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Compatible Lviv

Compatibility Lviv in love and relationships

Compatibility Lviv horoscope rather ambiguous. On the one hand, partners are born under the same sign, they have the same element, they are similar, therefore they must understand each other.

But for some reason their astrologers consider their union an immature relationship, without the right to long and happy love.

Compatibility in love

When they meet, they see that they are reflected in the partner, as if in a mirror. They notice a lot of similar features, they always have something to talk about, a similar sense of humor. Therefore, at first Lions fall in love with each other with terrible force.

But soon enough, the first problems that prevent to build a long, strong and happy union begin.

Compatible Lviv

What is characteristic of the relationship of partners of this sign:

  1. Each partner wants to be in charge and make decisions. They will never want to give up their place of leader. Therefore, sooner or later, their relationship turns into a fight, they desperately compete and defend their right to be in charge.
  2. It is the woman who will have to give in if she wants to preserve the relationship. Otherwise, she simply suppresses the man, and he will lose all motivation to develop and achieve his life goals.
  3. Both in pair are incredibly energetic, active, active and goal-oriented people. They always move forward, not stopping at nothing. Choose the shortest ways to solve problems and fulfill their desires. On the one hand, this character is great in order to achieve great success in life. Especially acting in tandem.
  4. But there are pitfalls. Both are quite impatient, impractical, devoid of rationality. Because of this, even having achieved much, they can quickly spend the money earned to the penny or invest in a dubious business, losing everything in the end.
  5. They fall in love because they see their reflection in the satellite. But if you look in the mirror for a long time, you can find many flaws. Over time, both start to annoy the fact that the negative qualities of the partner — it is your shortcomings as well.
  6. Sooner or later, both will desperately re-educate each other. But attempts to change a partner are always in vain. In order to maintain harmony and well-being in a couple, a life partner must be taken as it is.
  7. But they are never bored with each other. The fire element does not make relationships stagnate. But there is a danger in this — the partners quickly catch fire, but their feelings can pass no less quickly, if you don’t throw firewood at the “fire”.

If it comes to the wedding, the marriage is unlikely to be successful. It would be better for lions to make friends or engage in a common business than to build relationships that will fall apart anyway.

Causes of conflict

The fiery natures of partners not only prevent them from getting bored together, but also provoke many conflicts. Quarrels in a couple happen almost every day, because both need to let off steam, and they are not able to do this by a more correct method.

Compatible Lviv

Why do they quarrel:

  • Jealousy is the main cause of most conflicts in a pair of two lions. And they are not only jealous of the opposite sex. But they can envy success, career, and everything else, in which the partner surpasses them. They need to learn to rejoice for each other, and not be jealous of success.
  • Both are pretty uncompromising, not willing to make concessions. But someone will have to do it. If no one goes to meet, the relationship will simply fall apart. Pride in building love is not always appropriate, sometimes you need to forget about your principles. This Lions need to constantly remember.

And from the side of this pair seems bright, beautiful, a little hectic, passionate. They are always admired, set as an example of true love, not knowing what passions are boiling inside the couple, and how many negative things are there.

But Leo is mostly important external picture, the impression made on others.

If they try to resolve conflicts with the world and to be, and not seem like a happy couple, parting can still be avoided.

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Relationships of a female lion and a male lion

Let’s talk about how a woman and a man born under the sign of Leo behave in relationships.

The girl in such a union is not very eager to be the keeper of the hearth and mistress. She can not tolerate household chores, preferring to spend her young and active years of life on something more interesting.

A man is the same, but without doing business, he will desperately demand from the second half the fulfillment of women’s functions. In order to avoid conflicts on the basis of domestic affairs, it is better for a couple to immediately distribute the duties, and perform them responsibly.

Compatible Lviv

Both do not like physical work, they are closer to leadership work. This is relevant not only for career affairs, but also in everyday life. They are unlikely to make repairs with their own hands, but rather hire workers.

If funds permit, then all the homework will be handed over to housekeepers, cooks and other staff.

Quarrels and parting happen most often because of financial or domestic problems. Both love to live beautifully, not really fitting into the budget, can accumulate a huge amount of debt.

But if they learn to save, but at the same time they don’t earn money normally, they will clash on household ground.

Both Leo in this pair are leaders by nature. Therefore, their relationship — is the eternal competition in trying to take the main role and get the right to make decisions.

For the time being, it even amuses both of them, but the eternal struggle cannot last.

Difficulties begin when both go beyond, and begin to not only compete, but try to completely suppress their partner. In this case, the man will be incredibly sarcastic, sarcastic and even malicious. His companion is no better — he will also try to prick more painfully.

And sooner or later the relationship will fall apart.

Everything can be good if the Lions remember their natural sense of humor and use it to extinguish all conflicts.

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