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Compatible Dragon and Rat

Dragon and Rat Compatibility — Couple with a Happy Future

Compatibility of the Dragon and the Rat does not say anything definite. This is a union of two very different people, so their relationship can be very unpredictable and depend on many factors.

Male rat and female dragon

The Rat man is a very open and selfless person. He is ready to invest in the chosen one his money, time and care in any quantities.

She’s pretty impregnable, so getting her position can be very difficult.

Compatible Dragon and Rat

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. The rat is a real man with a strong character. He is intelligent, sets clear goals and does everything to achieve them. Able to find a way out of any, even the most difficult situation. Therefore, even if the Dragon Girl does not reciprocate, he will do everything to achieve her favor and fall in love with herself.
  2. The woman in this relationship is at first very unapproachable and inaccessible. It looks like a real “snow queen”, cold and arrogant. Therefore, men are often wary of her, thinking that they have no chance. But the rat does not care.
  3. He begins to care, finds out the chosen one better and understands that external inaccessibility is only a mask. And behind her lies a very kind, friendly and sincere girl who needs a strong shoulder, love and care.
  4. When there is a rapprochement and they fall in love with each other, there is a strong attraction. They get interested together, they are able to chat for hours on various topics, share their creative plans.
  5. Marriage promises to be successful only if a man takes full responsibility for the material well-being and life of himself. It is he who should deal with the distribution of the family budget, and leave his wife the role of mother and keeper of the hearth.

Here is the truth of the active girl, such a role is not always to their liking. She wants achievements, active life, freedom and independence.

Therefore, it is highly desirable that she realize her ambitions without prejudice to the family and raising common children.

Dragon Man and Female Rat

This man attracts a rat with its bright charisma and sexuality. She will also appreciate such qualities as generosity, generosity and sincerity.

Thanks to them, she will be able to put up with the shortcomings of the second half — his irritability, selfishness and vanity.

Compatible Dragon and Rat

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. This pair has a huge potential. Both partners of nature are energetic, they have a lot of forces that allow you to succeed in any endeavors.
  2. A woman, as a more pragmatic nature and closer to reality, will be able to balance the atmosphere in a couple, adding to her calm. But she can occasionally be fussy and restless, which takes the elect out of herself and makes her nervous. If she cannot harmonize her inner state, the beloved will lose peace and may become tired.
  3. Astrologers attribute good compatibility to such a union. Woman in the relationship plays the role of hostess. And if a man is able to provide her with comfort and material benefits, will be strong and will solve all problems, they will live together happily.
  4. The fate of the relationship depends on the ability of the man to give his darling peace and confidence in the future. She wants to rely on him completely, feeling protected, supported and supported.
  5. She will be proud of her husband’s success, believe in him and respect him. Such an attitude charges him with a huge amount of energy, he becomes able to move mountains and is ready to do anything to provide his family with everything they need and save him from adversity.

This is the rare version of compatibility in which partners live peacefully and happily together for many years. They value, love, and infinitely respect each other, although problems may sometimes arise with mutual trust.

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Union cons

There are pitfalls, despite the relatively favorable compatibility. Partners should work out the problem points so that the relationship is always harmonious and happy.

Compatible Dragon and Rat

What are the problems of the relationship of the Dragon and the Rat:

  • Dragon can not stand life, routine and boredom. He is constantly in search of new impressions and vivid emotions. The rat, as a more mundane sign, is constantly trying to pull the chosen one from heaven to earth. Quarrels often occur on this basis.
  • Rat periodically begins to cut partner, not restraining his irritation. Instead of correctly living negative emotions, they let off steam for each other. It is important for them to learn to negotiate without offense and claims.
  • The eternal competition, the rivalry between two strong personalities can also be a problem point. It is necessary to understand that someone alone will have to cede sooner or later if they want to preserve the relationship.
  • It is important for them to respect personal boundaries and the right to independence of a partner. You can not control each other and try to limit, it will kill all the feelings and lead to rupture.

They differ in reaction to minor problems. The rat often gives trifles too much importance, the Dragon is only concerned about global things.

The problem is solved — they just need to respect the partner’s experiences and allow him to share them.

Compatible in bed

The dragon as a person is creative, and in bed he proves himself to be passionate and temperamental in nature. He tries to do everything so that the Rat enjoys intimacy and is completely satisfied.

Her approach is completely satisfactory, because first of all she worries about her desires.

The rat also brings a lot of pleasure to the partner, willingly tries everything new and is always ready to experiment. Due to good sexual compatibility, betrayal in such couples is quite rare.

It is desirable that they spend enough time with each other so as not to cool down and not lose interest in intimacy.

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