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Druid Horoscope for a year

Druid Horoscope for a year

Horoscopes for a year can help to learn about the key moments of life in advance. And the horoscope of the druids is no exception. This is a special forecast of the future, based on the beliefs of the Celts and modern star astrology.

In the most common, well-established version of the Druid calendar, 22 characters. Each of them has its own plant and its own time period. To find out what awaits you, first determine your sign in this unusual horoscope.

The time frame indicated in the table is your date of birth, and the plant that corresponds to this period is your patron. Each plant has two periods that it manages, so it’s not surprising that people born not even close, but at different times of the year, will have a common patron plant.

Finance and career

From the point of view of the Druid calendar, this year will be a year of growth, so throughout the 12 months we will have the opportunity to reap the pleasant fruits of our efforts. Particular success will meet those born under the auspices of Poplar, Willow, Rowan, Maple, Elm and Grab. You are waiting for this luck, which is important not to miss.

It will be connected with new features that you did not have before.

The rest of the calendar of the druids promises not so dizzying rises, but you will have happy times too. «Female» signs, such as Pine or Apple Trees, can increase their income by taking active steps on «female» days of the week — on Wednesday and Friday. A «masculine», such as Cypress or Ash, should prove himself on Monday or Thursday. Career growth or appropriate initiative will be your key to success.

Love and relationship

Mutual feelings in the coming year will gain many. It is important only to follow the basic advice of esoteric and astrologers, so that happiness does not pass by. Take a look at the compatibility horoscope of the druids at this link, and there you will find the recipe for your happiness.

The essence is simple: if you and your partner coincide in all parameters of the Druid horoscope, develop common qualities, strive for common interests. And if you are like two opposites, look for the point of intersection, and the more unexpected it will be, the better.

Pay attention to the development of relations should Apple, Pine, Lipam, Walnut, Chestnut and Cypress. You need dynamics in order to prosper in this area. The rest will bring good luck stability.

Health and recreation

In terms of well-being, a year can throw up many trials, but astrologers rush to reassure: serious changes in the negative direction are not predicted. But in order to boast of good health, some will have to try.

Pay attention to the predictions of magnetic storms, since it is increased solar activity that can be a source of trouble.

Kartas, Hazel, Fir, Jasmine, Oak, Fig and Ash rest well, especially if they decide on it in spring or summer. You are shown an active lifestyle, and a rich tourist route would be useful. And if you do not go to distant countries, you must find a similar way to spend time with benefit and not knowing boredom.

Rest and unhurried reading a book in the shade of trees, leave to other signs — it’s time you conquer the peaks.

The horoscope of the druids wishes you only good. Remember that calendars and forecasts are not terrible predictions, but opportunities that the Universe itself suggests to you. Use them and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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