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Compatible Bull and Rooster

Bull and Rooster compatibility in love and friendship

The compatibility of the Bull and the Rooster is rather ambiguous. These are signs with different temperaments, so it can be difficult for partners to get along together. But the union promises to be very interesting, filled with emotions.

Consider its pros and cons.

Love and marriage

Relationships can take shape in different ways, depending on the signs under which men and women are born.

Compatible Bull and Rooster

What is characteristic of their relationship:

  1. If a man is a Bull, and a woman is a Rooster, serious problems cannot be avoided. If they fail to overcome the trials of life and do not learn how to resolve conflicts, parting is almost inevitable.
  2. Woman-Rooster is famous for its fussy temper, stubbornness and self-doubt. These qualities can be a stumbling block in a relationship. But the steadiness and self-confidence of her companion will help to cope with problem moments.
  3. It is important that a man feels comfortable and free in relationships. Then a woman can fully trust him. He will take full responsibility for their common future.
  4. If the Rooster is a male, the relationship will be more harmonious and happy. The union is based on trust, mutual understanding. Partners set common goals and achieve them. This is a quiet couple, in the life of which does not occur too violent quarrels.
  5. In such a pair, the woman is wise enough, moderately calm. It helps to balance the temperamental nature of the spouse and in time to extinguish negative emotions.
  6. And the man brings new emotions into her life, bright impressions. He is romantic, so often will be to arrange surprises and delight his beloved. Surrounding, looking at this pair, only touches, there are usually no ill-wishers.

In general, despite the difference in the characters and temperament, the couple is able to build wonderful relationships, but on the condition that both are already wise enough and have accumulated life experience. The union of young Rooster and Ox can disintegrate rather quickly due to the emotional nature of the partners.

Relationship minuses

To save love, it is important for partners to understand what can become a stumbling block in their relationship. Then they will be able to neutralize the negative moments, and build a harmonious and happy union.

Compatible Bull and Rooster

What prevents them from reaching mutual understanding:

  1. A man in such a union is extremely important the support of the chosen one. But she may be too selfish and not give him sufficient support. She is not a woman who is able to keep home and create the rear. Her efforts are usually directed to the outside world. Because of this, a man can decide to commit adultery or even leave.
  2. A female rooster is usually a bad mistress. She will not stand at the stove and do household chores. So that this does not become a source of conflict, it would be good to hire an au pair. Therefore, both should earn enough to provide everyday comfort with someone else’s hands.
  3. Both important balance, which is not always possible to achieve. They are not constrained in expressions when quarreling. Because of this, they may hurt and offend each other painfully, and then not find words for apologies. They should learn to quench their emotional outbursts so that conflicts do not go too far.
  4. A woman in such a union is a true provocateur. They will become sophisticated to provoke the elect to bring him to the emotions. To prevent this from happening, she should look for impressions in other places. For example, to engage in active recreation or extreme sports.
  5. Emotional woman and too calm man can rarely get along together. The first lacks vivid impressions, and the second quickly gets tired of the emotional outbursts of the second half. The fate of a relationship depends only on their ability to find a balance and accept a partner as it is.

It should, first of all, get rid of expectations and complaints. Try to give, and not to demand.

Only such an approach will help the couple to preserve love and reach a new, higher-quality and harmonious level of relations, build a strong family.

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Compatible in bed

For both partners, sex is perhaps the most important part of a relationship. Therefore, they should completely arrange each other in an intimate way. Otherwise, they will seize life, and they will part.

Or they will constantly quarrel, not getting any emotions in bed.

Both are true aesthetes. It is important for them that intimacy take place in a pleasant atmosphere.

This is the couple whose sex is always on silk sheets and by candlelight. And during intimacy, they strive to make everything look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Compatible Bull and Rooster

Both willingly go to meet the wishes of the partner, ready to experiment and try something new. It is important for them not only to enjoy themselves, but also to see that the partner is enjoying the process.

Often, sex helps to resolve conflicts in a relationship. But they should not forget that, having calmed down and sated, one must nevertheless solve the problem verbally, repeat all the claims and feelings.

Friendship and business

Friendly and businesslike compatibility between the Bull and the Cock is average. They can successfully interact in business, but the grandiose results of the overall activity should not be expected.

They get along well, are able to sincerely rejoice at the achievements of a partner, they never envy and will not put sticks in the wheels. Can time to cheer, inspire and charge motivation.

But they’d rather just be friends, and not try to do business. Because sooner or later, some of the partners will want to take a leadership position, and the second will not wish to give up.

Because of this, not only conflicts can occur, but also complete termination of business arrangements.

If they do not do business, but are simply friends, they will carry their relationship through the years. They understand each other very well, so that sometimes even words are not needed.

Prone to self-sacrifice, ready to give their lives for a friend. We are always ready to give the right advice, help with words of support and concrete actions.

Moreover, the Rooster, as a person, is more sociable and sociable, often helps the Bull to learn in a new company and win respect with the rest of his friends.

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