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Compatibility Taurus-Pisces: partnership and marriage

Taurus-Pisces Compatibility: Harmony in Marriage and Commonwealth

Taurus and Pisces belong to different elements. Fish swim in the water, Tauruses express the essence of the earth.

However, there are a lot of common points of contact among representatives of these signs. Consider the compatibility of Taurus-Pisces in all areas of relationships: love, marriage, friendship and partnership.

What is the essence of this union?

Compatibility Taurus-Pisces: partnership and marriage

General information

The mystery of Pisces is based on the variability and fluidity of the water element. They are full of mysticism and sensitivity. Taurus is also a sensitive sign, as Venus and the Moon in the horoscope give them a refinement of the perception of beauty.

Water requires a reservoir — land, and the earth needs water to moisten. Therefore, this union is considered complementary and very harmonious.

Mystically-minded Pisces teach Taurus to an easier perception of the world, which is what the land signs, which are stuck in pragmatism, so need. Tauruses are necessary for vulnerable and impressionable Pisces to feel the reliability and durability of the foundations of the world.

As you can see, these signs are simply necessary for each other to feel the inner balance.

Fish never seek reasons for quarrels with Taurus, and Taurus enjoy peace and harmony in their relations with them. After all, the most important thing for Taurus is that no one encroaches on their inner harmony and does not unbalance.

Sometimes the views of Pisces and Taurus may not coincide, but they will not break their spears because of clarification of inconsistencies.

Taurus woman and man Pisces

This union can not be called ideal, as men Pisces tend to seek unearthly love. The Taurus woman is just the essence of all earthly things, so she does not have a special sex appeal for them.

The pragmatism of Taurus enters into conflict with the ideas of dreamy Pisces: sometimes it seems to them that the advice of Taurus to descend to the ground indicates a lack of sympathy.

Fish are ready to sacrifice much to swim on the wave of sensory perception of the world. Taurus is not peculiar and little is clear. Fish are ready to commit an insane act to surprise and captivate Taurus.

But Taurus perceives the spiritual impulses of Pisces as a stupid and unnecessary trick, so they are not appreciated. Taurus generally unpleasant any sudden outbursts or changes, which Pisceans regard as unnecessary dogmatism and even hypocrisy.

Mutual understanding is complicated by one more thing — Pisces’s inability to express his thoughts concretely and definitely. Riddles, half hints and a shadow of understatement are not perceived by Taurus as expected by Pisces. Taurus does not like being told in riddles and parables.

In his youth, such a couple is unlikely to take place. But in adulthood, when life experience has accumulated enough, the chances of creating a union are sharply increased.

Joining together, the couple begins to equip your life. Taurus woman will try to somewhat simplify her husband’s ornate and mysterious speech, demanding certainty and specificity. In time, Taurus will realize that the spouse is darkening not because he is trying to hide something, but because he does not have a clear idea of ​​the situation.

This will facilitate mutual understanding between them, because Taurus will stop trying to bring the Pisces to clean water — this is completely meaningless.

In domestic terms, they will be able to establish harmonious coexistence, but making money is better at Taurus. Over time, spouses are so ground to each other, that they adopt the best qualities of another.

This is expressed in a more realistic approach of Pisces to life and a more romantic perception of reality by Taurus. Marriages break up very rarely, because spouses learn to understand each other at once.

Compatibility Taurus-Pisces: partnership and marriage

Taurus man and woman Pisces

This union is quite harmonious, since the Taurus men are attracted to the mystery of Pisces. The Taurus man is gallant and sentimental, he is not capable of injuring impressionable Pisces — and this is their weak point.

Taurus will tactfully avoid any controversial issues and provide Pisces with a reliable shoulder in difficult situations.

Practical Taurus is very necessary Pisces, which are helpless in everyday situations. The Taurus man perfectly knows how to keep records of the family’s financial resources, and Pisces are able to inspire him for any exploits in the name of the family’s well-being.

Strangely enough, but the Taurus man fully corresponds to Pisces’ idea of ​​the ideal. Taurus is charitable, courteous and sentimental.

He will never allow himself the habits of a tyrant or manifestations of a dictatorial nature. Taurus can calmly listen to the stories of Pisces’ mental turmoil and will always be comforted at the right moment.

Scandals in this family are excluded, since the laconic Taurus is not inclined to a long and emotional clarification of relationships — this deprives him of inner peace. Showdowns are postponed until later, and after a while all emotions subside — and there is nothing left to find out.

Compatibility Taurus-Pisces: partnership and marriage

It may seem to Taurus that his spouse spends a lot of time on perfect nonsense, but, seeing her joy, he gently gives in and lets continue this absurd in his opinion action.

Taurus is important to feel the sincerity of feelings, and Pisces, like anyone, can be sincere and devoted in love.

Marriage relationship

In marriage, representatives of the earth and water elements have few conflicts. Fish can please Taurus, feed and maintain order in the house. What else is needed for a good life?

Taurus is completely satisfied with this state of affairs. The only complaint of Taurus may be a remark about the unreasonable waste of money, but this problem is solved by full control over the expenditure of finance from Taurus.

The marriage union of a male Taurus with a female Pisces is generally indestructible.

Taurus will be able to explain to his wife that first you need to acquire the things necessary for life and will certainly leave an emergency supply of money, and only spend the remainder on pleasure. Pisces will not protest against such a reasonable approach to life and will completely entrust the control of finances to the spouse.


This union will bring good results. Pisces’ deep intuition is able to predict the likely outcome of the business started.

Taurus will be able to organize the practical side of the issue and ensure the supply and sale of products, calculate the revenue and determine from it the percentage of investments in further business. Therefore, financially equal to the partnership of Taurus with Pisces is difficult to find.

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