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Eastern horoscope: animal patrons

Eastern horoscope: animal patrons of the year

New Year — a time of new hopes, goals and desires. In order for all undertakings to develop successfully, you should enlist the support of animal patrons of the year — after all, their character will have a great influence on the coming period.

How did the Eastern Horoscope come about?

The appearance of the legend of the Eastern horoscope is attributed to the third millennium BC. According to the most common legend, the Buddha decided to call for the feast of all animals. However, in order to appear at the celebration, it was necessary to swim across the icy river with a strong current. Only 12 animals dared to act — and as a reward for their bravery, the Buddha handed each one to the board for one year.

The sly Rat swam across the river on the back of the Buffalo, and when he reached the shore, she overtook him and dragged him forward. That is why she opens the 12-year cycle of the Eastern horoscope, and the Bull follows it. Next, animal patrons follow in the order in which they arrived at the festival: Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.

Since then, each new year passes under the sign of an animal, which, in accordance with its temperament, determines the characteristics of the upcoming stage in this cyclical alternation. In addition, in accordance with the Eastern horoscope, the renewal of the year is ruled by one of the elements, each of which has its own color: Air (blue), Earth (yellow), Water (dark blue), Metal (white), Fire (red ).

Animal patrons of the year

The main patron of the year in the eastern horoscope — Red (or Fiery) Monkey, possessing an extremely eccentric character. Accordingly, one must be prepared for completely unpredictable events. It is not recommended to build far-reaching plans — the Monkey does not accept seriousness and increased responsibility, therefore it can set traps even in the most well-thought-out projects.

However, you should not be afraid of any undertakings — the changeable Mistress of the year can not only play a trick on evil, but also suddenly bestow her favor. What can be done to ensure that luck does not bypass you and your ideas come true? Think outside the box and quickly navigate in an unfamiliar situation. The monkey is very respectful of such traits, because they are peculiar to herself.

Less listen to the arguments of reason, more often — to intuition and feelings, and you will succeed in all endeavors.

The patronage of the Red Monkey will have a particularly positive impact on the sphere of personal relationships. Friendliness and sociability, manifested in the character of the Symbol of the Year, will have a beneficial effect even on the most closed people. It’s easy to make a new acquaintance and find a common language with those around you, so those who seek personal happiness will surely achieve what they want.

The year is also favorable for the creation of a new social unit — despite its restlessness and mutability, the Monkey respects family values. It is believed that a marriage concluded in the year of the patronage of the Red Monkey will be happy and strong. And given the fact that the year will pass under the sign of the elements of Fire, the passion between the newlyweds will not subside over the course of a lifetime.

What animals of the Eastern horoscope will also have an impact on the year? Those who are most in harmony with the main symbol of the year are the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig.

Cock witty and curious. The desire to try their hand in different areas of activity distinguishes people who were born under the auspices of this animal. Such qualities are very useful in the Year of the Monkey — she likes the activity and interest in the world around.

Dog — sincere and honest, friendly and sociable. The mistress of the year loves these traits: the good relations between people, the ability to support word and deed mean a lot to her, and therefore people who share these values ​​will give her favor over the course of the whole year.

Pig — energetic and independent. The monkey favors those who do not wait for the “signs of Fate” or other people’s help, but do everything themselves, not fearing difficulties and seeing defeat as a new experience.

In order for animal patrons to support you throughout the whole year, on New Year’s Eve pay great attention to the festive dinner and together. Responsibly treat the choice of a gift for loved ones — the right thing will bring them good luck in the new year.

Strengthen the traits that will help you make your wishes come true. Enjoy life, feel free to look to the future and do not forget to press buttons and

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