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Eastern horoscope for dogs for a year

Eastern horoscope for dogs for a year

In the year of the Horse, representatives of this sign will face many difficult situations. In the coming year, people around you will be waiting for you to make tough and fair decisions in various areas of life.

At work at the beginning of the year, you will feel uncomfortable. This condition will be caused by conspiracies everywhere around the dogs. Stop yourself winding up and plunge headlong into the work, because such theories will seriously harm your ability to work and may prevent you from taking part in a promising project.

Such an opportunity to manifest itself to appear in late February — early March next year.

But May-June will be, according to the horoscope, a completely unpredictable time. Bright events will replace each other with crazy speed, not giving the opportunity to navigate and appreciate the situation. The main thing to be understood is that in life there is no separation between black and white.

By showing steadfastness, you risk causing alienation and coldness from those around you. Be careful and try not to judge anyone, because the resentment concealed on you can result in a serious conflict, the benefits of which will not be anyone.

In love affairs, the Horoscope of the Dog says that representatives of this sign will be thrown from one extreme to the other. They will be pursued by the feeling that in a relationship with a partner there is no longer love and proper mutual understanding. Hence the likelihood of betrayal, which over time can turn into something more.

Only the children whom they love more than anything else and are ready to make any sacrifices can keep the Dog in the family. The only advice is that you should not make such decisions in the heat of the moment. If you are overwhelmed with the idea that being close to the person with whom you have lived for many years was simply unbearable, before you do something, carefully weigh the pros and cons, because there will be no way back in the Year of the Horse.

Perhaps you should pay attention to your own behavior and change something in it, rather than ruin the relationship.

Dogs will treat their health carelessly, which will bring them a lot of trouble by the beginning of summer. It would seem that for no apparent reason Dogs will suddenly begin to feel tired and weak, drowsiness and runny nose will appear. Depletion of the body due to vitamin starvation and the effect of seasonal viral infections will affect the deterioration of immunity.

In the autumn of smoking dogs should seriously think about the fight against this harmful habit. A good solution would be to add special vitamin complexes to food, and in warm weather you should warm up your body with simple exercise. And so that the stars were favorable to you, do not forget to press and

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