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Compatibility Taurus-Virgo: marital compatibility

Taurus-Virgo Compatibility: Double Earth Tenacity

Pets of the earth elements Taurus and Virgo personify different states of the stronghold: Taurus symbolizes constancy, and the power of the Virgin shifts the layers of soil from place to place. That is, there is an opposite expression of the earthly essence in its integrity.

What is the compatibility of Taurus-Virgo, how can the calm of mountain ranges get along with an earthquake? Consider the issue in detail.

Compatibility Taurus-Virgo: marital compatibility

Character Taurus and Virgos

Common in the character of Taurus and Dev is diligence and purposefulness. Both signs are methodically and consistently moving towards their intended goal; they are not afraid of obstacles and difficulties on the way.

Despite the tendency to stubbornness and pessimism, both signs show these qualities at different times, so they do not create conflict situations. If one is tired, the second will give a friendly shoulder and give a helping hand.

The virgins are so careful and circumspect that they sometimes need encouragement from the side of Taurus — in order to take an important step. These signs are united by the desire to preserve traditions and not change anything in their structure for years.

These are two conservatives who find satisfaction in immutability. Virgo can teach Taurus time to relax and rest.

This is useful for hard-bodied Taurus, who forgets even to have lunch in the process of hard work.

Astrologers believe that in order to create a successful and lasting alliance between Taurus and Maiden, things are easy — they just need to meet.

Regardless of the sphere of relationships, the connection of Taurus with Virgo will always be harmonious and comfortable. Both are polite, calm and restrained — this union has a favorable impression on others.

Compatibility Taurus-Virgo: marital compatibility

Taurus Woman and Virgo

The initiator of the relationship in this pair is Taurus. Despite the stubbornness of the man of Virgo, to whom nothing can be imposed, under the influence of the charming woman of Taurus, he will completely relax and trust her gentle pressure. The atmosphere will be so comfortable that a shy Virgo will suddenly become eloquent.

Lovers do not need noisy parties and large gatherings of people, they prefer to meet in solitary places and silence.

Both signs characterize the desire for a long lasting relationship.

If a Taurus girl decides to visit the Virgin, she must bring the house in perfect order. Virgos are famous for their maniacal attitude to cleanliness and are able to see dust particles without a microscope in the most inaccessible places.

However, the beauty of Venus’s ward can even muffle such an inherent quality of Virgo as the desire for absolute sterility — a man simply loses the gift of speech and thinking.

The harmony of the relationship contributes to the loyalty of both to each other. Taurus and Virgo never risk flirting on the side, they tend to devote more time to each other.

None of them is in a hurry to formalize the legality of the relationship, but they are also not going to interrupt them. Taurus and Virgo always carefully think through every step and slowly go to the goal.

Marriage compatibility

Astrologers believe the marriage of Taurus and Virgo is ideal. Both signs understand each other from a half-word, since their worldview completely coincides.

Sometimes Virgo can be too scrupulous, but this does not prevent the reign of general harmony. The Virgo man loves family comfort, therefore he appreciates the care and attention of a Taurus woman.

He considers her the perfect mistress and mother. Taurus likes the virginity of the Maiden, the ability to earn money and spend it wisely.

The Virgo man may sometimes seem too demanding of cleanliness and order, but Taurus likes to bother about the house and take care of the household. The desire of the Virgin to perfect purity can bring Taurus many unpleasant moments, but this will have to be tolerated or turned into humor.

Compatibility Taurus-Virgo: marital compatibility

Pedantic Virgos do not give anyone a descent in this respect, not only Taurus: from their very birth all things are in their places and are distinguished by perfect purity. However, Taurus will impart to the Virgin a new quality — the enjoyment of classic disorder, elevating it to the rank of art.

And with what else can you compare fragrant rose petals scattered on the carpet, if not with art?

In the intimate life of both partners are identical in temperament and attitude to sex. There will never be an explosion of emotions in this couple, but both are completely satisfied with a calm and measured marital idyll.

If Virgo wants some variety, you need to gently warn Taurus about this in advance.

Can there be differences in the idyllic union of Taurus with the Virgin? They happen, but they are always solved by peace negotiations.

However, here we must take into account the peculiarity of Taurus and Dev to save grievances and keep them locked up for a long time. At the most inopportune moment, Pandora’s box may open, and then thunderstorms along with an earthquake are inevitable.

But the exception is more than the rule, since both signs are in conflict extremely rare.

Male Taurus and Virgo

Astrologers believe that this pair is made for each other. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to build stronger and more stable relations.

Taurus and Virgo see themselves in each other or what they want to see in a partner.

The couple understands each other completely without words and even half hints, the feelings of the partners are so close.

Even at the first meeting, Taurus and Virgo realize that they have found each other. A man Taurus does not need to show perseverance and seek the location of the Virgin — she immediately approves of his choice. Virgo feels that she has found a reliable partner and trusts him completely.

Both are able to combine business with pleasure — feelings do not prevent them from doing things, and things do not interfere with feelings. As a rule, the relationship between lovers always ends with a wedding.


This is one of the most stable and strong marriage unions, about which legends go. In this family, comfort, well-being, mutual understanding and respect always reign.

Acquaintances observe a fairy tale embodied in reality between a noble knight and a lady of royal blood. The children of this couple are always well educated and careful, they delight parents with their success in learning.

In bed, the couple behave in exactly the same way, so they do not make any claims to each other. On the part of Virgo, offers of diversity in intimate life can be received, to which the husband Taurus will respond approvingly.

Astrologers believe that over time, partners will learn to feel each other even more. Hot and insatiable Taurus can inflame some of the coldness of the Virgin and create from it a more passionate lover.

Partnership and friendship

The pair is on the same wavelength, so mutual understanding will be perfect. Both prefer to combine business with pleasure, so they will not waste time.

If the representatives of the land of different sex, the friendship almost always ends in a marriage relationship.

In a business partnership, a couple expects success, because double the persistence in achieving goals always leads to excellent results. Perseverance, multiplied by excitement, will attract many envious and competitors.

But Taurus with the Virgin will be able to overcome any of the machinations of competitors and bring your ship to clean and calm waters.

However, the tendency of land signs to consistency is not always useful in business projects, so a team of like-minded people will not be disturbed by the presence of a sign of air — they all have a creative approach to business and a penchant for innovation.

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