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Compatibility Taurus-Capricorn: Partnership and Marital Relations

Compatibility Taurus-Capricorn: the basis of a harmonious union

Taurus and Capricorn are representatives of the elements of the earth. Discrepancies between them are made only by the season of the year — Taurus is born at the heyday of nature, and Capricorn is a winter sign. What is the compatibility of Taurus-Capricorn, what are the features of this connection?

Consider the issue in the article.

Compatibility Taurus-Capricorn: Partnership and Marital Relations

general characteristics

Taurus and Capricorn have a lot in common — they are united by the essence of the elements of the earth. They quickly find a common language and feel quite comfortable in communication. Taurus and Capricorn are calm, mature, practical and thorough.

Negative relations can be a struggle for power and priority. Sometimes the war between signs is hot and long, given the obstinacy of both.

Taurus woman and Capricorn

This is a completely harmonious and stable union, whatever areas of relations it touches — love or business. The success of the union, however, depends on one nuance — the aspiration of Capricorn to suppress Taurus. Capricorn sometimes gives the impression of a bulldozer, which sweeps away everything in its path.

This is a sign of commanders and leaders. Taurus also can not stand when they pushed around.

In response to the pressure, Taurus will certainly resist, and stormy. War in this case is not bypassed.

It will last until Capricorn stops trying to suppress everything and everyone. This happens if prudence and profit take over.

And the benefit in relations with Taurus is always obvious.

What does Capricorn see benefit? Taurus — a sign of stability and peace, which is very attractive for Capricorn.

A pragmatic approach to life quite suits him and even likes it. Capricorn itself is prudent to the limit, so Taurus’s mundane approach to the question appeals to his own qualities and well-established outlook.

This also explains the strength of the love union between Taurus and Capricorn. Even with the fading of romantic notes in their common play, both signs will continue to live together.

But only if they lead a common household, Capricorn will not agree to other conditions — it is important for him to feel himself a full-fledged owner of the house, where every little thing should be taken into account on his part.

Capricorn has a more active temperament, unlike Taurus. In this alliance, he is the locomotive that drives the train in a given direction. The Taurus woman agrees with him for reasons of common sense, since she fully trusts a reliable and practical elect.

She can even sacrifice her own opinion on the issue being resolved, too, for reasons of prudence and pragmatism.

Can a couple break up? This rarely happens only in youth. The initiator of the gap is Capricorn, if he finds a more temperamental and emotionally mobile partner.

Subsequently, Capricorn always regrets the break in relations with Taurus, since it is impossible to find a more reliable and stable partner. First impressions of other signs of the zodiac pass quickly, and Capricorn is faced with a lack of understanding of its approach to life.

Compatibility Taurus-Capricorn: Partnership and Marital Relations

Marriage relationship

The farmer and provider in the family is, of course, the Capricorn man. He gladly assumes this role, leaving housekeeping for his wife, Taurus.

This arrangement suits them both. Capricorn is more likely to succeed in his career, as he is valued for his honest work. Taurus woman has a small but steady income.

For the sake of the family, she will not look for a better paying job if she takes time away from taking care of the house.

In monetary matters, Capricorn and Taurus have complete harmony — both strive for hoarding and don’t throw money down the drain. They plan all the purchases together, choosing quality items for a reasonable price.

In bed, compatibility is moderate. Taurus woman is not demanding sex, so always happy. Capricorn sometimes needs a change of impressions, so the standard approach does not always suit him.

This explains the temporary connections on the side. If a woman Taurus learns about the adventures on the side, her attitude towards the man will change forever.

There may be no divorce, but in bed Taurus will show his true attitude towards the traitor.

Taurus man and Capricorn woman

These relationships may resemble kinship, since Taurus and Capricorn are very similar to each other. It seems that from birth they were brought up in the same family. This state of affairs has its pros and cons.

On the one hand, complete understanding is ensured. On the other hand, the partners do not complement each other, but are like a copy.

A special atmosphere reigns in love — a Taurus man perceives Capricorn’s partner as a companion to common ideas.

They will never be passionate lovers, because stability and consistency for both are more important than romantic ups and downs.

Especially strong will be the union of Taurus with Capricorn, if the partners are middle-aged. For their young years, they have gained impressions of life, now they are aimed at creating a strong and prosperous family lifestyle.

Interesting is the following fact — Taurus will never decide to marry if the girl Capricorn does not take him by the horns and does not lead to the registrar. For years he will be content with meetings and partings, getting used to this lifestyle.

To change the balance of power, you will have to push Taurus to a decisive step.

The Taurus man is distinguished by stubborn consistency in everything — for years he does not change his image, does not quit his usual job, even clothes may not change for a long time. The tendency to constancy is seen even in small things — changing the furniture in the house, Taurus prefers to buy the same.

Unlike Taurus, the female Capricorn is prone to change and innovation, but not radical. This calms Taurus, and he agrees to the changes. Are there any quarrels between spouses?

They can be only in one case, if a Capricorn woman tries to put pressure on her husband and force him to do something. Taurus categorically does not tolerate any pressure.

Compatibility Taurus-Capricorn: Partnership and Marital Relations


This is a promising alliance that will last indefinitely. Both signs are distinguished by reliability, honesty and tireless diligence.

The harmoniousness of the union is promoted by the fact that the peaceful Taurus does not claim fame and glory — in this he will never cross the road to the ambitious and ambitious Capricorn.

The union of Taurus and Capricorn can be so successful that they overcome with joint efforts any obstacle and take the lead in any field of activity. Capricorn marches along victoriously in life, Taurus helps him completely disinterestedly in everything.

Taurus is able to create all conditions for the successful activity of Capricorn.

The only disadvantage in the partnership activity can be the unshakable conservatism of both and the unwillingness to change once and for all elected way of life. In this case, Scorpio can come to the aid of Capricorn and Taurus with his original ideas or Aries — a lover of everything progressive.

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