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Dragon Compatibility

Dragons Compatibility: Features and Recommendations

Compatibility of Dragons in a relationship I often have to deal with clients who, with the help of astrology, want to solve their problems. In this article, I will share with you the most common problems that such couples face in life, based on customer experience.

And I will tell you how to solve such problems. Also we will analyze the general characteristic of compatibility.

general characteristics

Dragon People in their lives are constantly confronted with falls and sometimes highs. They rarely achieve stability. It manifests itself in relationships.

And if two Dragons come together in a pair, they create a unique alliance of their kind, unlike any other.

Dragon Compatibility

What is typical for such a pair, according to the eastern horoscope:

  1. Despite the same sign, their characters can be completely different. And compatibility will depend precisely on the percentage of these differences partners. But the advantages and disadvantages are often the same.
  2. Dragons usually have good health, they have a lot of energy. They are desperate zhilyulyub, accustomed to seek and find a positive in everything. They are very honest with themselves and with others, therefore, they should not expect deception or vile actions from them.
  3. Very straightforward and demanding, not only to others, but also to themselves. Perfectionists, striving for the ideal in everything, and also see the purpose of their life in the improvement of the world.
  4. Negative traits include excessive sensitivity, irritability, stubbornness, and even tediousness. Often they can not agree with each other, come to some kind of compromise.
  5. In real life, a pair of two Dragons can rarely be found, because they always prefer loneliness and freedom to the bondage of marriage. Only truly strong love can make you change your views on relationships.
  6. Dragons are almost always lucky in their careers. The more experience they have, the more flexible they become in relationships with people, which helps build good partnerships and business relationships. At the time of youth, on the contrary, they are maximalists who divide the world into black and white.

Yes, the characters of the Dragons are quite complex, so a prosperous and peaceful relationship between them is rare. But, the older the partners, the higher their chances for joint happiness.

Love and family

It is noteworthy that pairs of two Dragons are formed most often at work. This happens because they are so workaholics that there is simply nowhere else to meet them.

Therefore, office romance — the most frequent version of their relationship.

Dragon Compatibility

What are the features of such a union:

  1. Feelings between them most often occur immediately. This is the same notorious love at first sight. A man will vigorously and persistently seek the location of the chosen one, and she quickly reciprocates, trusting his intuition.
  2. Initially, the novel develops rapidly, the relationship is full of passion. Lovers enjoy every minute spent together. It seems to them that the best life partner is not found, and they are ideally suited to each other.
  3. As soon as the rose-colored glasses subside, and the first passion subsides, the problematic period of the struggle for leadership and adjustment to each other’s characters begins. A man wants to be the main, to give the woman the role of keeper of the home. Her situation is unlikely to suit her, she does not want to constantly be in the shadow of a successful husband.
  4. The quarrels at this stage seem endless, especially they are aggravated by the explosive temper of the partners. Conflicts flare up several times a day. They can shout loudly at each other, beat the dishes, part and converge again. And so constantly.
  5. After releasing steam, they quickly reconcile, and again begin to make plans for the future. Especially do not hesitate, everyone is ready to take the first step to reconciliation. To some, such a relationship model seems terrible, but for some reason, the Dragons are satisfied with everything.
  6. For general well-being, it is very important that partners have their own interests, separate from their partner’s hobbies. They should always have personal space so that they do not bother each other.
  7. As for the family, they prefer not to be bound by marriage. Most often, their relationship model is guest marriage or cohabitation. They don’t care what others think about this, because everything suits them.
  8. They always help each other, support the partner in everything, are ready to give their lives for him, if necessary.

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Dragon Relations are very complex and unpredictable. Therefore, partners will have to work hard if they want to preserve feelings and create a psychologically comfortable atmosphere for both.

Dragon Compatibility

What can I recommend:

  1. Clearly divide responsibilities among themselves. Even before living together you need to agree on the distribution of responsibilities. And promise each other that they will not interfere in the decisions of the beloved, if they relate to his sphere.
  2. For the order in the house is better to meet the woman. She will always have everything laid out on the shelves, and life will be perfectly organized.
  3. A man does not have to be the sole earner. By combining efforts and revenues, they can achieve tremendous success. live in luxury and prosperity. Both are very good at making money. But it is important not to compete and not to try to outdo each other, but to act together.
  4. If they have children, it is necessary to teach them to be independent from an early age. Frequently choose a family for exhibitions, theaters, go hiking and lead a socially active life.

Ideal if a woman is much younger than her partner. Then it will be easier for her to temper her strong character, to begin to listen to the advice of a more experienced partner.

She will be quite flexible and wise.

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