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Dog-Snake Compatibility: Character and Compatibility

Dog-Snake compatibility: loyalty and honesty

The union of the dog and the snake looks attractive. Partners are immediately attracted to each other, as if some invisible magnet directs their attraction.

The dog is fascinated by the magnetism of the snake, and the sincerity of the furry beast conquers the snake. What is the compatibility of a snake dog?

Consider marriage and love in detail.

Dog-Snake Compatibility: Character and Compatibility

Dog character

Man dog different devotion and love for the family hearth. He is attracted by the idea of ​​marital relations, but he does not focus on it. The man-dog is very romantic, knows how to find joy in the simplest things of earthly existence — to eat deliciously, to rest in a cozy atmosphere.

He is open for communication, therefore he has a wide circle of acquaintances.

A man’s dog is attracted by confident girls in its female charm. He appreciates beauty and mind.

The dog is a connoisseur of all the beautiful, he has a developed aesthetic perception of the world. Therefore, he always draws on the appearance and manner of dress, he takes care of himself, and in others he notes this quality.

Therefore, the darling of the dog always looks flawless.

Meeting a man with a dog for a woman is a gift of fate, because you can hardly find a caring partner.

This is a wonderful husband and loving father. The dog will create a harmonious and comfortable environment in the family in which complete well-being will reign.

Woman dog possesses natural grace and grace. She is witty and charming, sexy and attractive. Possessing a sense of self-esteem, he is demanding of himself and others.

Woman dog is ambitious, always acts according to a well-developed plan. She does not like empty pastime, prefers the circle of their own interests.

Both dog representatives have the following traits:

  • purposefulness;
  • decency;
  • demanding;
  • perseverance.

A female dog can easily make acquaintances, but will only open his soul to trusted and reliable people. The disadvantage of a dog is too serious attitude to everything that can strain others.

However, kindness, care and attention to people are considered the best and most important qualities of a dog’s character.

Dog-Snake Compatibility: Character and Compatibility

Snake character

Snake man possesses extraordinary insight and wisdom. From a young age he shows these qualities and looks even older than his peers.

The snake never makes rash and reckless acts, intuitively determining the best and correct step. Unhurried in life, a snake man can make sudden, rapid movements, completely suppressing his opponent by surprise.

Manners of snake behavior are refined and gallant, which women cannot fail to appreciate. He can bewitch and fascinate any woman. The snake loves beauty and is able to give women charming gifts.

This is an esthete, possessing a sense of beauty. The disadvantage is poisonous sarcasm, which a man snake allows himself to sometimes express. But this applies only to those who provoke the snake and trying to hurt feelings.

The snake tries to avoid such people.

A serpent man fits to marriage with full responsibility and never throws himself into a pool with his head. Even with great love, he still calculates the situation to the end — this helps natural intuition on the verge of clairvoyance.

Snake woman — this is a mystery. She has a mystical appeal and charming appearance. The peculiarity of this lady is the ability to shed skin in time and be completely reborn both externally and internally.

A snake can marry several times and change the scope of activities as many times. In marriage, he is faithful, but has the ability to turn his partner’s life upside down.

A snake woman has a strong-willed and purposeful character, she is ready to recognize the leadership of only the man who is stronger than her spirit. The rest she just crush or strangle. The snake is attracted to the spiritual side of life, so it is looking for communication with people of a certain level of development — the others are not interested in it.

Beauty gives her great strength, therefore there are many representatives of art among snakes.

Man dog and snake

What is the compatibility of a male dog with a female snake? Astrologers define this alliance as satisfactory, but not perfect. A snake woman is prone to jealousy, and a man dog is always ready to give a reason for this — because the circle of his acquaintances is rather wide.

However, the man’s dog is far from thinking about treason, therefore he does not understand the claims of the snake to his behavior. He is always sincere and open, never holds a stone in his bosom.

A snake woman should not control every step of a man’s dog, and he, in turn, should not leave her alone for long.

Otherwise, the compatibility of signs is good — they satisfy each other in everything. Both partners listen to the opinions of each other, do not try to crush and win leadership. Sometimes this alliance is based on common aspirations and goals — they are like-minded people.

Unanimity and common purpose can even serve as the basis for strong long-term relationships.

Sexual compatibility between partners has one feature — at some points a spark of love may fade. In this case, the partners should simply inflate the fading light, so that it again becomes a bonfire.

This mission should be undertaken by a female snake, who can sometimes get hung up on serious things and leave the dog alone with himself. A man’s dog should not forget that the snake constantly needs compliments and assurances of its irresistible.

Then the union between them will be strong until the end of earthly days.

Dog-Snake Compatibility: Character and Compatibility

Woman dog and snake

What is the relationship between a woman dog and a snake man? Astrologers consider this alliance very successful — a couple in admiration from each other.

This is a union of like-minded, lovers to the depths of the soul. However, a female dog may frown with displeasure if a male snake no longer meets its needs. By the way, both of them are prone to prudence, so there is nothing surprising.

It is advisable to immediately inform each other so that the relationship is built honestly and openly.

The dog should know in advance that the snake is prone to the manifestation of despotism in the relationship. A snake who suffocates love can spoil a lot in a relationship, if a man doesn’t loosen the grip of a python.

In bed, they are well suited to each other, as their sexual preferences match. The first marriage games will be held in the heat and passion, which will demonstrate the snake.

In the future, a certain coldness of the snake is successfully compensated by the dog’s warmth.

In general, the union is more than successful. Only partners must work on themselves if they want to spend a long life together.

The snake should temper the desire for control and despotism, and the dog should pay more attention to the snake. Then between them spiritual harmony and loyalty will reign.

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