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Compatible Rats

Compatibility of rats according to the eastern horoscope

Compatibility Rats in love is not the most favorable. When people from such a couple come to me, we always carefully analyze what to do and how to overcome crises and build a happy and harmonious union.

In this article I will also share recommendations, thanks to which you can solve any problems and save your feelings.

general characteristics

Astrologers believe that people who were born under the sign of the Rat, it is best to remain friends. They have a difficult relationship.

The first problems begin during the general residence, Rats do not know how without disagreement to build a common life and live in peace.

Compatible Rats

But if you are already in such a relationship, this is not a reason to despair. It is necessary to study all the problem moments of the union and learn to interact with each other, building a happy and harmonious union.

What are the features of the characters of partners and their relations:

  1. Rats by nature are desperate provocateurs. This leads to a lot of conflict. They need to learn how to interact, not compete and compete. Strive to act in the good of the partner, and not to defend only their own interests.
  2. They can create each other a lot of problems and difficulties. They are fussy, cunning and very emotional — these traits of character and become stumbling blocks in relationships. Their quarrels can turn into a real catastrophe, because everyone throws out all the power of temperament on a partner, not trying to spare him.
  3. At the first problem, they will want to part, and not to solve it. Therefore, if the Rats enter into relationships, being young, inexperienced and immature, the gap is quite predictable. Only sufficiently adult and conscious people can work on relationships, and not run, as soon as they see that the partner in some way has not met their expectations.
  4. In each of the partners there is a huge internal tension, which is exacerbated as soon as conflicts begin. To neutralize this problem, they need to spend energy, giving it to creativity. Then the quarrel will not be left. Rats are simply obliged to find for themselves an interesting thing that ignites them.
  5. To balance the relationship is also not bad if the partners find some common hobbies to be engaged in together. This will help preserve feelings, become a happier and more harmonious couple. Will leave unnecessary hot temper.

We summarize: the compatibility of two Rats is not the highest in the eastern horoscope. But if you have feelings and a desire to preserve relationships, make them full, healthy and happy, there is a chance to stay together and live a long life filled with love and positive emotions.

Compatibility in love

This novel at first seems just perfect. When the Rats get to know each other, they immediately find in each other a lot in common. Mutual understanding at the beginning of a relationship is at a very high level.

Sometimes partners don’t need words to understand each other.

Compatible Rats

They are united by a passionate temperament, love of fun and an excellent sense of humor.

What can be expected from further relations in the opinion of astrologers:

  1. At the very beginning of the relationship will be very sincere and romantic. Passion will absorb partners, and they will completely plunge into each other, forgetting about the reality surrounding them.
  2. They touchingly care for each other, arrange romantic surprises and give expensive gifts. They travel a lot, exchange passionate love messages.
  3. But time passes, and the idyll begins to crumble. Forgetting the feelings that united them, the Rats begin a desperate struggle for power. Turn into rivals and competitors claiming leadership.
  4. They are ardent owners, so they will try in every way to control the partner and limit his freedom. At the same time, they themselves remain independent and do not tolerate restrictions. This is the cause of endless quarrels. If conflicts do not stop, the relationship will fall apart.
  5. It is very important for them not only to stop competing, but also to learn to trust a partner. Congenital suspicion greatly hinders this. Therefore, relationships can wallow in baseless jealousy and endless scandals.

Important: mistrust and total control are the stumbling block. It is on these moments that it is necessary to work first and foremost in order to preserve feelings and build harmonious relations in which both will be happy.

Watch a video describing the nature of people-Rats:

Marriage and family

Getting married to Rats is an extremely risky event. They do not want to build matrimonial plans, even if the feelings are strong enough.

Therefore, they often prefer to just live together.

But if they do decide to start a family, it will be a huge test of strength for both.

What astrologers advise:

  • It is important for rats that there is always some novelty in the relationship. Therefore, they must constantly look for sources of new emotions. It is advisable to find yourself in the works, to find joint hobbies that are interesting to both.
  • Stop fighting for leadership. Even before marriage, they should agree on the distribution of roles and responsibilities. Indicate who and for what will be responsible. And promise each other that they will not interfere in the affairs and decisions of the partner.

The easiest thing for rats to negotiate when it comes to sex. In the intimate life of the problems practically does not arise, they fully satisfy the desires and needs of each other.

It is in bed that they are most capable of showing their love and tenderness.

Compatible Rats

In order to diversify sex life, to make it brighter and richer, Rats should constantly look for new ways to bring each other pleasure. Experiments are important for them, so they should try new things and not be shy to openly talk to a partner about their desires.

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