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Detailed horoscope Libra in September 2019

Horoscope for September 2019 for Libra

Cloudy autumn days often cause melancholy and melancholy of the best times, and Libra at this time of year may get bored. To get rid of negative thoughts and cheer up, they will have to tune themselves to a positive.

Look for positive moments in all situations and take your problems easier. Having studied the star map, I can say with confidence that the horoscope of Libra in September 2019 will present several pleasant surprises related to personal life and finances.

Detailed horoscope Libra in September 2019

General astrological forecast

At the beginning of the month, Libra should think about what they want from life and draw up a plan for further action. In addition to work, you should have enough time to relax, communicate with friends and relatives, and build your personal life.

If you do not have time to go on vacation in the summer, then in September it’s time to catch up. That’s just better to go with a merry company or a loved one, and not alone.

In the middle of the month, nostalgia will wash over the representatives of the zodiac sign Libra, and they will remember the old relationship, but instead of positive moments they will think more of resentment, which is why they will drive themselves into depression. There is no need to live in the past — it’s time to move forward, otherwise there will be no room in your heart for something new and bright.

To disengage from negative memories, stars advise to surround themselves with close people, communication with which brings you only positive emotions.

The scales are calm and friendly by nature, but if you piss them off, but God forbid them piss them off. In September, they will repeatedly fall into situations in which restraint is necessary, especially in a working environment. If you give free rein to emotions, then the reputation in the team will be spoiled, and it will take a long time to restore it.

In addition, rumors about the incident will certainly reach the authorities, and then you can say goodbye to the premium and the long-awaited increase.

Detailed horoscope Libra in September 2019

Health horoscope

With the arrival of autumn, the chance of catching a cold is greatly increased, especially if the immune system is not strong enough. If you feel unwell, there will be a runny nose and you will begin to have a sore throat, then you should not ignore these symptoms, but seek medical help.

It is also important to remember about the prevention of such ailments, which will help protect your body from harmful microorganisms and viruses.

It’s never too late to strengthen your immunity, so the horoscope recommends that Libra in September should eat seasonal fruits and vegetables more often. If you have the opportunity to go on holiday to the sea, then you definitely need to do it.

Salt water and sea air will have a beneficial effect on the body. Moreover, such a trip will help strengthen not only physical but also psychological health.

In September, Libra needs to move more, and what it will be like — sports, active games or just frequent walks, is absolutely not important. The main thing that they are not lazy, otherwise they will miss a lot this month, and they will drive themselves into depression. Stars are advised to find for themselves an interesting hobby that will bring moral satisfaction and distract from negative thoughts.

Preference should be given to activities related to creativity, such as drawing, needlework or wood carving.

Detailed horoscope Libra in September 2019

Horoscope career and finance

In the professional field in September 2019, Libra will be able to achieve great success, unless they are lazy. Take up any work and do not refuse to travel, especially since they will bring new friends.

In addition, do not try to argue with the chef, otherwise you will get into trouble. From work may not expel, but you nerves spoil pretty.

Those who work nicely in September, the stars promise a good reward. For some, it will be a bonus, for others — a salary increase, and some will receive a new position.

In addition, Libra this month will get new, and very promising, dating, thanks to which they will soon be able to get an offer of cooperation, or even start their own business.

At the beginning of autumn, Libra’s financial situation will noticeably improve, so he will finally be able to buy the things he has long dreamed of. But if you are not sure that you really need it, then it is worthwhile to wait and set aside money for later.

In order to increase your savings, you will have to find a side job or invest in a profitable business, but in no case hope to win the lottery, because Fortune this month is not on your side.

Detailed horoscope Libra in September 2019

Horoscope family and relationships

Scales, which have long been in search of their second half, will get a chance to find long-awaited happiness. You will be surprised, but a person, but there was always a person next to you who sympathized with you, just in September you will look at him in a new way.

Look closely at your surroundings, perhaps a friend or colleague has long sent you signs of attention, only you could not decipher them until that time.

Some Libra will be overwhelmed by nostalgia, and they will decide to renew their relations with those with whom they have long since parted. The horoscope strongly advises to refrain from such reckless acts, because it’s not going to end well.

No need to go back to the past, especially if it brought some sorrows. It’s time to free your heart for new feelings, and the sooner you do, the sooner they will arise.

In Libra, who are in a relationship, in September 2019 a favorable period is planned, filled with tenderness, passion and understanding. Even the arising quarrels will be easily eliminated, thanks to the restraint and balance of the representatives of this zodiac sign. But the family in September will have to be more difficult, because they will need to maneuver between home and work.

If the household does not receive enough attention, it will lead to quarrels and misunderstandings.

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