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Eastern horoscope for the year of the rooster

Eastern horoscope for the year of the rooster

The Eastern calendar has been around for almost 4000 years. This year, the patron saint is Fiery Rooster, which replaced the Monkey. Eastern sages tips will help each Sign find their luck.

Like each Zodiac, the Eastern Signs have multiple differences that make each one unique. all people will have to show only their best and strengths in order to succeed in any area of ​​life.

General characteristics of the year

The fire cock is a sign of those who are constantly in search of something important. years will be good for businessmen and for those who value their work, their time, their money. It will be important not so much mutual respect, how much self-respect.

Numerous conflicts are provided to those who put themselves first in importance. Excessive narcissism will be an enemy and not a friend, but not always. Sometimes you will need to show this world that you are not as simple as you seem at first glance. Show your strength will need provocateurs.

Do not be afraid to give war to those who ask for it or deserve it.

It will be a great year for getting married and finding new friends, starting a new relationship and looking for a new job or hobby. Do not stop looking for yourself — Fire Rooster will help you with this.

Sign Horoscope


Those who were born in the year of the Rat, it is better not to climb on the rampage. Act in the event that you feel that things are going well for you. You will need more confidence than other people, so always seek support from those who love you and care about you.

Your health may shake, so do not forget to rest in time and do not overwork at work.

The Dragon

Dragons in the first half of the year may not be easy, but then all the difficulties they encountered will have to work for them. Eastern philosophers say that the Fire Rooster and the Dragon are a good combination, because this year the Dragons can learn a lot. The experience gained can be used later.

This year can teach you a lot, but, most importantly, it will allow you to achieve everything yourself.

A monkey

Monkey year is gone, but her luck has not gone. Try to catch up on all that was missed. This year will be not only a good time to correct mistakes, but also to get closer to the dream.

Do not be afraid to experiment and avoid any negative emotions that may put an end to friendship or love this year.


Your compatibility with other signs of the eastern calendar this year may be noticeably lower than usual, but this does not mean that luck will leave you. Use the year to learn self-reliance. Bulls have every chance of financial and love success during this period of time, however, a large number of problems are possible along the way.


The Year of the Fire Rooster is an opportunity for self-discovery. The snake is wise and intelligent, so you should have enough innate abilities in order to overcome the difficulties of this year, as well as to live it with the maximum benefit for yourself. Spend more time with your family and friends so that in the future you will be repaid with the same coin.

Egoism any Snake is best avoided in the year of the Rooster.


Limit yourself to feelings like greed, envy. If it seems to you that life is unfair to you, then just tell yourself that you are happy. Learn to appreciate what you have.

This is your year, so good luck will come to you. The main thing — in time to meet her and send energy in the right direction. Any new venture will be blessed with special blessings.


2017 is a time of creative development. Tigers this year can teach innovative thinking and quick decision-making. Remember that intuition will be your best friend. Act as your heart tells you to come to the holy grail hidden in the depths of your consciousness.

Trust the inner voice in matters of love.


Loving the Horse should do what she wants to do to her. The laws of the universe will work for you one hundred percent. If you want to succeed in something, then do not hesitate to dream and imagine how you win. The law of return will also be relevant, so do not hurt people, even if they deserve it.

Revenge is a straight road, but back, not forward.


In the Year of the Rooster, those born under the auspices of the Dog, Eastern sages advise to focus on the sphere of love. This is especially true of those who are in search of the second half. If you are already in a relationship, then you will find stability and tranquility.

The main thing — do not forget that love is a constant work and improvement.


If you degenerated in the year of the Rabbit, then the Fire Rooster can equally bring you both luck and problems. Do not take failure as negative, because any life experience is important. That you have to understand.

Float on this river of life and do not be afraid of change, because any human destiny is built on constant changes.


If your patron is a goat, then be careful with people who have already betrayed you. Fight problems with all your might, but on your own, if you do not want to get unnecessary problems and become debtors to those you do not like and do not respect. In a pinch, you can ask for the easy help of those who are dear to you, but do not forget to return the «debt.»


Born in the year of the Pig, the Fire Rooster will bring good luck in business. Watch your health, because there may be easy problems on this front. Also, the sages say that you can and even need to change your own image.

Any external changes will be well reflected in the financial sphere and in monetary success.

Use affirmations to fulfill desires, so that success is born in your thoughts. Do not allow the negative to penetrate your consciousness, for the Fire Rooster will not tolerate this, taking away your luck. This energetically powerful period must not be experienced and not endured, but used to the maximum to achieve success in all spheres of life. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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