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Eastern horoscope for the Dragon for the year

Eastern horoscope for the Dragon for the year

In the year of the Horse, people born under the sign of the Dragon will feel confident in everything. Throughout the year, luck will accompany them in all endeavors and ideas. Do not be afraid and boldly take on new things.

The main secret of your success will be the ability to properly organize your time, the ability to select several solutions to the current problem and your intelligibility in people.

It should be noted that the Chinese Horse Dragon is very impressed, hence the favorable forecast for next year. Despite the frankness and uncompromising views, you will like a magnet to attract new people, acquaintance with whom can be very useful in the future.

The work of the Dragons will open pleasant prospects, but here we are talking more about the financial side of the issue, rather than about moving up the career ladder. However, the stars warn that such a situation should in no way make you arrogant and arrogant. Always try to adequately assess the environment around you and do not take on unnecessary responsibility.

Such errors can cause unpleasant misunderstandings in the working environment and lead to conflicts in the team itself.

Your professional enthusiasm will not go unnoticed, and by the end of April there is a high probability that the management will send you on a short-term business trip, where you will have an excellent chance to prove yourself, so to speak, in the field.

In his personal life, the horoscope of the Dragon for the year is replete with bright extraordinary events that can turn into serious changes in a pleasant sense of the word. Practically throughout the next year, you will be in a wonderful mood that will be transmitted to your immediate environment. Breaking points should be expected in August and September of the year.

This could be a marriage proposal, a proposal to start a life together, or something else. For married Dragons, a planned joint rest with the whole family will be a pleasant surprise.

As far as health is concerned, people born by the sign of the Dragon will have to make a lot of efforts, since in this regard there will be no “freebies” in the year of the Horse. It will be especially difficult for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Stars recommend to pay close attention to their health, especially at the end of the year.

Try not to overload yourself with work, because nervousness and overstrain can be the triggering factor for the painful state of health. And so that the stars were favorable to you, do not forget to press and

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