of perseverance, perseverance, self-affirmation, self-will and intractability. They are inclined to defend their opinions exclusively. They readily assume the role of the “main violin” or the leading actor, but never the extras.

They do not obey the will of others — they always strive to command, even though from behind the scenes.

Fiery personalities are characterized by quick enthusiasm for all new: with regards to the ideas that other people. Prefer not to hesitate for a long time, and immediately begin to act actively.

However, with a similar speed, they also lose interest in started, become “old” cases, as soon as a new, more important and interesting idea appeared.

Representatives of such a trigon are people acting in spurts, gusts: waiting for them is similar to death. Fire represents the creative force that can both raise to the “seventh sky” and lower to the very bottom.

Raising a baby to the element of Fire is a very difficult task, sometimes it becomes almost impracticable for parents. Often, to achieve at least a small result, adults have to use specific techniques.

At the same time, it is important to definitely renounce any forms of violence and coercion: they will not give the desired effect, adding to the child of even greater stubbornness, obstinacy and resistance.

The only permissible solution is to bring up the child through love and affection, showing him warmth and gentleness. In addition, complete justice, rejection of any tricks and maintaining self-esteem will be required.

What these individuals will have to work on is over control of their negative character traits (most of all — fervor, impetuosity, belligerence and aggressiveness). It is extremely important that they do not get involved in conflict situations, do not argue with other people and do not harm any of the reality surrounding themselves.

Often spiritual leaders come out of the people of Fire — so much they are able to influence the human consciousness. Sometimes they are even ready to believe and obey blindly (as a rule, however, this trigon is more subjective than objective).

Signs Earth feature

The earth element is based on the principles of cold and dryness, also known as the materialistic trine. The element of the Earth contributes to the formation of carbon, personifying matter — that is, the world in which we all live.

Ancient philosophy identifies the elementals of the specified trigon of the dwarves.

The earth is responsible for creating forms, laws, endows with specificity, stability, stability. Corresponds to the following processes: structuring, analysis, classification, creation of the basis. Endowed with the characteristics of inertia, confidence, practicality, reliability, patience, rigor.

In the human body, it is associated with retardation, petrification through tightening and contraction, and a decrease in metabolism.

The earth signs of the zodiac are inherent in the melancholic type of temperament. Such individuals think soberly, are distinguished by a high degree of prudence, practicality in life and a businesslike attitude.

Set themselves exclusively real, achievable goals to which they begin to move from a young age. And even if you have to deviate away from the intended path, it is completely insignificant, and even then it is more provoked by internal motivations than by external factors.

Signs of the Earth on a horoscope become successful due to such remarkable traits of his character: perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, purposefulness and steadfastness.

Elements of the signs of the zodiac: their characteristics and compatibility

Yes, they do not have such a rich imagination and a developed imagination, as water personalities, are not subjected to utopian ideas like the fiery constellations, but they are moving towards their goal with the utmost perseverance and will definitely achieve it. They prefer to act by the smallest external resistance, if any obstacles arise, they will make every effort to cope with them.

What earthly signs of the zodiac rush to is the possession of matter. They are really happy when they create various material values.

Therefore, set themselves only those goals that are beneficial in themselves and can be beneficial. In case of finding the majority of planets in the earth element, according to similar principles all spheres of life are created, sometimes even the sphere of relations.

Of course, not always, but quite often it is the Earth trigon that is associated with “fictitious” marriages and “calculated” marriages, when social or material considerations are put in the first place. It should be noted that this is most characteristic of the constellations of Virgo and Capricorn.

Those who dominate the Earth in their horoscopes love to stand firmly on their feet, preferring stability, moderation and consistency. To sedentary lifestyle, strongly attached to their homes, material property, the state.

The success stages of them are replaced by crises, which are sometimes delayed (the inertia of a given trigon is to blame.) Because of it, they are not able to quickly switch from one activity to another.

Exactly the same situation is observed in the relationship. Here we can observe the limited ability of the zodiac signs of the Earth to quickly adapt to something (Virgos are an exception to the rule).

Earthly personalities choose those activities that relate to material values, finance or business. Often they have “golden hands”, they are excellent artisans who achieve success in applied sciences (art).

They are distinguished by enviable patience, they are able to obey circumstances, and often stop at a waiting position, but they always remember the need to earn their daily bread. All their actions are aimed at improving their physical earthly life.

Pro spiritual think very, very rarely.

All the positive aspects of the earthly trigon will be relevant if its representatives can get rid of or at least minimize their selfishness, excessive prudence and economy.

Air Signs feature

Air is associated with contacts and relationships, information, intuition. Differs in activity, variability, flexibility, dexterity, perception, unlimitedness and curiosity, as well as — independence and love of freedom.

It has a connection with the main life processes — the movement and continuation of the genus.

The elements of Air Zodiac signs are by nature sanguine persons who can impress others. They are characterized by the speed of thinking and action, the rapid assimilation and exchange of information from their own position.

Elements of the signs of the zodiac: their characteristics and compatibility

The amazing quality of such individuals is the ability to adapt incredibly quickly to any changes in life. Air constellations are distinguished by spiritual flexibility, have a mobile mind, flexible mentality, when they go into something with their head — they show real tirelessness.

But much monotony.

As for the «minuses» of this trigon, this is the lack of thoroughness and depth in thinking, the sensual sphere of life, some unreliability — can fail. Such people are too superficial, as well as nervous, anxious, indecisive, forever their goals and ideas change.

However, even their own flaws are able to present in a favorable light.

Zodiac Signs Water Feature

The water element is based on the principles of cold and moisture, known as the trine of feelings and emotions. Ancient philosophy says that this element produces nitrogen, and its elementals are undines (water spirits).

Water is closely associated with emotions, inner peace, preservation, memory. Differs plasticity, variability, secrecy. Makes its representative vague, dreamy, gives figurative thinking, softness in manifestations.

In the human body — helps to slow down the metabolism, is responsible for various fluids, endocrine glands.

Water constellations have a phlegmatic temperament. Such individuals are inherent in great sensitivity, in addition to susceptibility and impressionability, developed thinking.

It is as if they do not live outside, in the outside world, but inside themselves. As a rule, they are characterized by contemplation, they are worried not only about themselves, but also about their loved ones.

True, occasionally they show lethargy, laziness (Scorpio is an exception to the rule).

Their changeable mood, capriciousness and presence of mental complexes resemble water flows. People of this trigon do not demonstrate their feelings as vividly as the representatives of the Fiery and Air elements, but they can experience much stronger and deeper emotions inside themselves.

They are deprived of great efficiency, practicality, sober thinking, objectivity. But they have a highly developed fantasy, have an incredibly developed, vivid imagination, a huge internal and external power (and most of all — the sign of Scorpio).

The rich inner world, refinement, empathy allow such individuals to become successful in the world of arts: the professions of artists, musicians, artists and so on are perfect. Water signs are also implemented in the service sector, food.

Developed intuition Scorpions makes them excellent detectives.

The plans and moods of the Water Trigon are influenced by both external factors and moods. Sometimes, even due to minor details, their emotional state changes drastically.

In addition, they have great spiritual subtlety, courtesy, politeness, courtesy, attractiveness.

Elements of the signs of the zodiac: their characteristics and compatibility

As a rule, they do not show aggression, the only exception is Scorpio. It should be noted that it is Scorpio from all the Water Trigon that has the strongest body and developed spirit, acts as the most aggressive, does not tolerate influence on itself.

One can only envy his patience, endurance, tenacity and perseverance.

And the most vulnerable of the constellations of this trigon are Pisces. They need to have in their natal chart compensating planets belonging to other trigons.

In the center of hardness and instability is the third constellation of the Water element — Cancer. It is also distinguished by a receptive soul, high impressionability, and also — great tenacity, endurance, purposefulness.

It is Cancers more often than other Aquatic constellations that become successful.

For all three signs are characterized by approximately the same feelings that prevail over the mind. Such personalities will always sacrifice themselves for the sake of their beloved and dear to people.

But if they feel that they are not appreciated at their true worth, they will abandon their partner and go in search of a new, more worthy feeling. Love for them is at the top of the list of life values.

The main problem of all the signs of Water is their reverie and their departure to the world of fantasy. This can cause an internal contradiction — the conflict of the real world and illusions.

Having not learned how to cope with the situation on their own, they are often influenced by depression and suffer from alcohol, drug and other types of addiction.

It is noteworthy that the element of Water is more suitable for the female than the male: in connection with the strengthening in the last feminine qualities, sensitivity. On the other hand, the female sex of the trigon seeks to lead a luxurious, celebrating life, often goes against the principles of public morality.

A strong floor often shows effeciency, high sensitivity, is prone to connection with gambling activities, as well as various speculations and other similar operations.

This characteristic is distinguished by all the zodiacal elements. In conclusion, I suggest you to watch a video in which we are talking about the elements of signs and their compatibility:

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