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Dev compatibility — causes of conflict

Dev compatibility — mirror relationships

Compatibility Dev is a big question. Astrologers believe that the mirror relationships of two identical signs are rarely happy.

We will see if this is so.

Compatibility in love

The union of two identical signs of the zodiac is rarely successful, despite similar characters, temperaments and needs. Virgoes may seem like they were made for each other, but this is just an illusion.

Both are endowed with excellent intelligence, the same temperament and emotion. Therefore, at first it seems to them that they are looking into a partner, as if in a mirror, and they see a kindred soul in his eyes.

Dev compatibility - causes of conflict

Especially strongly Virgos fall in love with each other at a young age, when all their ardor is revealed to the fullest. Both are incredibly emotional natures, romantic and sensual.

A pair of two young Virgos can become a vibrant, turbulent and emotional, but short romance. Then surely there will be a tragic and painful separation. Surprisingly, having survived the gap, after some time they become excellent friends.

They may even endure this strong friendship throughout their lives, forgetting that they once were together and hurt each other.

Virgos get along well with each other also because only next to their “mirror” can they fully reveal their delicate sense of humor, be carefree and cheerful, discard all seriousness.

All of the above is typical for a pair of young Virgos. But in the mature age of partners everything is much more complicated.

What is characteristic of the relationship of adult and experienced Virgos:

  1. They find it difficult to get along with each other. They are constantly looking for flaws in a partner, digging into their grievances and making plans for revenge. They become extremely vindictive and do not develop in relationships, showing the best qualities, but, on the contrary, degrade, showing their flaws in all their glory.
  2. At first, it all seems trivial. But they accumulate and eventually turn into a huge lump of mutual complaints, disagreements, offenses. These are relations in which from love to hate is one, albeit a very long, protracted step.
  3. In principle, their relationship can develop safely, but only if there is a big difference in the age of the partners. Then the one who is younger will be more loyal to criticism, and the more mature, as a senior, will control, take care of and instruct.

If the partners are about the same age, it is even difficult for them to come together, despite the great mutual sympathy. They believe that the partner is very tough, uncompromisingly evaluates all the blunders and can “jump off” at any time, causing pain, which the Virgos fear and fear above all in the world.

Virgo is a sign that is in an endless search for the ideal. These people are extremely demanding of themselves, and make equally high demands on candidates for the role of their life partner.

Therefore, it remains only to hope that they will eventually be able to put up with the shortcomings of each other and learn to give in and work on relationships.

It is very important that at least one in a pair of Dev has an iron will and strong character. If both are soft and devoid of ambition, the relationship will not last long.

The weaker partner must learn to give in and play up to the more proactive in the pair.

Virgos appreciate the business approach, so they are unlikely to start looking after the beautiful and romantic surprises. If they see that the chosen one fits the parameters they present, then they agree to start a relationship without any extra preludes.

Dev compatibility - causes of conflict

But the people of this sign are very permanent, they are conservatives, they get used to people, work, place. Therefore, if they start a relationship, it’s a long time.

Even so, the incompatible union has a chance.

They carefully approach the choice of work, friends, hobbies and life partner. For them it is very important not only physical attraction, but also respect, trust and other aspects of relationships.

Therefore, they are insured against infidelity and adultery, can create in a pair an ideal, psychologically comfortable environment.

Causes of conflict: what to work in a relationship

Virgo is an incredibly intelligent sign. This is both a great advantage and a rather big problem.

Awareness of their enormous intellectual potential turns Dev into real snobs and critics, and in a pair these qualities are doubled, therefore it is not always pleasant for partners to be with each other.

Virgo sees in the partner of the same sign itself. They feel that the shortcomings of the chosen one are only a reflection of their own qualities, which negatively affects their spiritual comfort.

Dev compatibility - causes of conflict

Often, instead of working on themselves and relationships, Virgos begin to re-educate each other. This translates into harsh criticism, eternal pretensions and grievances.

It is very important to preserve a comfortable atmosphere in a relationship to learn how to give in, adapt and extinguish a critic.

In order for this pair to go well, they must be united not only by love, but also by self-interest, no matter how strange it may sound. Mutual benefit will force to seek compromises and adapt to each other during quarrels.

Own interests to observe for Virgos is more important than to preserve feelings.

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Virgo Woman and Virgo Man

This union keeps on characteristic for both qualities. They are united by infinite loyalty to a partner, a fine mental organization, a high level of emotional intelligence, rationalism and practicality.

They start a relationship not only because of the feelings, but also because they see in their chosen one prospects for a stable financially, stable life.

At first, it seems to both of them that precisely the similarity of characters is an ideal platform for creating a family and having children. Unfortunately, mirror pairs are in fact rarely happy.

Because partners see their own shortcomings in the elect, and this depresses them over time. Unable to re-educate themselves, they take up the education of their partner, and a crisis ensues.

This couple can exist for a long time as if in a swamp of unsolvable problems, because none of them has a strong enough character to get out of this swamp and drastically change the situation.

But they get along well in business relationships. Both natures are rational, practical and organized.

Therefore, their common cause is a well-established durable mechanism that works like a clock.

It is difficult to transfer such a model to the family, because the woman wants the man to lead and be the main one, to protect and protect her. He does not think it is so important, he is selfish in these relations and prefers to solve his own problems, not really worrying about the feelings of the chosen one.

If they create a family, sooner or later they will want a child. He will be planned, welcome and beloved. But the baby will suffer greatly in the process of education.

Parents will criticize him, choke with their care and read endless notations. Such a person will grow into a rebel who will protest with all his might and may break off all relations with his parents.

From the side of their pair will seem almost perfect. But public opinion is such only because the Virgin will never take out the rubbish from the hut, solving conflicts only in the family, without prying ears and eyes.

They do not complain to friends and relatives on each other, considering this behavior unworthy. Although in reality the Virgo woman is in a state of permanent disappointment: it is frustrating that a man does not want to be a breadwinner, and they have to share the family budget.

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