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Dragon and Snake compatibility

Dragon and Snake Compatibility — Unpredictable Alliance

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Snake predicts partners a very rich and vibrant life. Relationships will be dynamic, will bring a lot of emotions, both positive and negative.

It is not necessary to be bored for sure, but it is difficult to predict what it will lead to.

General Compatibility Characteristic

This pair, according to astrologers, is very unpredictable and ambiguous. The characters of the partners are well combined with each other, but there is no need to talk about peaceful relations.

Dragon and Snake compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. This is a union of two very wise people endowed with high ambitions. They clearly know what they want from life, and strive for success at any cost. But it is not known whether this will benefit the relationship or separate the partners sooner or later.
  2. In order for the Dragon and the Snake to exist comfortably together, they need to reduce their ardor and sacrifice some principles. It is important for both to learn to give in and meet each other in problem situations.
  3. Positive is the fact that the partners understand each other well. Sometimes they don’t even need words. They are aimed at deep, serious relationships, family and the birth of children. In this case, career they will not mix with love.
  4. The stumbling block can be constant competition. Both partners can endlessly prove their leadership to each other. Despite this, the stars favor them, therefore, to preserve harmony and love is quite simple.

Consider two options for union.

Snake Man and Dragon Woman

This couple astrologers promise a long and happy marriage. But a lot will depend on the behavior of both.

And the older they are, the more experienced and wiser, the more safely everything will begin to take shape.

Dragon and Snake compatibility

Well, if the union is based at the moment when both have already gained enough experience in relationships, have matured and become ready for a full-fledged marriage. Then they will be able to control the desire for emotions and adrenaline, which is typical for both signs.

If they quarrel, they will find the strength to come to a compromise.

A strong female dragon in this relationship will understand that it is much more profitable and comfortable to be weak, to give up sometimes. Such behavior will give the chosen one more strength, inspire for deeds, he will become a real protector and support for his feminine and soft second half.

Children greatly strengthen the relationship. The birth of a common child will bring the couple to a new, better and more comfortable level, will make the union more prosperous.

In general, they are able to live together happily together until very old age. Together they are able to achieve great success, get rich and reach heights in spiritual development.

Dragon Man and Snake Woman

The forecast of astrologers for this type of union is also very favorable. It is desirable that the difference in the age of partners does not exceed five years, then the marriage concluded between them will be almost perfect.

Dragon and Snake compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Both adhere to the traditional view of relationships. They have clear principles that they strictly follow. It helps to build harmony and achieve a feeling of true love.
  2. A man will passionately love his darling. Protect it from all problems, give a sense of security, safety and comfort. The woman reciprocates, giving maximum love and care in a relationship.
  3. If partners are not experienced enough, their relationship may not be good right away. They will have to adapt to each other, accept the shortcomings of the second half and focus on the merits.
  4. The stumbling block could be the infidelity of someone from the pair. This is detrimental to their union. Even the slightest suspicion of treason will cause a rupture, because for both trust is most important. They do not know how to forgive insults.
  5. They are able to withstand any trials, to solve the most difficult life problems together, if they can trust and love each other sincerely, truly. It is equally important to decide on plans for the future; then even the explosive and temperamental characters of both will not be a problem.

And it is very important for them to separate work and personal life, never to put problems in business into relationships. Then everything will go well.

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Union cons

Despite the fact that there are almost no problems in the relationship between the Dragon and the Snake, there are some points, it is important to know about them. In suppressing conflicts in time, partners will be able to save love and make the union truly harmonious.

What can be attributed to the minuses of the Snake-Dragon Union:

  • They can endlessly fight for leadership, because it is important for everyone to feel that they are the main, necessary, demanded. On this basis, scandals can occur, very stormy and temperamental. Do not avoid beating dishes and even battering.
  • Quarrels are especially acute when partners are young enough. Then they are unable to overcome stubbornness, obstinacy and unwillingness to yield.

If they do not learn to find compromises and give in to each other, the fate of the relationship can be very deplorable.

Compatible in bed

Problems in the sexual life almost does not occur. And to a greater extent this is the merit of the Dragon, which has a more passionate and emotional nature.

He will help the partner to make the sex life bright and unforgettable.

The dragon willingly goes on experiments in bed. He knows how to give and receive pleasure.

Often it is he who becomes the teacher for the Snake, which reciprocates.

For such temperamental natures, bed often becomes a means of conflict resolution. Sex helps to let off steam and forget the insults, calm down in each other’s arms.

The main thing, and then solve the differences, calmly talking, and not just to extinguish negative emotions with passion.

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