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Detailed horoscope for Sagittarius on May 2018

Sagittarius horoscope for May 2018: the main events of the month

No important event is complete without Sagittarius, because he wants to stay up to date with all things. In addition, people born under this zodiac sign love to be in the center of attention, and in every way they try to stand out.

Horoscope Sagittarius for May 2018 predicts not only being in the thick of things, but also a direct participation in them. Only representatives of this sign need to be careful, otherwise they risk making enemies and getting into trouble.

Detailed horoscope for Sagittarius on May 2018

General astrological forecast

An energetic and sociable Sagittarius never sits in one place, so in May he will lead a rather active lifestyle. In the afternoon he will be a star at work, and in the evening he will be the main person in the club or in a karaoke bar.

The last month of spring promises many new acquaintances, pleasant surprises and promising offers. All undertakings of representatives of this zodiacal sign will necessarily be crowned with success.

In addition, there will be a chance to finally complete the previously started affairs, which, it would seem, there was no end-edge.

May 2018 is suitable for improving life and improving living conditions. If Sagittarius planned to repair or finish the house at the dacha, then you need to get down to work.

But it is worth considering that this month you should try to allocate your time correctly, because you will have to deal not only with household chores, but also with your career.

Initiative in work and brilliant ideas will help Sagittarius to “grow” in a professional way, and take a higher position. Of course, after the increase will be followed by an increase in wages, which will significantly improve the financial situation of the representatives of this zodiac sign. By the end of the month, the money will be enough to buy a car or invest in a profitable project.

Here are just a Sagittarius by nature of a spender, and can simply «pull» all the money earned on completely unnecessary purchases.

Detailed horoscope for Sagittarius on May 2018

Health horoscope

May 2018 is a traumatic month for Sagittarius, so during this period he needs to take special care. It is better to abandon the extreme sports, lifting large weights and long hikes. Even training in the gym should be a little easier, so as not to expose your body to danger.

To protect yourself from fractures and sprains, you need to practice in special sports shoes and comfortable clothes, and also not forget about stretching and warming up the muscles before strength exercises.

In mid-May, Streltsov can overtake the disease of the cardiovascular system, which manifests itself in the form of general malaise, pressure drops and headaches. Do not ignore the alarming symptoms — you should immediately consult a doctor.

Otherwise, in a rather aggravated situation, you will have to take sick leave at work to undergo long-term treatment at the hospital.

Sagittarius, who have allergies or chronic diseases, it is time to resort to preventive measures. In addition, it is worth doing to strengthen the immune system, and vitamin complexes and hardening will help in this. In addition, in May, various fruits, berries and vegetables will be available, which must be introduced into the diet.

Also a positive effect on the body will have walking in the fresh air and proper rest.

Detailed horoscope for Sagittarius on May 2018

Horoscope career and finance

Sagittarius in search of work in May will find suitable options for themselves, which will bring not only a good income, but also allow them to realize their talents. But those who plan to change jobs, the stars advise not to rush, because the end of spring is not suitable for such changes.

On the contrary, it is necessary to show initiative and creativity in the current enterprise — the boss will certainly appreciate your efforts.

Some archers in May will begin to think about starting their own business, only this month is not suitable for starting individual activities, therefore, the implementation of the idea should be postponed for a while. This time should be better spent on preparing documents, studying business information and consulting with a lawyer.

In addition, the implementation of such a large-scale project will require a large amount of money, so in May, the stars are advised to prepare the financial ground.

The last month of spring will be a turning point for Sagittarius, because during this period he will be able to radically change his life for the better. Representatives of this zodiac sign will be able to achieve everything they wish, be it a high position, recognition of colleagues and superiors, or a high level of income.

But this will have to work hard and not be distracted by unimportant things. And those who want to build a comfortable future will have to learn how to save money.

Detailed horoscope for Sagittarius on May 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

In May, not a single Sagittarius will be left alone — each representative of the sign will find its soul mate. There will be a lot of fans, however, as always, therefore it will not be easy to choose a worthy candidate.

Those who aim at a serious relationship should carefully look around to others in order not to regret their choice in the future. Well, if you are looking for entertainment, then you should be careful, otherwise you can “plunge” into trouble.

The special attraction and charm in May 2018 will be women archers. They can easily win a solid man who will be the embodiment of their ideal.

But you should not wait for him to pay attention to you — you need to take the initiative and take the first steps. Couples that start this month will be full of romance, passion and tenderness.

Sagittarius often behaves inconsiderately and coldly, which is why tensions often arise in family relationships. The horoscope recommends becoming softer and more open with your loved one, otherwise by the end of the month the marriage will be on the verge of breaking.

You should not save up in yourself insults and rush with caustic phrases during disputes, you need to voice your experiences and find solutions to problems together, preventing small conflicts from turning into scandals.

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