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Cornelian: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign is suitable

The magical properties of carnelian, what zodiac sign it fits

Carnelian is the most popular mineral in the world. Its history goes back many millions of years.

Since ancient times, the stone was endowed with great magic power, which came to the aid of the owner of the mineral in difficult situations. Often, carnelian is called the «sun stone» for its beauty, purity, brilliance and sunny color.

In Russia, this amazing mineral was associated with heart, blood and fire for its unusually rich and non-permanent shade. The characteristics of the stone allow it to be used in many areas. It is easy to polish and it can be given the desired shape without a lot of chipping.

Therefore, carnelian products are still very popular to this day.

The history of this mineral has many thousands of years. Even primitive people began to study the useful and magical properties of this amazing stone.

Initially, various tools were used from it, which were used in everyday life, and later they began to make various ornaments and amulets out of it.

In Russia, in ancient Greece and Rome, the fiery stone was the most expensive and was used to make magical items. This gem in its value is not inferior to diamonds, pearls and sapphires.

To this day, modern archaeologists have found during excavations in Egypt many Phoenix figurines, figurines of snakes and amulets in the form of clover made of cornelian. They were a symbol of the protection of man in the afterlife and the protection of the gods in the world of the living.

Cornelian: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign is suitable

Especially revered mineral Muslims. The rings with him and with the engraving of sayings from the Koran are highly valued and are passed on from generation to generation, becoming family heirlooms.

Cornelian: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign is suitable

Carnelian is a variety of agate and is considered the most popular mineral in the chalcedony group. It has a fibrous structure of thin quartz crystals. Depending on what color the stone is painted, it can be divided into several types:

  • carnelis, which is distinguished by a rich red color that resembles blood;
  • sarder — this name is a mineral painted in chestnut color;
  • carnelian — is orange or orange-red hue.

This mineral is ideal for both women and men. Any decoration with him looks expensive and beautiful. But for representatives of the stronger sex should choose more saturated and dark shades that emphasize masculinity and status.

But women should choose jewelry with a delicate and almost transparent shade, which will emphasize the fragility and elegance of its owner.

Cornelian: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign is suitable

For a long time, carnelian is widely used for the manufacture of many items. It is used to create various decorations, decorative items, as well as ritual attributes.

After the stone was processed, it acquired a matte shine and a beautiful shade, for which he was valued by craftsmen of jewelers of all eras.

Today, the cost of the material is quite low, which makes the stone popular in the manufacture of jewelry and decorative items. On the market you can find a lot of brooches and boxes, vases and elegant necklaces made of carnelian.

But in order to choose a quality stone, you need to be able to distinguish the original mineral from the fake. The authenticity of the jewelry can be assured due to the following features:

  • Strength. Carnelian has high strength. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, try to scratch the stone. If small strips remain on it, then we can safely say that regular plastic is inserted into the ring or earrings.
  • Stripes. This stone has many stripes. They are so thin that they are not always visible to the naked eye. If you look at the jewelry through a magnifying glass, you can see them.
  • Transparency. Full transparency may have only a thin layer of yellow stone. In other colors there can be no transparency.
  • Shine. True carnelian can not have a glossy shine — this can only be achieved from plastic or artificial mineral, which is issued for a sunny gem. This stone has a matte sheen.

When buying a decoration or interior item from this mineral, you need to pay attention to these characteristics.

Cornelian: the magical properties of a stone, which zodiac sign is suitable

Carnelian carries a bright, solar energy, so it is often called a stone to preserve love and marital fidelity. It is believed that the mineral attracts the love of man, while protecting him from various love spells and charms.

Stones of a rich red hue increase a person’s libido and increase its attractiveness for the opposite sex. The cornelian protects its owner from the wiles of detractors and helps to avoid quarrels and scandals.

Also, natural carnelian has the following magical properties:

  • does not lose energy and protects against evil spells;
  • strengthens the intuition of a person, develops the power of foresight and natural insight;
  • attracts luck to the owner in all endeavors;
  • attracts material success;
  • helps to maintain a good mood, strengthen memory.

All these properties of the mineral are actively used in the creation of amulets and amulets that protect people from premature death and disease. This stone is ideal for creative individuals.

He feeds them with energy and helps to maximize the discovery of talent.

Tibetan monks and healers believe that it is in this mineral that all the qi energy that is so necessary for a person is collected.

Choosing a talisman for yourself, you should be extremely careful not to get a stone with white patches. Such specimens are considered dying and can bring their owner a lot of damage and even lead to his death.

Commonly practiced corneal therapy is part of lithotherapy used in the treatment of many diseases. But there is also a number of scientifically documented facts confirming the healing properties of the stone.

The stone has a low radioactivity, which explains its benefits for the human body. Medical studies have shown that a small dose of radiation is useful in many diseases.

Prolonged wearing of carnelian on the body leads to rapid healing of wounds and ulcers, restoration of the skin. However, it is prohibited to regularly wear jewelry with this mineral to people who suffer from malignant neoplasms — it can accelerate tumor growth and lead to the death of a person.

Before the war, such therapy was practiced in Russia: a heated stone was applied to the diseased area for several minutes, and even the oldest and non-healing wounds were passed through three procedures. In addition, this method helps to cope with purulent formations.

Also carnelian was used as follows:

  • In ancient Egypt, the stone was ground into powder and added to various mixtures. It was believed that such a drug had a sedative and tonic effect, and also helped to recover quickly after a serious illness.
  • In India, orange stones provide more healing power. They help to treat diseases of the genitourinary and respiratory systems. Also carnelian helps to restore the activity of the heart.
  • In the Ancient East, only red stones are used for medicinal purposes. With their help, impotence, infertility and nervous diseases can be cured. If a woman in labor holds the mineral in her hand or mouth during childbirth, then she will be easily relieved of the burden, and the baby will be healthy and strong.

Today, the healing properties of the stone are explained by experts by the presence of a large amount of Yang energy in it, which positively affects the body and restores it.

Use the magical properties of the mineral can a person born under any sign of the zodiac. But the horoscope categorically does not recommend wearing jewelry with carnelian Scorpios.

For them, the stone will bring too much excitement and anxiety.

The elements of the mineral are water and earth, so all the signs that relate to them can use it as their personal talisman. But for each sign of the zodiac has its own testimony:

Zodiac signValue stone
AriesRepresentatives of this sign should wear jewelry with a red carnelian. In this case, he will give the owner success in all endeavors and will allow rational use of force for self-realization.
TaurusBorn under this sign should carry a bloody stone with you. He pacifies the anger and innate stubbornness of man, and also attracts the necessary vitality to accomplish the desired. Will attract love and give loyalty in marriage
TwinsThis sign is extremely important to realize their hidden talents and abilities. Stone will help to gain strength to achieve their goals. It enhances performance and strengthens strength.
CrayfishPeople born under this sign should wear cream-colored minerals to enhance their intuition and develop the ability to anticipate events. Other varieties can only be worn for a short time.
a lionThe stone will give him harmony, happiness in family life, the solution to all financial difficulties
VirgoRepresentatives of this sign should wear a carnelian, mounted in platinum or silver. It will help strengthen mental activity, protect against envy and the machinations of detractors
LibraUnder the influence of the stone, they will gain confidence and will soon find their love.
ScorpioThis sign is constantly not wear a stone on the body. But in moments of creative stagnation, you should look into the lines of the mineral — this will help to gain confidence and recharge your batteries.
SagittariusFor him, the stone will become a reliable amulet from all the hardships of life
CapricornRepresentatives of this sign carnelian will give confidence in the future and help to gain confidence that all of its goals are achievable.
AquariusThis sign is very changeable. The stone will help to become more purposeful, reward him with eloquence and the ability to convince
FishFor them, objects with carnelian will become just a beautiful decoration. All representatives of this sign recognize only pearls and nothing more.

In order for the carnelian decorations to serve for many years, you should properly care for the stone. It is important to protect him from chipping — he is able to feel pain.

But the mineral cut and trimmed in silver or gold is quite difficult to break, so you can not worry much here.

Wash the stone should be in warm soapy water. Erase residues should be wiped off with a soft cloth.

At the time of cleaning the house is to remove the ring with carnelian, so that it does not lose its properties.

The mineral heals its owner, but he also needs to feed himself. To do this, you must regularly remove the decoration and put it in the sunlight.

After that, it will be possible to carry the item on yourself again.

Do not forget that the stone is radioactive, and therefore you need to fix it in gold. This will help give even more healing properties and reduce the negative impact on the body.

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