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Compatibility Taurus-Scorpio: friendship and partnership, marriage

Compatibility Taurus-Scorpio: the basis of harmony and mutual understanding

Taurus and Scorpio are antagonists in the horoscope. These are absolutely two opposites that make it very difficult to get along and find mutual understanding. However, such marriages are found.

Consider the compatibility of Taurus-Scorpio in detail. What is needed to create a sustainable union?

Compatibility Taurus-Scorpio: friendship and partnership, marriage

General information

The union of antagonistic signs is possible only under the confluence of the most favorable circumstances and under the condition of sexual attraction. More characteristic is the irreconcilable enmity between Taurus and Scorpio, as both are not accustomed to give in and defend their views to the last.

On the other hand, opposites perfectly complement each other, and therefore attract. However, these signs have a common — perseverance in achieving the goal.

If they can combine efforts, they will not have equal results. To this end, favorable circumstances must arise and a common goal must emerge.

If both signs give up trying to remake each other, their tandem will be just great.

Male Taurus and Scorpio

This union can be successful if both partners abandon the idea of ​​redoing each other and do not win the right of leadership in a relationship. In the presence of sympathy and the desire to be together, the couple can be happy.

If we add to this joint business, the chances of success increase. Of course, Scorpio is puzzled by the slowness of Taurus, but he is ready to accept this.

Taurus can withdraw from a sharp manner to speak, but you can get used to it for the sake of the common cause.

Taurus and Scorpio exist in different rhythms of life, which is the cause of misunderstanding.

At the beginning of the acquaintance, the Taurus man is literally fascinated by the Scorpio woman. These rose-colored glasses do not give an estimate of the danger of the situation and are misleading about the true qualities of the partner.

Outwardly, Scorpios may look calm and balanced, but this is not her character trait — it speaks of her ability to contain an emotional storm inside. Calm in an instant will end, if the Scorpion something does not suit.

Scorpio woman puzzles the sluggishness of Taurus, so she always takes the initiative in their hands. The Union may not take place if the Scorpion looks for a more suitable fan for her.

In this case, the girl will decisively and finally break off the connection with Taurus without any regret.

Marriage bond

If the marriage between Taurus and Scorpion still took place, the relationship promises to be long. Both partners came to the registry office after a careful analysis of the situation, after weighing all the pros and cons.

Therefore, thoughts about breaking relationships are excluded.

They will establish joint life quickly, the strength of the financial basis will be stable. Scorpion can not always give the house enough time, but he likes order and cleanliness.

Taurus will have to put up with the change in the unshakable foundations of his life, but the Scorpion will help him move into a new life rhythm unobtrusively and rather tactfully.

In bed, inconsistencies in temperaments may appear, since Scorpio needs various sensations that Taurus cannot provide. However, the wisdom of Scorpios and here will come to her aid — she will teach her husband to a variety of caresses and sensations, for which he will be grateful.

Compatibility Taurus-Scorpio: friendship and partnership, marriage

Taurus Woman and Scorpio

Harmony between signs is possible with complete coincidence of goals and interests. If this is not done, the signs will disperse on different sides and will be hostile.

The principle, multiplied by obstinacy, turns into actions to the detriment of their interests. That is, Taurus and Scorpio will begin to harm themselves, just to prick the enemy.

However, the Scorpio man perfectly sees in Telchikha a reliable and thorough life partner, which cannot but attract him. She calls a spade a spade, does not darken and does not try to dissemble.

In addition, the Taurus woman tries not to give cause for jealousy, which is very important to Scorpio.

The Taurus woman is attracted to Scorpio by being gallant and beautiful. She is attracted by the energetic activity of the gentleman, his talkativeness and the absence of complexes.

The charm, of course, will disappear with time, as the Telchiha will notice the difference in temperaments.

Scorpio can not change, and Taurus any change is perceived as a threat to the violation of peace and stability.

Any proposal of Scorpio about visiting a company of friends, going to the nature and other events is unlikely to find support from Taurus. Scorpio constantly needs new impressions and events, it is not suitable for home pastime.

Over time, conflicts will begin on this basis, which are likely to lead to a rupture of relations.

Marriage relationship

A successful marriage between Taurus and Scorpio is possible only in middle age, when they have gained everyday wisdom and can appreciate the benefits of each other. They both need a cozy family nest, stability, surrounded by relatives and friends.

Telchikha copes with housework, and Scorpio can earn.

Taurus woman should not prevent impulses of Scorpio male expression. Then the marriage goes well.

However, even here misunderstandings may arise, since the Taurus woman perceives Scorpio’s desire for new impressions as dissatisfaction with family life. If Taurus realizes that craving for impressions is an integral part of Scorpio’s character, she will be able to adequately assess his actions.

In this case, there will be no misunderstandings in the family, and Scorpio will idolize an intelligent wife.

Compatibility Taurus-Scorpio: friendship and partnership, marriage

Friendship and partnership

In friendship, Taurus and Scorpio have few common points of contact. Taurus seem to Scorpios bore and look boring and uninteresting in their eyes.

Taurus hard to understand the gustiness of the Scorpions, they look in their eyes as eccentrics and adventurers. In addition, the Scorpions are different stealth, which further repels Taurus from communicating with them.

Relationships are possible only at a friendly level.

In business, this tandem will be great.

Here there is the inventiveness of the Scorpion and the practicality of Taurus. Scorpio is a great warrior of the spirit, so it can smash any competitors.

While he fights with his enemies, Taurus calmly does business. Debates between them may arise on the basis of diverging interests in terms of business integrity: Taurus will never subscribe to any adventure, this is a crystal clear player.

Having found out the misunderstandings, both signs with a double force will begin to increase bank accounts — they both know the price of money.

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