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Detailed horoscope Virgo for September 2018

Detailed horoscope Virgo for September 2018

Virgo has a kind and responsive kind, so often helps others, only in September, these qualities can harm her. They will be so absorbed in the problems of other people that they will completely forget about themselves.

Horoscope Virgo in September 2018 advises to put their interests in the first place, and only then think about others. Otherwise, you will miss the chance to establish a personal life, as well as to achieve success in the professional field.

Detailed horoscope Virgo for September 2018

General astrological forecast

September 2018 will be a busy and quite active month, so the Virgos will have to try to manage to cope with all matters. Stars are advised to make a plan for each day, and carefully follow it. Any projects started during this period must be completed and not left for later.

Otherwise, you will not have time to come to your senses, as you have accumulated a huge number of unfinished business for which there is absolutely no time.

Recently, the Virgos were concerned that in the professional sphere things are not going the way they would like. In September, it will be possible to change the situation for the better.

Some representatives of this zodiac sign will receive a long-awaited promotion, others — an increase in wages. And those Virgin who are in search of work, can expect to receive a tempting offer of cooperation, and it will come from a new friend.

In private life, changes are expected only of those who make efforts for this. Virgos, tuned to a serious relationship, you need to look at your surroundings, because next is the man who has long been trying to achieve your favor. But those individuals who already have the second half should reconsider their attitude towards her.

Stop criticizing her, be more loyal and empathetic. You are also not perfect, but at the same time a partner accepts you with all the advantages and disadvantages, not trying to adjust to yourself.

Detailed horoscope Virgo for September 2018

Health horoscope

Virgo in September 2018 will be more fixated on other people’s problems, which is why she completely forgets about her own health. Chronic diseases may worsen during this period, so preventive measures should be taken in advance.

In addition, you should often listen to your body, and immediately consult a doctor if there are alarming symptoms.

Since the beginning of autumn will be quite a busy period in professional terms, in mid-September, the Maidens will begin to feel constant fatigue and drowsiness. They need more time to rest, otherwise they will soon have problems with sleep, and also irritability and apathy can appear.

Stars are advised to choose for themselves an effective way of relaxation, for example, massage, yoga, swimming. That’s just in no case should not relieve stress with alcohol and potent drugs.

The psychological state of the Virgin in September will not always be stable due to stress at work and experiences about loved ones. Take care of yourself, otherwise, against the background of nervousness, problems with the gastrointestinal tract may occur.

During this period, it is better not to burden the digestive system with fatty and spicy foods, otherwise you will have to contact a gastroenterologist with complaints of pain in the stomach area.

Detailed horoscope Virgo for September 2018

Horoscope career and finance

Such a hardworking nature, like Virgo, you need to look for more. If it were not for the natural needs of the body, she would work around the clock to achieve the goal.

But the horoscope advises in September to slightly slow down, so as not to overload the body. You should not strive to do in one day the amount of work that was planned for the week.

The authority of the Virgin at work will increase dramatically — not only her colleagues, but also her boss will listen to her. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts and ideas, because they really deserve attention and implementation in production. Virgo will certainly be rewarded for his activity and hard work, but not necessarily a cash prize.

For some it will be a long-awaited promotion, and for someone it will be a lucrative offer of cooperation.

Despite the fact that the Virgin is laid out at work by 110%, her financial situation leaves much to be desired. In September, the stars are advised to ask for an increase in salary, and if the boss refuses to do so, then cheat — say that you are lured to another company and offers a substantial salary.

In order not to lose such a valuable employee, the chef will certainly compromise. It’s just not worth solving this issue on September 4, 9, 13 or 23, since These days for Virgo are unfavorable.

Detailed horoscope Virgo for September 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

In September 2018, the Virgin will not be bored alone — they are waiting for new acquaintances and romantic meetings. Many representatives of the sign will be more tuned to light, non-binding, relationships, so they will not go through partners, and can even have several novels at once.

But those Virgos who are ripe for the creation of a family, on the contrary, will carefully search for the perfect man among the fans. It is not excluded that they will even arrange a check for potential elects, in order to be convinced of their sincere feelings and intentions.

The maidens in a relationship for a long period of time have already forgotten when they last spent time with friends. Stars advise in September to be in the company of close people more often and to attend entertainment events in order to be distracted from work and everyday problems.

If the second half expresses a desire to join your company — do not deny her. A joint pastime in a relaxed atmosphere will only bring you closer and will make you remember why you once liked each other.

Family Virgins await large acquisitions for the home in early autumn. You have long dreamed of a new furniture or cutting edge technology, and finally it became possible.

As for the relationship with the spouse, in September they will become warmer and more anxious, provided that the Virgos try to control their emotions and will not find fault with their loved one for nothing.

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