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Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

Dragon and Monkey Compatibility — a union full of love

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Monkey promises partners a good future. Astrologers believe that they can be a great couple, with very calm and harmonious relations.

Love, trust and understanding is not an empty phrase for both.

general characteristics

Both personalities are calm enough. They are able to listen, understand the partner, always listen to his advice.

At the same time, their feelings and emotions manifest openly, so there are no misunderstandings and riddles between them.

Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

These relationships tend to develop slowly and gradually. Such a course of things suits both, because they are accustomed to rely not only on quickly flashing feelings, but also on the arguments of reason.

If they can truly love each other, then the marriage and the birth of children will not be the case. The stamp in the passport usually holds such a relationship for a very long time, they can happily live together until death.

Despite the fact that they are quite different in character, they still know how to find compromises and solve problems that inevitably arise in any relationship. Therefore, comfort, balance and peace in the union will always be.

Such a pair in the eyes of others looks almost perfect, so they are often jealous. But this does not prevent to be happy together.

Monkey Man and Dragon Woman

Despite the almost perfect compatibility, such pairs in real life are quite rare. It is this variant of the union that carries with it many difficulties for partners.

Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

What is characteristic of this type of union:

  1. A man seems to be a darling very frivolous. He is always in the spotlight, basking in the attention of the opposite sex. Has a great sense of humor. Only by getting to know him better can a woman change her mind and start treating him as a partner for serious relationship.
  2. The girl seems to her companion at first very arrogant. She constantly emphasizes her status, does not hide high requests and constantly points to her superiority in comparison with other people. For her, there are no competitors in anything. Therefore, it usually reaches heights in a career.
  3. A female dragon is unlikely to want to become the keeper of the home and do housework. More important for her is status. In the house there will be an abundance of expensive things, design repairs and a visiting servant.
  4. Men often shun her because they do not want to pierce the wall of arrogance with which she surrounded herself. But it is the male Monkey that has a great chance to achieve the location of such an impregnable chosen one.
  5. At first, their pair seems to be an unserious “resort romance”, and both of them refer to the outbreak of passion. But gradually they begin to discover new facets in the character of the partner, fall in love seriously and for a long time. The wall of alienation collapses, real feelings arise.
  6. They can talk for hours on various topics, they are always interested in each other. Respect the opinion of a partner, willingly follow his advice. A man sees his beloved inspiration, support, appreciation of his merits. For this he worships her and remains faithful, no matter what. In response, she respects him and does not see other men at all.
  7. However, the leader and the main man in the relationship is unlikely to be. If he is satisfied with the role of an equal partner, the relationship will develop safely and grow stronger every year.

They perfectly complement each other. Therefore, despite the difference in characters and temperaments, they are able to stay together for a long time.

Dragon Man and Monkey Woman

The man in this pair is a true intellectual who doesn’t really care about material things. The chosen one is reconciled with this state of affairs, because she is in awe of the mind and interests of the chosen one.

Dragon and Monkey Compatibility

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. The financial situation of the family will always be only satisfactory. A man does not want to pursue material achievements, preferring to develop intelligence. Therefore, often the burden of responsibility for filling the family budget often lies with a woman. The relationship will last as long as it suits her.
  2. The Dragon Man rarely makes a serious relationship at all, in principle, because he enjoys great success with the opposite sex, and he changes women like gloves. Falling in love for a long time and really it is very difficult for him.
  3. As a creative person, he is constantly in search of his bright ideal, which simply does not exist. Only by reaching maturity is he ready to put up with some of the shortcomings of the chosen one and reconsider his views on serious relationships.
  4. The girl in such a relationship can behave unrestrained. She is an emotional and sensual nature, which attracts the chosen one, quickly gaining his favor.
  5. At the same time she is pleased to take care of a man, a house, and maintain useful contacts. She can become an ideal wife, a wise, loyal, sincere and just mother to her children.
  6. Having formed a pair, the partners complement each other very well. Open in the manifestation of feelings, do not hide anything, so between them there are no silent quarrels and omissions, all the insults are uttered aloud and in the correct form.
  7. A woman manages to periodically lower her creative chosen one from heaven to earth. Thanks to her, he develops and even begins to learn how to make money; he can become quite a successful person.

She will show him how nice it is to be a support, protection, strong man. Receiving her admiration and gratitude all the time, he begins to want to do something for the family, and not just engage in self-development.

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Union cons

Dragon — nature is very pragmatic and rational. It is difficult for him to accept the creative disposition and endless enthusiasm of the Monkey, which she often displays only in words.

This is the only negative relationship, but very significant, which often leads to separation.

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