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Compatible Horse and Rat

Horse and Rat compatibility — unpredictable final

Horse and Rat compatibility is one of the most ambiguous and unpredictable. They can create relationships, but what they will lead to is difficult to predict.

Let’s try to understand all the nuances, analyzing the forecasts of astrologers.

general characteristics

For the union between the signs of the Rat and the Horse, the following features are characteristic:

  1. The novel begins with instantly flared passion. Almost immediately the relationship becomes emotional, full of vivid impressions. Quickly go to intimacy, because they are drawn to each other with terrible force.
  2. The horse in the relationship is given in full. For her, love is, first of all, self-sacrifice. The rat does not lose touch with reality, so it may seem more indifferent.
  3. Quiet relationship will not be. Fate now and then will throw tests, checking the feelings of lovers for strength. And the opposite of the characters of partners becomes a huge stumbling block. They have to constantly adapt to each other and seek compromises.
  4. Yield loves no one in a pair. This is the main problem of relationships. But they are similar in their dedication. Both strive for career growth and material well-being. In rationality and find a point of contact.

The main thing is that they do not turn love into war and eternal confrontation. Moreover, it is the Horses who will have to show wisdom, it is more responsible for maintaining relationships.

Partner characters

People born in the year of the Horse are very energetic and easy to lift. They love to spend time in noisy companies, chat and have fun, regulars of social events.

At the same time, they not only lead an idle life, but also work hard to provide themselves and their families with everything necessary for a comfortable existence.

Compatible Horse and Rat

They are loved, appreciated and respected by everyone around them. They are wonderful interlocutors, people with a strong inner core and their own unique opinion on any issue.

Good leaders, able to lead.

Horses are also very patient, which is their great advantage. Thanks to innate patience, they do not break off relations at the very first problem, but try to settle the conflict by all means. Do not tolerate only deception and betrayal.

To the negative qualities of character can be attributed to the extreme selfishness of the sign.

Rats — natures charming and clever. These are real intellectuals who are able to open for the chosen one a vast world of new knowledge.

They are also egoists who value their own interests above all else.

Conflict rarely, preferring to sort things out in a peaceful way. If this fails, escape from a partner, not wanting to overcome difficulties.

Connoisseurs of comfort, are able to create an incredibly cozy atmosphere at home.

Able to survive in any conditions, easily adapt to new circumstances. They are naive, so they often fall prey to deception.

Never act rashly, preferring to think through every action before making a final decision.

Compatible Horse and Rat

They love to save and save money, for them it is extremely important. For the Rat to fall in love, the partner must become for her not only a lover, but also a faithful, loyal and reliable friend.

Man-Rat and Woman-Horse

The fate of the relationship will depend entirely on the behavior of the woman. The more wise and balanced companion of life she will show herself, the more chances a couple have to preserve the union.

What are the features of this union:

  1. The girl will be very difficult. That she often becomes a source of problems, her behavior provokes a quarrel. She realizes this, but she constantly has to correct mistakes and work on relationships.
  2. A man is extremely important that his interests are respected. If the chosen one gives his “phi”, he will be disappointed instantly. Therefore, she should be as patient, wise and tactful as possible, even if it seems that the beloved is again engaged in some nonsense.
  3. The girl values ​​her freedom above all else. She will not allow herself to be controlled. It is important that a man respects her right to a separate rest, allowing him to rest from himself. If she can periodically spend holidays with her friends, and not with her spouse, it will relieve the relationship from problems.

Only the lack of control and pressure on each other will keep their relationship. They must learn to trust a partner and not try to invade his personal space.

A separate rest will help to get enough boredom and fall in love with each other again.

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Male Horse and Female Rat

This variant of the union is considered more favorable, the compatibility is rather high. But this does not mean that it is necessary to allow relations to develop without the participation of partners.

There will still be a lot of problems, and it is worth learning to solve them with comfort for both.

Compatible Horse and Rat

What is characteristic of this union:

  1. A man will spend most of his time working. He is hardworking, ambitious, eager to earn all the money in the world, so that his family does not need anything. The girl, in turn, should respect the chosen one for this, and not make scandals about his infrequent finding next to her.
  2. A man should also understand that his wife needs his attention. It is sometimes necessary to arrange a full weekend, turning off the phone and not scoring a head job. If he learns to “read” and respect her wishes, the relationship will reach the peak of harmony.
  3. Girl-Rat looks at the world very rationally. Due to this quality, it is able to timely lower the chosen one from heaven to earth, to make him take more into account the real state of affairs.

A relationship landing in the two-faced nature of the Rat. She cheats and deceives over trifles, such is her character. If the secret becomes clear, the man can decide to break, no matter how painful it is for him.

Therefore, she should be as honest with her lover as possible.

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