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Dream Interpretation: kissing in a dream with a man on the lips

What foreshadows kissing in a dream with a man on the lips?

Dreaming about kissing lips can have completely conflicting meanings. It depends on who the dream dreamer was kissing.

A kiss with a beloved young man in the dark suggests that a man leads a promiscuous sex life. If the kiss occurred in bright sunlight, then this is a sign of complete harmony and mutual understanding with its second half.

A kiss with a stranger promises the dreamer to commit an immoral act, for which she will be ashamed. A dream promises a novel that will not have a sequel.

If a girl kisses a person with whom she has a strained relationship, then in reality it foreshadows reconciliation.

The interpretation of the dream depends on the nature of the kiss:

Character and features of a kiss


Sleep characterizes the dreamer as a person who is used to obeying others. It is necessary to become more courageous, confident and start solving important issues on your own.

The dreamer will have great success with members of the opposite sex in reality. The girl will receive a sea of ​​complements, flowers, gifts and surprises

The dream warns that the relationship with your loved one will become more strained. Quarrels will periodically arise for no apparent reason. To resolve conflicts, the dreamer should exercise wisdom, endurance and patience.

French kiss with tongue

An unfavorable sign that speaks of marital infidelity. Soon, the dreamer will lead an intrigue on the side. Her spouse will not know anything about it or will pretend that nothing is happening.

The dreamer lives its past. You should think that the present and the future are much nicer than past events.

To a pleasant surprise, the fulfillment of the cherished desire

Sleep characterizes the dreamer as a romantic nature, prone to dreams and dreams. Carnal pleasures for her are in second place. The girl is not yet ready for family life and prefers to keep potential suitors aside.

Sleep foreshadows the approach of the disease. The dream suggests that the dreamer lacks attention and care from her loved one. That is why she begins to think about how to break the relationship and leave him

Dream Interpretation: kissing in a dream with a man on the lips

To find out exactly what the dream of kissing with a man is in a dream, it is important to pay attention to whether the person is sleeping with this person:

Who was the kiss


To unexpected profits on a large scale, to improve relationships with your loved one

For a married woman, a dream promises separation from her spouse: a departure for a business trip or a real separation from her husband. Such a dream speaks of adultery by a spouse. You should be ready for any troubles and with dignity pass this difficult test of the strength of relations

A kiss with a familiar classmate means that during a difficult period of life, the dreamer can count on the support of close friends. It does not exclude the possibility that already some of the close people need help sleeping. You must try to postpone all the cases and lend a helping hand to your loved ones.

A kiss with a colleague means that this person is spreading false rumors and gossip about a girl. He is to blame for all the difficulties in the workplace. It is necessary not to give reasons for disseminating false information about yourself.

Kissing in a dream with a man on the lips says that the dreamer in real life feels a great dislike for his superiors. It should learn to react less painfully to criticism. Otherwise, do not avoid trouble

  • A kiss with a friend is a good sign. He promises happiness and joyful events in the life of the dreamer. Sleep promises dramatic changes in life for the better, pleasure and pleasant events.
  • If a dream like this was dreamed of by an unmarried girl, then it means that her relationship with this young man will grow into something more.
  • For lovers, sleep has a negative interpretation and promises separation from its second half.

Dream Interpretation: kissing in a dream with a man on the lips

  • Kissing in a dream with a guy who likes is a good symbol. He promises to receive joyful news from afar, harmony in a relationship with a loved one, or a marriage proposal.
  • If you had a passionate kiss with a guy who likes — to intimate closeness with this young man.
  • There is another version of the interpretation of such a dream. Soon, the dreamer will receive good news from a loved one or loved ones.
  • The modern interpreter claims that having a dream about a kiss with a young man whom the dreamer sympathizes with is a solution to a long-standing problem.
  • If the girl unexpectedly kissed the guy, although she did not plan to do this, then such a dream promises a nice gift or a romantic surprise from a loved one.
  • A kiss in the church suggests that the dreamer will soon receive a marriage proposal.

Dream Interpretation: kissing in a dream with a man on the lips

Sometimes such a dream predicts deception and disappointment. To accurately interpret the dream, you need to pay attention to the small details of sleep:

  • If a girl has not yet had an intimate relationship with her lover, then a dream in which he passionately embraces and kisses her suggests that the boy will disappoint the girl.
  • If a married woman has a lover, then such dreams indicate that a man is dishonest with her, lies and deceives.
  • If someone unexpectedly prevented the kiss, then this indicates the presence in the immediate environment of the dreamer of people who want to embroil the lovers. Insidious plans envious will not materialize.
  • Kissing a man in the dark — to the threat of the dreamer’s reputation. It should not give anyone a reason to think that the girl kisses with every man. The cause of gossip can be rash actions of a girl.
  • If the initiator of the kiss was a woman, then it means that she imposes her will on her beloved young man. He tries to fulfill her whims, but it will not last long. Such behavior will cool the guy’s feelings for the dreamer.
  • If a girl was taken by surprise for a kiss with a guy, then it promises the audacious act of her friends towards her.

Kissing a guy who is much younger than the dreamer, foreshadows the same events in reality.

If you had a kiss with a familiar man, but as it turned out later, he was a stranger, then this promises a fateful meeting with his half or a man who will radically change the life of a sleeping girl.

The same meaning has a dream in which the dreamer has found someone else doing this. Soon the girl’s life will sparkle with new colors.

She will meet a loved one.

Passionate and passionate kiss of a loved one is a symbol of quarrel and showdown in reality. In order not to focus attention on the conflict, the dreamer should show restraint and patience, demonstrate his balance and self-confidence.

In that case, when a girl feels that she is wrong, you need to go put up first.

Another interpretation of this dream suggests that soon the girl will see a new young man and feel a deep sympathy for him. Relationships will not continue, as lovers will constantly quarrel.

A dream of a woman in which she kissed an unfamiliar man promises the acquaintance and courtship of an attractive admirer. Relationships do not end in serious.

Such a dream foreshadows the discovery of a valuable thing.

If the stranger was a pleasant person, then we should expect joyful news. Repulsive appearance promises quarrels and offenses.

Kissing in a dream with a few men — soon the dreamer will need male help. Another interpretation of such a dream suggests that the sleeper will have a reliable patron who will help her in all matters.

For an unmarried girl, the dream of a stranger promises a quick marriage.

According to the general dream book, such dreams of kissing with an unfamiliar man promise a surge of emotions. A married woman should be prepared for the fact that soon she will have a bright but short romance.

If during the kiss the dreamer has experienced unpleasant feelings, then many people will learn about her novel. It is not excluded the likelihood that some of them will blackmail the dreamer.

An unpleasant kiss with a stranger for a girl dreaming of marriage is a clue that you should look more closely at potential suitors, among whom there are quite a few hypocrites.

The dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud claims that an ardent and passionate kiss with a stranger foreshadows ailments of the genitals. If such a dream dreamed of a young man, then he should expect problems with potency.

An erotic interpreter interprets a dream of a passionate kiss with an unfamiliar man as a sign of a venereal disease, which will appear because of love tricks on the side.

If a girl dreamed a dream in which her lover kissed a stranger on the lips, this indicates the girl’s usual fear of betraying her lover. It is necessary not to give vent to your fears and emotions, as baseless accusations can lead to a rupture of relations with a loved one.

The female interpreter has the opposite interpretation of sleep. According to the dream book, such dreams reflect a greater likelihood of the appearance of a rival and betrayal on the part of the beloved.

Dreams of kissing with an ex-boyfriend may have a different interpretation. The plot warns of quarrels, conflicts, troubles.

Dream promises new romantic dating.

Most dream books explain the presence of a former young man in a dream as a sign of the incompleteness of a relationship. The girl wants to resume them and continue.

Sleep gives a signal that feelings and emotions are still alive. Most often this is not romantic feelings, but resentment and annoyance towards the ex-boyfriend. This prevents the dreamer from moving on and building relationships.

It is necessary to overestimate what happened in the past, forgive the guy and forget about it forever.

Seeing the former man and kissing him on his initiative is a sign that the young man wants to renew the relationship.

If you had a passionate kiss in the dark, this is a warning. The dreamer should control her emotions.

Otherwise, the partner with whom the girl broke up, can take such hot emotions for being willing to constantly respond to his harassment.

To see such a dream on the eve of the wedding is a bad sign. He says that the relationship of the newlyweds can deteriorate.

The future husband will start something to remind the former guy. If the dreamgirl ate badly with the young man, the dream promises loneliness, deceit and betrayal.

If you dreamed that the girl unexpectedly kissed her ex-boyfriend, then this is a good sign. He says that soon the dreamer will meet a worthy young man.

By the strength of feelings, new relationships will not yield to the past and will leave only pleasant memories in the soul.

If such a dream had a dream in that moment of life when a girl needed moral support, then this is a symbol of the fact that she could solve a long-standing problem that prevented her from living in peace.

Some dream books claim that kissing an ex-boyfriend is a sign of longing for him, while the young man himself has long forgotten the dreamer.

If in a dream you often see a former man in different places, then this dream has several interpretations. It is possible that former lovers will remain friends, forgive resentment.

It does not exclude the possibility that young people will leave forever. This will happen calmly, without resentment and bitterness.

It is important to pay attention to your feelings and feelings in a dream:

  • Depression is a sign that the dreamer wants to make peace.
  • Upset and chagrin — breaking relationships with the current young man.
  • Regret — to commit a rash act, which the dreamer will greatly regret.
  • Joy — the girl will be able to sum up and forget about past relationships.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that positive emotions promise cardinal changes for the better, and negative ones — quarrels, conflicts, showdowns, unpleasant changes.

In order to correctly interpret the meaning of dreams about kissing a foreign man, it is important to pay attention to his personality:

  • Kissing someone else’s husband — to fight against temptation.
  • With her sister’s boyfriend — to tensions with a relative.
  • Kissing a young man girlfriend girlfriend — a sign of secret sympathy guy.
  • Cover kisses lips boyfriend friend — to the new romantic adventures.

At all times, the topic of dreams about the relationship between people interested in many visionaries, magicians, psychologists, psychics. Each of them has its own point of view on this matter:

Dream interpretation


  • In dreams of kissing on the lips with a man there is a sexual background. The dreamer lacks attention from the opposite sex. She aspires to adoration, therefore often makes rash spontaneous acts, sometimes simply reckless. This behavior causes the girl to be perceived as frivolous and windy in male circles.
  • If in a dream the initiator of the kiss was a young man, then this suggests that the dreamer is quite happy with her current partner and seeks to lead in the relationship
  • A passionate and passionate kiss with a man, especially with a stranger, warns the dreamer that she will in reality commit some kind of immoral or immoral offense. One should learn to control one’s emotions and not be led by imaginary friends who may spur the dreamer to unreasonable actions.
  • If a girl in a dream was taken by surprise, it means that there are people in her inner circle who wish her evil.
  • Such dreams are harbingers of fraud, deception and betrayal
  • Such dreams have an unfavorable meaning and promise treason and betrayal. And it can be not only close, but also absolutely stranger.
  • A long kiss suggests that soon the dreamer will have to be separated from her beloved for a long time. The possibility of a breakup is not excluded.
  • Seeing others kiss their lips — to dramatic changes in life for the better
  • A kiss on the lips is a symbol of reconciliation. If a woman has seen a similar dream, then she will be in complete harmony and mutual understanding in relations with her spouse.
  • A passionate kiss foreshadows the dreamer’s marriage proposal.
  • When the initiator is a girl, and he kisses a person with whom she is not married, this is a bad sign. He foreshadows quarrels and scandals with close people
  • The dream promises the arrival of long-awaited guests from afar or receiving pleasant news from relatives.
  • If a girl dreams that she kisses a young man with kisses, then this is a sign of the unexpected finding of a valuable and expensive thing that has long been lost.
  • In that case, when an acquaintance is a ghost, he will help the dreamer in a responsible and important matter.
  • If during the kiss the girl felt safe and comfortable, it promises dramatic changes in life

Dreaming time will provide an opportunity to receive additional information that it promises and interprets what he saw in more detail:

Day of the week


Monday to Tuesday

The dream displays the secret desires or aspirations of the dreamer

From Tuesday to Wednesday

If a girl had a chance to kiss her lips with a man on Wednesday night, then such a dream is a dream, so you should expect a pleasant time with your boyfriend in the near future.

Wednesday to Thursday

The dream suggests that soon the girl will be able to meet a decent young man who will be her second half. She will be able to fulfill her cherished dream.

Thursday to Friday

Dreams on this night have a serious meaning and promise soon a series of events that will cause many different emotions.

Friday to Saturday

The dream that the dreamer saw on Saturday gives valuable advice and guidance.

Saturday to Sunday

To happy events in the life of the dreamer

Sunday to Monday

The dream should be evaluated from the perspective of the dreamer’s emotions. Sleep is a reflection of the girl’s thoughts and feelings.

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