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Description of compatibility between Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Characteristic compatibility between Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Two Sagittarius together is a truly explosive mixture of two representatives of the element of Fire. Between them there is a strong attraction and violent passion.

But how long they will be with each other is a difficult question.

Description of compatibility between Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Features compatibility two Sagittarius

This couple will have a great romance and great love that will remain in their memory for life. Compatibility in love in two Sagittarius is excellent, but for a long-term relationship, this union is not very successful. Relationships of a pair of Streltsov are characterized by such qualities:

  • Brightness;
  • Originality;
  • Activity;
  • Temperament;
  • Adventurousness;

Both partners have indefatigable energy and new impressions. Therefore, their union will be full of interesting adventures, travel and surprises.

Both partners seek to lead an active and turbulent life, filled with a variety of events.

Sagittarius immediately feel a soul mate in each other and converge easily from the very first minute of their acquaintance. They will be attracted to absolutely everything in a partner — external data, character, and views on life.

In addition, a strong sexual attraction immediately arises between them. Often between the two Sagittarius and real feelings flare up.

But, despite the fact that the partners are simply crazy about each other, they rarely create a long and lasting union. Both partners are too freedom-loving and independent, do not seek to bind themselves and do not build long-term plans.

A Sagittarius man is repelled by the demonstrative behavior of a Sagittarius woman, her desire for independence. Therefore, he often leaves attempts to curb the proud temper of this freedom-loving Amazon and is looking for someone more agreeable. The Sagittarius man was not used to longing for the location of his beloved, because there are so many beautiful ladies around

Two Sagittarius do not know what boredom is and will never let others be bored. They are so energetic and wordy that people have the impression that they are not two, but at least ten.

Well, what did you expect? Two Sagittarius — a fire in the square …

Description of compatibility between Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Compatibility Sagittarius largely depends on the duality of their nature. You should not expect consistency, calmness and prudence from the Sagittarius.

As a rule, this person is unbalanced, impulsive and spontaneous. But at the same time, he is kind-hearted and compassionate, sympathetic and unforgiving.

Character Streltsov largely depends on the location of the planets at the time of birth. Among them are frivolous adventurers, super-responsible characters, cheerful optimists, and gloomy pessimistic persons.

It’s amazing that they are all representatives of the same zodiac sign.

Why do two Sagittarius fit each other?

As a rule, at first glance, two Sagittarius feel intimacy and spiritual kinship. There are several reasons for this.

  • Both partners have the same fiery temperament.
  • Sagittarius has exceptional sexual compatibility. They are always welcome for each other and well understand the needs of the partner.
  • They have the same interests and views on life. Often, Sagittarius has a unique spiritual mission. Therefore, many pairs of Streltsov develop esoteric, spiritual or psychological knowledge, are engaged in educational activities.
  • They are tolerant and condescending to each other’s shortcomings.

The perfect pair of two Sagittarius

The ideal union of two Streltsov is based on mutual understanding and deep respect. They have a strong impression on people, although they tire them a little.

The fact is that Sagittarius is very noisy, hot, sociable, full of energy and plans for the future.

They do not like quiet gatherings in the home circle. They are constantly attracted to the search for new adventures. This pair can be found in hikes and travels.

They conquer mountain peaks and bask on the sea coast, go to theaters and museums, attend self-development seminars. In short, a couple of two Streltsov are trying hard to diversify their lives, add bright colors and enrich themselves spiritually.

Description of compatibility between Sagittarius and Sagittarius

These are very sociable people who love noisy companies, enjoy visiting fun events and parties.

There is another type of Streltsov: highly spiritual personalities who choose the path of religion, esotericism, pedagogy and philosophy. Such a couple becomes spiritual mentors and brings the Truth to people, as they understand it.

In this case, the partners will be for each other not just beloved, but also faithful like-minded people.

What problems lurk a couple of two Streltsov?

Representatives of the sign are under the patronage of Jupiter. Under his influence, Streltsov constantly pulls everything new and unexplored; they are attracted by freedom and adventure.

Having such aspirations, it is not easy for them to spend the rest of their lives with one person. To ensure a long-term relationship, Sagittarius must choose a stable and permanent partner.

And what consistency can we talk about if the second partner is also a Sagittarius?

The love of freedom and independence of two Streltsov can play a cruel joke with them. Therefore, often the couple splits.

At the same time, partners remain good friends for life and do not hold grudges against each other.

Another problem in the relationship of the couple lies in the pursuit of Streltsov to justice. But despite their love of truth, they love to exaggerate and embellish any situation too much.

A less truthful sign of the zodiac would close its eyes to what Sagittarius makes «out of a molehill», but in a pair of two Sagittarius this becomes a serious problem.

In addition, in the relationship of this pair would not hurt to add a little warmth and softness, patience and sensitivity, stability and common sense. In this case, it is likely that this pair will go well.

How to keep love in a pair of two Sagittarius?

The main difficulties lie in wait for a couple of two Streltsov in early youth, when both have “wind in their heads,” and the world offers so many interesting opportunities. Therefore, partners should not hurry to marry, even if they are sure that they have found their soul mate.

First, they should decide which way to go next. Sagittarius must choose a path for their development — the achievement of material well-being, travel and knowledge of the world, spiritual improvement or enlightenment.

And having decided on the choice, you can already move on to creating a family.

After 30 years, the compatibility of this couple is improving, and their chances of creating a strong and happy family become higher.

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