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Druid Horoscope

Druid Horoscope

Druid horoscope is one of the oldest ways to predict human life and events. It was composed by the priests of the most ancient Celtic tribes who inhabited the northern part of Europe. Druids had special abilities, were engaged in magic rituals, their leaders were asked for advice by the tribe.

Before the adoption of Christianity, the Celtic tribes believed in the divine power of nature, worshiped the gods, who were represented for them in the images of plants, trees, birds and animals.

Such a close relationship with the outside world was the reason for drawing up the horoscope on the basis of the plant world. The Celts believed that every tree has a soul that sees everything and hears everything. The soul of the tree is endowed with certain properties and character.

A tree can protect a person and vice versa, make him evil. In addition, the tree can give people positive character traits or influence the development of negative qualities in them. Such a belief in trees and plant life was not accidental, because Druids existed in the natural world, studied it and understood the language of animals, birds and plants.

The whole essence of the druids horoscope is reduced to a special zodiacal circle, which is divided according to the position of the Sun relative to the Earth. Each sign of this horoscope is represented by a specific tree. In total there are 22 of them in the horoscope of the druids.

It is calculated on the basis of knowledge of the winter and summer solstice.

So, all 22 signs of this zodiac circle are divided into two parts, each sign has its own sector with indication of the time period. Of these, four signs play the role of elements that connect the day of the equinox and the day of the solstice. In addition, signs are grouped according to certain parameters and grouped into their sectors.

In the horoscope of the druids there are 4 sectors: Sector of Fire, Sector of Air, Sector of Water, Sector of the Earth.

Based on the information that has reached our time from the Druids, you can learn more about your character, about the qualities and abilities that were laid at birth. Druid horoscope allows you to determine the individual characteristics of a person, on the basis of which you can build interpersonal relationships, predict the most important events of your life and even find out the compatibility of your sign with others.

If you believe the knowledge that our ancestors passed on to us, then the trees have magical properties that a person can use for his own purposes. If the positive properties of a person really coincide with the qualities that his tree is endowed with, then strong character traits can be enhanced. To do this, you need from time to time to feed off the energy of your tree.

The energy field of a person will be much improved if he plants a tree near his dwelling or in the country, which predetermines his personal characteristics.

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