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Dragon and Rooster compatibility

Compatibility of the Dragon and Rooster by the eastern horoscope

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Rooster does not promise partners a happy and peaceful life. Is it all so sad?

Let’s try to understand the features of the relationship of these two characters.

general characteristics

Both the Dragon and the Rooster do not like a quiet life. It is extremely important for them to be in the center of attention, to prove their superiority, to receive admiration and respect of others.

But if the Dragon succeeds easily, then the Rooster has to make a lot of effort to get noticed.

Dragon and Rooster compatibility

Together with the Dragon, the Rooster manages to get the long-awaited attention of others. Together, they become the center of attraction for friends, entertainment organizers and those whose opinion becomes decisive.

They have many common interests, but this does not always help to form a happy and successful union. The rooster is a bit of a daffodil by nature, he is prone to narcissism, he spends an enormous amount of time looking after his appearance to the detriment of his general pastime with his partner.

A dragon cannot do this. Annoying in a partner and his eternal desire to disinterestedly help everyone in a row, ignoring his own interests.

This is most often the cause of the gap.

Dragon Man and Rooster Woman

The man in this pair of nature is strong and purposeful. He rushing through, achieving his goals at any cost.

It would seem that this is an excellent quality, but it harms relations with the Rooster.

Dragon and Rooster compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union in the eastern horoscope:

  1. The dragon is very uncompromising, he has a violent temperament. Coupled with an irritable temper and extreme nervousness, he becomes not a very successful partner for the Rooster girl.
  2. With any quarrel a man quickly ceases to control himself. He often throws out anger and blows off steam, not caring about the feelings of loved ones. It offends the chosen one, causing her to suffer and suffer in such a relationship.
  3. Dragon loves to make new friends and have fun. All his life he is in search of bright impressions.
  4. The girl-rooster is also a strong-willed and independent person. Dragon likes this, but he is annoyed by her flimsy nature and some self-centeredness. But together they love to spend time in noisy companies, to visit bars, clubs and other places of entertainment.
  5. The stumbling block will be the desire of both to be in the spotlight. For this attention of others, they will constantly compete, proving their superiority to each other.
  6. If a girl falls in love enough, she can calm down, become an exemplary hostess and faithful wife, create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house. But she will always be jealous of the chosen one, and not without reason. Scandals between them most often occur on the basis of jealousy and are very painful for both.
  7. A man is a loving person. He believes that his attention will be enough for everyone. Not limited to communicating with only the second half. He needs the attention of the opposite sex, like air. If he fails to cope with this trait of his character, his chosen one will decide to part.
  8. Good and comfortable partners in this relationship only at the very first stage of love. In a fit of passion, they are in pink glasses and do not notice the shortcomings of their partner.

Romantic flair will lose its charm in a few months, when both know each other enough to understand — they are not made for each other. Only truly strong feelings and tremendous efforts of both can save relationships.

Rooster Man and Dragon Woman

The man in this union is very sociable, kind and affable. He easily finds a common language with any person. Dragon Girl is no exception.

From the first minutes of communication, she feels a soul mate in him and feels an inexplicable disposition.

Dragon and Rooster compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union, according to the eastern horoscope:

  1. The landing of this relationship is in the desire of the man to lead and control every step of the chosen one. And it annoys her when someone violates her personal space and limits her freedom. She will desperately resist, which leads to the first serious quarrels.
  2. Male-Rooster does not attach much importance to life. He is not particularly important in the order of the house and how economical his woman. Therefore, she may not even be able to cook, but she will have to be wise enough to become that same “neck” that guides the chosen one along the right path and saves from life mistakes.
  3. For the relationship to be comfortable for both, the girl must be balanced enough. She will have to learn at the right time to shut up, to extinguish bouts of anger of the elect and not to claim leadership.
  4. It is difficult for her, because she has a strong inner core and a great desire for independence. She is a very purposeful person, she realizes her plans in all possible ways. Achieving goals — the meaning of her life and a pledge of confidence.
  5. At the same time, she needs unconditional love, she expects unlimited adoration and great love from her partner. It is unlikely that the Rooster, who is prone to narcissism, will give her what is necessary.
  6. The reason for the divorce often becomes precisely the unwillingness of a woman to give in and the inability to put out scandals. Relationships will be saved only if the man is to arrange the role of not a leader, but an equal partner.

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Union cons

Quarrels in this pair will happen with enviable regularity. Their reason is the constant striving of partners for leadership.

They will endlessly show who is in charge here, not wanting to give up one iota.

Responsibility for psychological comfort and a favorable atmosphere should take on the Rooster. Only he can save love and bring the relationship to a higher quality and harmonious level.

But only in rare cases the Rooster is capable of it, therefore, the fate of the union is most often unenviable.

If the Rooster does not learn to give in and be wise, the Dragon will sooner or later find a more accommodating life partner and decide on a break.

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