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Compatibility Taurus-Leo: a union of opposites

Compatibility Taurus-Leo: marriage union, partnerships

Astrologers agree that Leo and Taurus should avoid close communication with each other. Pets of the Sun and Venus are so different that they will not be able to find common points of contact.

However, we all know that opposites attract, so Taurus-Leo compatibility is still possible. Consider the circumstances under which this union has the right to exist.

Compatibility Taurus-Leo: a union of opposites

Two opposites

Earth and fire — what could be common between them? Fire can burn the earth, and the earth can fall asleep and put out the fire. However, the land has one remarkable property — it is a fiery volcano.

When a volcanic eruption occurs, fire is an integral part of this process. Here you have the general property of two different signs.

It turns out that they have a point of contact! Hence, conclusions should be drawn.

Consider the opposites of characters. Taurus is prone to imperturbability and peace, he never breaks into the front line and does not suffer from ambition. Leo is all composed of ambitions and claims to the championship.

They may well get along in a common boat called a “career”, since Lev does not see a rvach and a careerist in Taurus. But both purposeful and strong-willed, organized and persistent.

Therefore, these signs may well build relationships and feel comfortable with each other.

Male Taurus and Lioness

This union is possible under one condition — the couple will not control each other. There should be no competition for leadership, although this condition is very difficult to fulfill.

Therefore, astrologers are unanimous — the union is hardly possible. According to Taurus, the girl should correspond to his idea of ​​women — be modest, warm, homely and economic.

The image of the Lioness is the exact opposite of his ideal. Therefore, Taurus is unlikely to be interested in a bright and ambitious Lioness, and she is unlikely to pay attention to the aged and phlegmatic Taurus.

However, fate may give surprises, and Taurus with the Lioness can get acquainted and even start dating. For example, if the Lioness sees Taurus in anger, she will definitely like it — a volcanic eruption will enchant the representative of the fire element. She even thinks she has found a soul mate.

But this will turn out to be just an illusion, because Taurus leaves itself extremely rarely — you have to try hard to wake up a volcanic eruption in the ground.


However, sometimes there are marriages between Taurus and the Lioness, because the ways of the Lord are certainly inscrutable. This amazing phenomenon, as the union of Taurus with Leo, looks very strange and suspicious. Quite the opposite worldview, different temperament and opposite values ​​- how can it get along together?

In addition, both are trying hard to remake each other and fit into the framework of their own ideas — but no one is going to change!

A Taurus man wants to see next to him a dodgy spouse, nurse and nurse. What does he get as a result? A careerist for whom social status is more attractive than the role of a housewife.

The lioness loves and knows how to make money and spends it the same way. For a prudent Taurus, tossing money, not even earned by it, seems utterly insane.

He will always protest against unnecessary expenses even with an impressive bank account.

Astrologers do not advise Taurus and Leo to redo each other. Take a partner as is — with all the advantages and disadvantages.

Taurus can never survive visits to numerous parties, corporate events and other gatherings, in the atmosphere of which the Lioness feels excellent. Moreover, she needs to constantly rotate in society and shine there with its uniqueness. On this basis, spouses await numerous disputes and disputes.

Soon the marriage breaks up, because none of the spouses is able to sacrifice their usual way of life for the sake of another. The lioness will remain with her opinion, Taurus — with her.

Compatibility Taurus-Leo: a union of opposites

Taurus Woman and Leo

The well-being of the union will depend on the behavior of the woman Taurus. If this marriage is beneficial to her, she will be able to close her eyes to the lifestyle of her spouse Leo.

What can attract the attention of Leo in Taurus? Modesty, lack of criticism of him and respect for his brilliant royal person.

And if astrologers regard the union of a man with Taurus and Lioness as undesirable, then the picture changes — the relationship can be quite satisfactory.

How can a bright representative of the fire element notice a balanced and calm Taurus girl? At a young age, such a meeting is unlikely to be likely, Leo will be able to pay attention to Taurus at a mature age — when he accumulates life experience and stuffs bumps on his forehead.

Then he will be able to appreciate the spiritual warmth and care of a soft and balanced Taurus. If Leo is internally ripe for a permanent relationship, he will definitely notice in Taurus all the necessary qualities of an ideal spouse.

Taurus will try to stop Leo from wandering around noisy companies, as a result of which there will be constant skirmishes between lovers. Leo will be able to make concessions and be from another noisy party, but his mood will not rise from this — both will sulk at each other all evening.

If a Taurus girl realizes that it’s not worth banning Leo to have fun, then their union will be more prosperous and even successful. Everything depends on her and her attitude to the adventures of her beloved.

Here the main thing — do not fight with each other for the palm. A Taurus woman must understand that Leo, as the king of beasts, will remain so.

Rather, the sun will go out in the sky, than Leo will cede leadership to someone.

Lev really likes the economic character of Taurus, his wife’s ability to turn the house into a cozy nest. However, a cozy house will not be able to turn Leo into an obedient homebody — he needs a secular outlet.

The constant absence of a spouse in the house will eventually annoy Taurus and a scandal will break out in the house.

Sweet and balanced wife Taurus will turn into fury, which can destroy everything around you.

Compatibility in sex is quite satisfactory. Taurus has physical stamina, so Leo will never be displeased in bed.

However, even here the spouses may be in danger if Leo wants something exotic. The conservative consort Taurus criticizes innovation so that Leo wants to hide away.

This will end up with Leo going to look for a more compliant and interested partner in diversity. This, as a rule, ends with the complete destruction of the marital union — Leo will be gone forever.

Compatibility Taurus-Leo: a union of opposites


A lion can ignore a slow-moving Taurus for a long time and even consider him a nerd and a bore. But one day the stars will turn the other side, and Leo will understand that it is hardly possible to find a more faithful and reliable person.

In adulthood, Taurus and Leo can be friends families, while maintaining sympathy for each other. The secret of a long friendship is simple — Leo and Taurus do not live together.

The further they are from each other, the stronger their friendship.

In the role of entrepreneurs, Leo and Taurus are unique — both stubborn, purposeful and sensible. Leo can earn money literally from the air, Taurus is able to work for days for the common good.

This hard worker is so responsible that he sometimes forgets about lunch in the heat of his work.

Both signs have the ability to attract money, but only Taurus can save and increase the gain. He will control the costs and will not allow Leo to scatter what he has earned to the right and left with a broad gesture. Lev is so ambitious that he is not averse to making his candidacy in the lists of presidential candidates.

The prudent Taurus will stop the companion from unreasonable steps and return to the sinful earth.

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