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Detailed horoscope for Libra in July 2018

Astrological forecast for the sign of the zodiac Libra for July 2018

Summer is a time for vacations, beach holidays and travels, but not for the zodiac sign Libra. His representatives are too busy with work, and do not even think about vacation.

But if you continue to continue at this pace, you can undermine health, and not only physical, but also mental. The Libra horoscope in July 2018 strongly recommends taking a break and taking a good rest, and after that, with new powers, continue to build your career.

Detailed horoscope for Libra in July 2018

General astrological forecast

In July, fate will present Libra a lot of surprises, and not all of them will be pleasant. Stars advise each situation to take with dignity, and not to give up if something goes not according to plan.

During this period, it is necessary to show determination and steadfastness, and only the most persistent will soon receive a reward. In the middle of summer, Libra will be mostly concentrated on professional activities, but do not forget about personal life, because it is important for you to have a loved one near you and to feel his support.

Despite sociability and charm, the representatives of the zodiac sign Libra are not rarely have difficulty finding a pair. Many of them are looking for an ideal person whose image they have long made up in their imagination. But there are no such personalities in nature, and if they do not lower the bar of demands, they will miss the opportunity to meet their fate in July.

Horoscope advises not to refuse invitations for a date, even if the fan at first glance seems completely uninteresting.

At work, Libra needs to show such qualities as responsibility and restraint; otherwise, conflicts cannot be avoided. No need to argue with the authorities and colleagues, trying to prove their case, because it won’t end well.

It is important to be able to keep silent, and not to heat up the atmosphere. If you want to receive a bonus at the end of the month, then you will have to lay out 110% every day, practically without days off.

Those who were planning a vacation at the end of July will have an amazing vacation, provided that they can resist persuasion of the authorities to stay at work for a few more days.

Detailed horoscope for Libra in July 2018

Health horoscope

Despite the fact that it is summer outside and the sun is hot, Libra can catch a cold, so you should take care of yourself and not eat ice cream in large quantities and drink ice water. In addition, some representatives of this zodiac sign will want romance during the holidays, and decide to swim under the moon.

In the end, they can return home not only with souvenirs, but also with pneumonia.

Scales often have problems with the digestive tract, and the reasons for this lie in the wrong diet. In July, it is necessary to review your diet, and make it not only more useful, but also regular. In addition, this period is dangerous for Libra food poisoning, so when buying products it is important to pay attention to their shelf life.

And when visiting catering establishments, it is better not to order dishes from fish, meat, seafood, as well as salads, seasoned with mayonnaise.

Due to the huge workload at work and the lack of proper rest, mental health will decline in Libra. To avoid depression and panic attacks, you have to adjust the daily routine. No need to take extra work at home, because all the money you will not earn.

It is better to send for a walk in the evening, or visit relatives you haven’t seen for so long.

Detailed horoscope for Libra in July 2018

Horoscope career and finance

In July 2018, the planets Venus and Mars will have a positive impact on Libra’s professional activities. Their rapid career development and increase in cash income can be envied.

But only those who will work hard and will not clash with the authorities will be able to reach these heights. In addition, the stars advise Libra not to doubt their abilities and show assertiveness.

If you have interesting ideas that, in your opinion, will help to improve performance, feel free to integrate them into the workflow.

In the middle of summer, Libra will not want to stop there, and they will decide to start their own business. Opportunity and enthusiasm will be more than enough, so they will not stop any difficulties. If you hurry, by the end of July all the necessary documents will be completed.

Friends and colleagues will be surprised at such a tremendous change, because most recently Libra was an ordinary rank-and-file employee, and now she runs the company. Even their character will change — it will become more rigid and stubborn, but this is not at all bad, because without them, success is impossible.

The financial profit of Libra will constantly grow, and by the end of July a large sum of money will appear on their bank account. Despite this, representatives of this zodiac sign will want to multiply their savings, and decide to invest. Horoscope advises to invest finances exclusively in commercial projects, because they will bring the greatest profit.

Also this month, promising deals will be concluded and successful negotiations are held with potential partners, which will contribute to business development.

Detailed horoscope for Libra in July 2018

Horoscope family and relationships

In July 2018, Libra will be mainly engaged in a career, but personal life will become secondary. The horoscope does not exclude the emergence of novels, but they will all be short-lived.

But those who are set to a serious relationship, will have to take the initiative, and not wait until the second half itself finds you. That’s just when choosing a couple should be careful — no need to mess with a person who is already legally married.

Stars advise Libra in July to be more often in the company of friends and attend entertainment events. Do not be afraid to meet new people, show determination and approach the person you liked.

Even if the sympathy is non-reciprocal, you may have a good friend.

Those Libra who are already in a relationship should become more open and sincere with their loved one. This will allow you to strengthen not only feelings, but also confidence in each other. Some representatives of the sign will decide to enter into an official marriage, and both partners will want this at the same time.

But for family Libra, the atmosphere in the house will be unstable. Their relationships are negatively affected by life and monotony, so it’s time to bring something new into your life together.

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