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Detailed horoscope Sagittarius on January 2018

The main aspects of the horoscope for Sagittarius on January 2018

Sagittarius horoscope for January 2018 has prepared many favorable events, and it will be possible to be convinced of this from the first days of the month. The Yellow Dog will show the greatest favor towards goal-oriented and cheerful individuals.

Representatives of this zodiac sign will have new goals in life and interesting business ideas, thanks to which they will be able to realize themselves and achieve success. But it is necessary to believe that all matters will be solved quickly and easily — you have to show perseverance and patience.

Detailed horoscope Sagittarius on January 2018

General horoscope

In January, Sagittarius will be full of strength and energy, which will help him to quickly cope with the accumulated affairs. In addition, he will be clearly configured to change his life and will not be able to knock him off the intended path — neither the bad weather, nor the machinations of envious.

The firmness and dedication of Sagittarius will cause respect and respect among relatives and colleagues, besides, he will feel support from their side, which will further encourage him to implement his plans.

The first month of 2018 will be influenced by Jupiter, which will provide a stable financial income. Lean and thrifty Sagittarius will be able to accumulate a large amount of money, so some of the representatives of this zodiac will decide to buy real estate or a car.

You should not hurry, because January is absolutely not suitable for such large purchases, because unforeseen circumstances may arise, due to which it will be difficult to repay the debt.

In January, lonely Sagittarius will meet their “soul mate”, with which they will create a happy union. Those representatives of the sign who are in a relationship, the stars are advised to be more patient and learn to give in, otherwise it will be impossible to avoid mutual reproaches and scandals with a partner.

Couples who have been married for many years will decide to go on a romantic trip, where they will spend the second honeymoon, and will be able to renew their quivering feelings towards each other.

Detailed horoscope Sagittarius on January 2018

Health horoscope

Due to the busy schedule in January, Strelets can have health problems. The nervous system will suffer to a greater extent, which will affect the instability of the mental state. Do not ignore the symptoms of stress or resort to self-treatment, especially alcohol, because it only provokes the development of a protracted depression.

Moreover, problems with the stomach and cardiovascular system may arise on the “nervous soil”. Stars recommend that you trust your health to specialists, and you shouldn’t delay the hospital.

To improve health, you should go in for sports. You do not have to go to the gym, you can do gymnastics at home and do jogging.

Meditation and yoga will have a positive effect on the mental state. Sagittarius love active pastime, so to raise the spirit and enthusiasm, it is recommended to participate in sports competitions.

To promote health, it is important to pay attention not only to physical exertion, but also to nutrition, especially after the New Year holidays — it should be reconsidered. It is not necessary to go on a diet, it is enough to remove “harmful” products from the diet, and enrich it with vegetables, fruits and foods with a high content of fiber.

Do not be superfluous to appeal to a nutritionist who will help you make the right diet.

Detailed horoscope Sagittarius on January 2018

Financial and career horoscope

In the professional field for Sagittarius, bright prospects are opening up. In January, new acquaintances and lucrative deals are expected, thanks to which financial gains will increase.

Representatives of this zodiac will have to make many important decisions, on which his career will depend. You should not doubt your abilities, you need to show determination and confidence, otherwise things will stand still for a long time.

The most unfavorable days for signing contracts, business meetings and investing are January 13, 21 and 25.

Despite the favorable course of business and an increase in profits, Sagittarius still needs to carefully plan their budget, otherwise you can lose all accumulated funds and get into debt. You should not lend money to unfamiliar individuals or invest in questionable projects that promise to get rich in a matter of days. Catching the «wave of luck» some Sagittarius decide to try their luck in gambling, but this way will only lead them to complete ruin, because The chance to win “easy money” is very small.

To obtain financial benefits in January, representatives of this zodiacal sign must work hard.

The first month of 2018 is well suited for finding an additional source of income. And you should not look for a job, but a hobby that will become an outlet for Sagittarius, and in the future will begin to bring a steady income.

It is desirable that it be associated with creativity, for example, music, drawing or writing.

Detailed horoscope Sagittarius on January 2018

Horoscope family and romantic relationships

Sagittarius is used to restrain his feelings, which negatively affects his relationship with the opposite sex. Those who wish to find their “soul mate” are encouraged to be more sociable and open, and you should also show charm and coquetry.

January is a good month for marriage, but before you decide on such a crucial step, you need to get to know the person with whom you plan to tie your destiny.

Free Sagittarius, born in the period 11/21/1/12, should reconsider their priorities and understand themselves, otherwise it is likely to spend many years alone. Of course, you do not need to start a relationship with the first comer, but you should spend less time at work and go on a few dates.

For those who are in a relationship, it is recommended that more attention be paid to a loved one and not flirt “on the side”.

Family Sagittarius, who were born on December 2-12, should devote all their free time to children and a loved one, otherwise their personal life will completely go wrong. In January, the Yellow Dog will be gracious only to those who show reliability, devotion and earnestness towards their family.

In addition, it is worth starting to listen to the advice of loved ones, because they only want good.

On the love adventure in January, can pull Sagittarius, born on December 13-21. Due to the complete absorption of the adventure, you can miss the sincerely loving person, so you should be more selective in your connections, and try to refrain from rash actions.

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