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Date compatibility horoscope: why you need it and how it works

Date compatibility horoscope: why you need it and how it works

The horoscope of compatibility by date of birth of partners is a very interesting and informative way, which allows you to find out how well you and your loved one fit each other, as well as what is the prospect for the further development of your relationship. Let’s deal with this issue right now in this article.

Why do I need to calculate compatibility in a pair?

Have you ever thought about the peculiarities of the combination of people’s characters, and also about what you need to create a happy and harmonious union? Astrologers put forward their position on this issue.

Using a personal birth chart made by a specialist for two different individuals, you can get an idea about the psychological compatibility between partners. For example, it often happens that quiet and calm people, after a long stay with people of opposite nature, themselves begin to adopt their behavior and turn into more quick-tempered and rude ones.

And quite the opposite — many other examples are known when people who have clearly expressed pathological inclinations change in the most radical way and become docile and calm. All this happens for a reason, and is the result of a long-term energy interaction between two individuals.

Date compatibility horoscope: why you need it and how it works

In the process of analyzing the natal charts of a man and a woman, certain conditions are applied. First of all, astrologers are engaged in analyzing the nature of the Zodiac, and also study the element to which it belongs.

Then, by analogy, they study the horoscope of the second partner.

Has your head ever thought about why we are starting to be friends with those or other people? True friendship is always based on complete openness and selflessness between friends. Therefore, astrologers confidently assert that most of the friends of the main planets in their natal chart form harmonious links with each other.

And with the help of the partnership compatibility horoscope, the strengths and weaknesses of the pair in general and each of the personalities are identified.

After such an analysis, we can already say for sure whether the two individuals will be able to harmoniously interact with each other or is it unrealistic for them. In addition, the map we learn about the conflicting parties, because, getting acquainted, people always show the most positive aspects of their character.

Of course, one cannot miss such a moment here that during his life a person develops personal will qualities. For example, if a man has a tendency to polygamy according to his horoscope, but he was brought up from infancy in a family in which family ties were highly valued, then the chance that his life would be different and he would get rid of his pernicious tendencies rather high.

Plus, it is possible to adjust the natal map using the map of a potential partner. And people may have too strong a relationship that eliminates the negative manifestations of a particular partner.

There is a very close interaction between all people, some influencing others more than others. With a weak aspect of the personal planets of two individuals, one can speak of the fragility of such a union.

But the situation with synastry with a conflict beginning is even more complicated.

However, it will be a mistake to assume that the presence of harmful aspects is the motivation to end such a relationship. Not at all.

Astrologers rush to reassure that there is a specific type of person in the world, whose natal charts are full of continuous tense aspects. In most cases, in order for such people to lead a normal life, increased activity is vital for them. It is important for them to get rid of their energy in order to prevent it from stagnating.

And if they start to goof off and stop performing active actions, they will immediately face negative consequences.

In the case when they meet a partner who has the same intense horoscope, this means that their life together will be filled with passion and active pastime, but also conflict situations with a rapid clarification of relationships.

On the other hand, understand that the ideal harmonious union is utopia and illusion, and even if it could exist, then surely its members would simply die of boredom. In such couples there is no growth, and each of us must always have some kind of stimulus for his personal self-improvement.

As for compatibility with Zodiacal constellations, here a detailed analysis of all elements of the horoscope is taken as a basis. It is important to know not just the exact date of birth, but also the exact time, since even minor errors seriously change the result of the work.

Using all the data of both partners, the astrologer gives his opinion about the perspective of the pair.

Review of love compatibility by date of birth

If you want to find out how closely you approach each other with your loved one — you need to sign up for a consultation with an astrologer. Only in a private session, the specialist will be able to make a reliable forecast, based on the full dates and time of birth of both partners.

Date compatibility horoscope: why you need it and how it works

It’s unrealistic to do this on the Internet, although now there are a huge number of sites offering such a service. Yes, you can get a rough «plan» of what you need on the Internet, but this will not be the last truth you can trust.

Therefore, in order not to deceive you with false expectations, I suggest further in this article to consider alternative ways of calculating your compatibility with a partner. This is an elemental compatibility analysis, as well as zodiac signs.

Once again I draw your attention to the fact that this information in no way should change your opinion about your loved one or motivate to end the relationship. You can just read it for general development, but no more.

Wanting to get some more specific information — go to the astrologer, and even better listen to your heart and your inner voice. Only he knows what you really need.

Well, now let’s do the elemental compatibility analysis.

Characteristics of love compatibility in four elements

All 12 Zodiac constellations are divided into 4 groups and 4 elements, and 3 groups by quality (otherwise known as crosses).

The element, which includes a specific constellation, will tell about the stable qualities and temperament, and by the crosses you can learn about the dynamics of manifestation and the type of behavior of the individual.

Each of the crosses has all four elemental characteristics, and each element has its own representation in all three crosses. In the end, it turns out that each constellation is a unique combination of a certain element and quality.

The ratio of zodiac signs with the elements is as follows:

  • The fire element is represented by the constellations Aries, Leo and Sagittarius;
  • Earth element — the signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo are included in it;
  • Air element — consists of signs Libra, Aquarius and Gemini;
  • The water element is represented by the constellations of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

And now let’s talk in more detail about each of the elements.

Characteristics of the Fire Elements

Distinctive features of this element are warmth and dryness, accompanied by metaphysical energy, life and its strength. The Trigon of Fire is a creative trigon based on the principle of action, activity and energy.

The fire is the main governing force of instincts, soul, mind and thoughts, which motivates people to action, to move forward, to believe, to hope, to defend their position. The main driving force of Fire is ambition.

The element of Fire makes its charges aspiring to the new, impatient, careless, self-confident, hot-tempered, impetuous, arrogant, courageous, courageous and militant. In the body, Fire contributes to the maintenance of life, controls the state of the temperature regime, increases metabolism.

Representatives of the fire element — it is always choleric. They never remain in the shadows, always receiving a calling, especially in the area that attracts them.

They have a creative spirit, unshakable will, inexhaustible «Martian» energy and an incredibly powerful penetrating power. Fire gives people organizational skills, as well as a thirst for entrepreneurial activity.

Very stubborn, persistent, wayward and uncompromising, always adhere to their line of conduct.

Characteristics of the Earth element

Distinctive features of this element are cold and dryness, metaphysical matter, hardness and density. The basic principle: stability.

Representatives of the Earth element differ melancholic temperament. These are sober-minded individuals who are characterized by prudence, practicality, and a business spirit.

They always set themselves realistic and achievable goals, and they set the road to them even in their youth.

Date compatibility horoscope: why you need it and how it works

Successful people of this trigon become due to the manifestation of their perseverance, perseverance, endurance, endurance, dedication and steadfastness. Those who dominate the Earth element in their horoscope stand steadily on the earth, preferring stability, moderation, and consistency.

Characteristics of the air element

Distinctive features of this element are heat with humidity, flexibility, divisibility and ability to adapt. The main principles are: principles of interchange, contact.

The air element is responsible for establishing various relationships. It makes its representatives mobile, active, lively, changeable, flexible, agile, receptive, omnipresent, boundless and very curious.

In addition, the Air is distinguished by independence and love of freedom. It is he who is responsible for maintaining all the major processes on our planet, and without it there would be no movement or reproduction — the transmission of life would stop.

Those individuals who belong to the Air element have a sanguine temperament. They impress other people.

They are distinguished by their speed in making decisions and deeds, they easily assimilate new information, and then pass it on to those around them, but only already somewhat transformed. «Air» people are not afraid of change and change, because they know that they will instantly adapt to them.

Characterized by spiritual flexibility, mental lability, mental mobility and tirelessness, if they are carried away by something. At the same time suffer greatly from boredom and monotony.

From the negative aspects — lack of thoroughness and depth of thinking in the sensual and business areas of life.

Characteristics of the Water Element

Of the distinctive features of this trigon can be called a cold with moisture, metaphysical sensitivity and feeling with perception. Based on principle of internal stability when external changes occur.

Water element correlates with emotionality, inner peace, preservation, memory. Differs plasticity, variability, secrecy.

Endows their representatives with uncertainty, dreaminess, imaginative thinking, softness in manifestations. In the body, water helps to slow down the metabolism, controls various fluids and the functioning of the endocrine glands. ,, and, change

People of the water trigon are distinguished by their phlegmatic temperament. Such individuals have greater sensitivity, susceptibility and impressionability.

They are characterized by the predominance of the inner world over the outside.

Also “Water” people are characterized by spiritual refinement, courtesy, politeness, courtesy, sympathy and attractiveness. As a rule, they are not prone to aggression, with the exception of the Zodiac sign Scorpio.

Elemental Compatibility Overview

Having dealt with the description of the features of each of the elements, let’s move on to the analysis of love compatibility for them.

Date compatibility horoscope: why you need it and how it works

Fire element compatibility

The suitable elements for Fire are Fire and Air. At the same time, Fire can achieve complete harmony with Fire, and as for Air, here the outcome of a relationship depends on Air.

When Air is interested in feeling Fiery support — the relationship continues.

If the air is too hot (perekaletsya) — the connection may cease instantly. But the Fire is completely dependent on the Air energy, because it is oxygen that provides the burning process.

Element of Water — extinguishes the power of Fire, so it brings him harm and is not recommended.

Earth is also able to extinguish the Fire and therefore is also contraindicated.

Water Element Compatibility

Water needs Fire exclusively to be slightly heated, but if it boils, the outcome of the relationship becomes immediately clear.

The water element is well combined with its own element, since the liquid, as a rule, mixes well and needs a fresh stream.

In the Air Water is vital. It is very important that the water is saturated with oxygen in sufficient quantities, because otherwise it will become rotten and die.

Earth in the water provokes the appearance of turbidity with a gradual sedimentation. But perhaps quite productive cooperation of representatives of these elements, especially if the water is strong — it will grind the earth like sea pebbles.

Air element compatibility

In general, Fire damages the Air by devouring it. However, if Air has enough power and a lot of its energy, then it can sacrifice a part of itself, red-hot to a high temperature and becoming a new quality.

Air needs Water to maintain proper humidity, as with its lack it dries out and stains. But too much Water in the Air is dumped by rain.

Two Air can live together, but each of them has its own destiny, its own personal interests and its own independence. Such a division will continue exactly as long as the two Airs do not mix their goals in such a way that they become joint and it will be excellent.

The air as a whole does not really need the Earth — a dust storm, a tornado. But in order to increase its power, Air can come into contact with the Earth.

At the same time, the outcome of the relationship is under the control of Air and the union continues for as long as the Air wishes.

Date compatibility horoscope: why you need it and how it works

Earth element compatibility

Earth energy Fire is not always pleasant. On the one hand, the Earth needs warmth for seedling growth and harvest.

On the other hand, when the Earth is hot, deserts are formed.

The Earth is in vital need of Water, because it is Water that fertilizes it.

The Earth needs Air, because it is thanks to him that it breathes.

As for the union of the Earth with the Earth, it is difficult to say something unambiguous. After all, if one Earth is fertile, and the second is not, then for the second Earth their union will increase its fertility, but the first one — will lose some of its fertility.

But there will be an increase in the total volume of the Earth (material wealth, finance).

Now let’s talk in more detail about compatibility by Zodiacal constellation groups.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Overview

In general, I would like to note that the Zodiacal constellation itself cannot have a decisive role in the issue of love compatibility, but still each Zodiac sign and its group differ in their features. And not all constellations are equally interested in burdening themselves with marital bonds.

For example, typical Aries, strong Twins, self-sufficient Virgos, developed Capricorns, and independent Aquarius, as a rule, are not inclined to suffer from a lack of personal life.

But for Aries, Cancers, Capricorns, Aquarius and Pisces is characterized by harmony in relations with people of his own constellation. Between them there are often very happy marriages.

To the lions and Taurus, on the contrary, it is difficult to find compromises with their “associates” in the zodiacal circle. Lions are too selfish for this, and Taurus is too stubborn.

As for marriages between people belonging to one element, there is not a very positive trend. Very often such unions break up.

But the pairs from the neighboring Zodiac constellations are usually very harmonious.

Consider cross compatibility.

Cardinal cross (represented by Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Such individuals are interested in an independent partner who will help to realize their life goals with dreams and readily share family responsibilities equally.

Fixed cross (consisting of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) — is very consistent in the relationship, as its representatives are not enthusiastic about the changes. They are in search of a suitable candidate for a long time, and subsequently they are not in a hurry to say goodbye to him.

Provided a successful marriage, the constellations will provide each other with rich sensory experiences that will remain in memory for a long time.

Movable cross (including Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). The nature of the representatives of the cross is changeable, they are constantly looking for new impressions and emotions for themselves.

Vital need of inspiration and common interests. Provided a happy marriage, in family life there will be spiritual quest, and the desire for something new, and adventure, and luxury.

The main conclusions on the topic

  • Compatibility by date of birth is based on many indicators (analysis of the aspects of the planets in the maps of partners, compatibility by elements, compatibility by signs of the Zodiac).
  • The horoscope of compatibility by date of birth is useful, because thanks to it you can understand what is the future perspective of your relationship with a partner.
  • Independently predicting your compatibility with your loved one on the Internet is unrealistic — you should not trust sites that promise to do it “right now and for free.”
  • If you really want to get a reliable forecast of your relationship — sign up for a consultation with an astrologer.

And at the end of such a fascinating topic I invite you to view an additional video clip:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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