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Description of the horoscope for July 2018 for Gemini

What are the prospects for Gemini in July 2018

The horoscope for Gemini for July 2018 suggests that the coming month promises to be very, very “striped”. At the same time, the band is expected to be surprisingly contrasting and diverse: success will be expected in some areas of life, and in others it will have to face braking and resistance.

Therefore, the stars are advised to always be on the lookout and save energy.

Description of the horoscope for July 2018 for Gemini

Characteristic July-month for Gemini

In the second month of the summer of 2018, representatives of the Zodiac sign Gemini will have to work hard to win their place under the sun. It sounds a bit strange and frightening, but in the midst of summer, the Twins will be forced to desperately fight the evil forces that encroach on and encroach on their career and personal relationships.

The main recommendation of the month is this — you should never give up, continue the battle and unconditionally believe that all the failures will end very soon.

How stars and planets affect Gemini in July

Astrologers say that July 2018 is a very difficult time for people born under this zodiac constellation. But Gemini are very strong-willed people, they will definitely cope with all the negatives that will arise in their life at a given time with minimal losses for their nervous system.

And heavenly patrons will help them in this, of course — in July the planets Mercury and Neptune will become them.

As always, in each month some planets render their help to a particular sign, while others begin to actively harm it. In July 2018, the Twins will suffer from their antagonist planets — namely, Mars and the Sun.

These are serious enough opponents, so you should be very careful and circumspect. Be sure to consider the following guidelines:

  • do not listen to the advice of unfamiliar people (they absolutely can not help you);
  • monitor the condition of your body.

The latter recommendation is especially important, since all the July problems and peripetias can “break” you morally, which will also have a very negative impact on the general condition of the body.

But do not rush to panic — it’s not as bad as it may seem at first glance! With the help of your star patrons Mercury and Neptune, you can reduce the degree of negativity exuded by Mars and the Sun.

The planet Mercury, for example, will not allow financial exhaustion, and although the problems this month there will be quite a few income levels will not suffer from this.

And Neptune will not stand aside and send people with a wealth of life experience to help Gemini: some of them will help to cope with various adversities and troubles, while others will be sent in the right direction to overcome all life problems as easily and harmoniously as possible. and obstacles.

Characteristics of personal life in July

We can not say that Gemini this summer will have a calm and measured personal life. But, of course, there will be positive events in it.

So, in particular, when the Twins fight the blows of fate, they will feel that many people from their close circle genuinely worry about them and try to help. Your partner (if you have one) will not stand aside either: he will probably give you the greatest support from the whole environment.

And having such a reliable rear you will easily cope with any adversities and vicissitudes of fate.

Description of the horoscope for July 2018 for Gemini

If you are alone now, then, unfortunately, in July of this year, the stars do not promise you a new acquaintance. But at the same time in your environment will surely appear new friends and buddies, many of whom will be of the opposite sex.

And it is quite possible that among them there is a very worthy person with whom you want to transfer relations from the friendly phase to something more.

How to behave correctly

In July 2018, the twins will experience difficulties in proving their professionalism, especially when ill-wishers begin to appear actively in their environment. How to cope with the negative impact of these all people?

Only two recommendations are relevant here — firstly, you should try not to pay much attention to envious and dishonest co-workers, and secondly — not to be distracted from those things that are of great importance to you in life.

In case you work for yourself personally, then at this time it is unwise to risk and waste your capital in vain. Therefore, temporarily slow down new projects and do not open new branches of your company (at least as long as the situation around you is not harmonized properly).

Health feature for July 2018

The horoscope for Gemini in the second month of summer says that now is a wonderful time to open in order to change your lifestyle and habits in a positive direction. It is now shown to seek help from water procedures and swimming.

You will want to more closely control your health, as well as the food you eat. You will give preference to more ecological products and, probably, will switch to specially purified water.

Description of the horoscope for July 2018 for Gemini

As for possible health problems, in July the condition of the joints, back and spine is under threat. Therefore, it is important to exercise care during physical exertion, not to lift weights.

July is a great time to perform various preventive measures designed to improve blood circulation, if this question is relevant for you. Enough time to spend on hikes, and also correctly combine your rest with loads.

It is now shown to concentrate on its appearance. Special efficacy will bring caring manipulations that the skin of the face, that the body. You just need to choose the direction that is most relevant to you — nutritional procedures, lifting, moisturizing, degreasing, and so on.

This is also a great time to make a new, fashionable haircut.

The combination of stars and planets in July 2018 suggests that Gemini should exercise caution when driving. Now there is a very high probability of getting into a traffic accident.

This promises to be the second month of summer for people born under the constellation of Gemini.

For more detailed information we advise you to contact an astrologer, plus you can view an interesting video below:

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