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Compatible Taurus-Taurus: what you need for happy love

Compatibility Taurus-Taurus: marriage and love relationships

What is the relationship between the same signs of the zodiac? Many astrologers believe that compatibility is ensured by a deep understanding of the nature of each other.

Both are leisurely, thorough, responsible and moderately lazy. Consider what else the compatibility of Taurus-Taurus in a pair depends on.

How are love, partnerships and friendships?

Compatible Taurus-Taurus: what you need for happy love

Love relationship

This is a harmonious couple that perfectly understands the thoughts and feelings of their chosen one. In a relationship there is no contradiction, misunderstanding and reticence.

They have the same view of the world, common values ​​and degree of activity. Even if Tauruses are unfamiliar, they will enjoy communicating with each other.

The relationship between a man and a woman develops without any problems, disappointment in each other is simply excluded. Mutual understanding is at the level of the subconscious — even words are not needed.

All thoughts and actions of the partner are perceived only from the positive side, since they fully correspond to the aspirations of both.

Relations between Taurus can last for years without any changes.

Taurus likes solitude and romance. During dating they try to hide from everyone in order to indulge in feelings alone with each other. There are no scandals, jealousy, violent passion or excessive expression of emotions in relationships.

Taurus find out any misunderstandings with the help of a frank conversation, because both of them do not like to darken.

At meetings, they arrange a feast for their bodies. It can be a dinner in a chic restaurant or a private date with a bath and massage.

Love joys can last as long as you like, because Tauruses do not like to hurry anywhere. Beautiful courting, romantic atmosphere in the room, burning candles and an exquisite dinner — all this is necessary and desirable for them.

Compatible Taurus-Taurus: what you need for happy love

Marriage relationship

After several years of dating, Taurus can decide to marry, carefully weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of this union. Usually they get married after they get financial independence from their parents and stand firmly on their feet.

A man approaches the creation of a family with full responsibility, so he will never lead the bride to the registrar office in an unstable financial situation.

In family life, scandals and showdowns are completely absent: spouses with confidence look to the future, which they create with their own hands. In this they find happiness, which increases with increasing family budget.

Sometimes Taurus can create capital for the sake of capital itself and also find great satisfaction in this.

A Taurus man can earn money, and a Taurus woman can spend it wisely. And the woman will never overpay for things, being able to find the best for a moderate and reasonable price. Taurus too respect money to put it to the wind.

Taurus family happiness will increase as the bank account increases.

In a pair of Taurus + Taurus honest open relationships reign, as both hate lies and hypocrisy.

In bed, the spouses are also harmonious, since their temperaments completely coincide. Adultery in such a pair — out of the ordinary event. Tauruses are so passionate about creating a strong home that they don’t even think about adventures on the side.

They are already doing well together, and none of them need new impressions.

Their life together may seem monotonous, but Taurus is completely satisfied. Both value peace and comfort, beauty and harmony in everything.

This is an indestructible alliance that can only be destroyed by a catastrophe or the premature death of one of the partners. More durable and reliable tandem is not found.

Is everything so rosy in a married couple Taurus? Do not forget about the notorious stubbornness inherent in this zodiac sign. Taurus can stand with a horn, considering his plan better.

To avoid such conflicts of opinion, you just need to distribute the areas of responsibility for which the spouse will be responsible. In this case there will be no reason for misunderstanding.

Compatible Taurus-Taurus: what you need for happy love

Business and friendship

It is a reliable and lasting union. Both partners are well aware of the situation, do not rush into deals without prior analysis, avoid any adventures and know how to preserve capital.

This tandem can be called successful with a great stretch, since financial success depends on well-thought-out decisions, and not on luck.

In friendly relations there is a full understanding. However, a long friendship between a man and a woman is hardly possible, since they are too attractive to each other in sexual terms.

However, Taurus differs in one feature — long-term memory for resentment. If one of the partners comes to mind to make a complaint, the other will certainly remember something offensive. The circle closes, and Taurus will have to stew for a long time in its own juice of insults and misunderstandings.

This can last for as long as you like, because Taurus is prone to revel in a depressed state forever.

What can solve such a conflict? Sincere forgiveness and tenderness.

Not a single Taurus can resist the manifestation of sincere tenderness in his direction.