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Compatible Taurus-Twins: Partnerships

Compatible Taurus-Gemini: a union of opposites

The combination of the air element with the earth is not very compatible. Taurus and Gemini — a union that can not become prosperous, because the earth does not tend to change every second. Consider the question: compatibility Taurus-Gemini in different areas of life.

Is there a chance to unite and create a harmonious couple?

Compatible Taurus-Twins: Partnerships

General Characteristics of Marks

So, the elements of the earth mark their wards with certain characteristics — responsibility, purposefulness, desire for peace and equanimity, unwillingness to make any changes. How does the element of the wind give their pets?

This is infinite changeability, frivolous irresponsibility, the desire for constant changes of goals and moods, ease of perception of life and constant «sclerosis».

If the Twins promised you something, then even waiting for three years will not lead to anything: they suffer from selective sclerosis on promises and constantly forget about everything. The twins give promises quite sincerely, under the influence of emotions, and forget about him, too, quite sincerely — after all, their emotional state has changed. And whoever remembers the old, that’s the eye.

In general, unreliable comrades can hardly be found in the whole zodiacal circle.

What can unite these opposite signs? Oddly enough — love.

Wards of Venus treat love with reverent excitement, and Gemini is ready to fall in love every minute. And although the Twins are inclined to change their plans literally on the move, the Taurus is able to step down and recall the old pleasant impressions.

Changeable in their views Gemini can only be balanced by the energy of love, which is carried through by the beneficiaries of the goddess Venus.

Moreover, opposites are prone to attraction, and this is what we see in the union of Taurus with Gemini. However, the first vivid impressions of each other eventually fade away, since both signs reveal many annoying contradictions.

Astrologers consider the Taurus-Twins compatibility to be unsatisfactory, because the strength of the union depends only on random circumstances.

Compatible Taurus-Twins: Partnerships

Taurus Woman and Twins

What can there be in common? Only a joint business or family ties.

In this case, the couple will be friendly to each other. If Gemini and Taurus start a novel, then the relationship will move to a closer state, involving responsibility for words and feelings.

And here Gemini nothing can keep within the limits of decency — windy revelers are constantly addicted to new girls. However, Taurus does not like this behavior, and jealousy scandals are inevitable.

The result may be a break in relations due to adultery or just flirting on the side.

If the couple still decide to get married, the spouses will have a hard life together. None of them is going to change — neither Taurus nor Gemini. And long-term relationships are possible only under the condition of unconditional acceptance of the partner as it is.

Also, the duration of matrimonial life contributes to the education of offspring or the conduct of a common business. In other cases, divorce is inevitable.

What should spouses do to save a marriage? The Taurus woman should accept the windy behavior of her spouse and not chew on him because of each counter girl. A Gemini man should put up with his wife’s slowness and not flirt with everyone.

In this case, a harmonious union is possible.

Male Taurus and Gemini

In this pair, peaceful coexistence is also possible, although mutual understanding is completely excluded. The pair will appear to be from different galaxies.

However, at the very beginning of the acquaintance, exactly the opposite worldview is the impetus for meetings — the partners are interested to know each other.

Astrologers attribute this union to undesirable, and practice shows the validity of this opinion.

Young Taurus will be interesting relaxed sociable girl Gemini, the soul of the company. However, this interest will be short-lived, as the leisurely polite Taurus will tire of the endless changes in the mood and thoughts of his beloved.

The twins will become inexpressibly boring in the company of a down-to-earth and practical Taurus. Union is unlikely to last long.

If, however, marriage is realized, which is unlikely, Taurus will be tormented by jealousy. Spouse Twins and after the wedding will not change the frivolous style of behavior and will continue to shine in the companies with their wit and adventurous antics.

The power Taurus will soon get bored with the windy Gemini and the woman will openly yawn in his presence. If the Twins do not dare to commit adultery, then the loss in the company of cheerful friends will be permanent.

However, there is a positive moment in this union — the complete coincidence of sexual interests.

Compatible Taurus-Twins: Partnerships


Friendship between signs is possible, although there are no common points of contact for Taurus and Gemini. It will be more friendly relationship than sincere friendship.

A couple simply has nothing to talk about, since they are interested in completely different things. Gemini needs a constant change of impressions, Taurus do not like to change anything in their measured way of life.

Partnerships are quite possible if the responsibilities are properly distributed. For example, no one except Taurus can cope with routine work. Gemini is better to go on regular business trips — to fill with impressions of thought and soul.

Taurus will keep restless Gemini from another adventure, in which this zodiac sign is constantly and steadily trying to get involved. If the partners have a common goal, they will be able to move mountains — but on the condition that all issues are resolved jointly.

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