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Compatibility Taurus-Aries: a union of earth and fire

Compatibility Taurus-Aries: partnerships

The union of earth and fire can be fruitful and vibrant. Impatience and temperament Aries is confronted with the calmness and regularity of the pet of the land of Taurus.

What is the compatibility of Taurus-Aries? Despite the difference in temperaments, there are quite a few unifying features between these signs.

For example, Aries can with complete peace of mind trust in decent Taurus, who will never let them down and will not use the gullibility.

Compatibility Taurus-Aries: a union of earth and fire

Characteristic marks

Astrologers believe this union is compatible, provided there is no competition. If Aries and Taurus compete with each other, it will not seem to anyone. Both stubborn and principled, they will defend their interests to the last drop of blood.

On the battlefield will meet the aggression of Aries and the rage of Taurus, compromise is out of the question.

Starting a partnership does not always go smoothly, as Taurus and Aries have a long lapping to each other and grinding sharp corners. Aries and Taurus simply need to find a reasonable compromise, rather than trying to obstinately drag the blanket over to their side. But afterwards both signs simply souls in each other do not and cannot do without each other.

This is a friendship for centuries. They complement each other so much that they individually feel «at ease».

Compatibility Taurus-Aries: a union of earth and fire

Taurus Woman and Aries

Astrologers argue that this union is harmonious in all spheres of life — marriage, love and partnership, subject to mutual concessions. Either one of them should undertake a diplomatic mission — this option is also quite good.

The older the couple, the less controversy and conflict arise between them, the youth are more inclined to clarify misunderstandings.

Aries likes the seriousness of the intentions and feelings of Lady Taurus, he is fascinated by her refined beauty and education. However, the intimacy between partners will never be, although this union is considered ideal. Different perceptions of the world, different points of view on the same things are completely different people.

The magic of harmony arises precisely on this ground — the attraction of opposites to each other.

In relations, Taurus and Aries are crystally honest, they are never enveloped in a mist of understatement and half hints.

Both do not like hypocrisy and duplicity: in this respect, the ideal similarity. In conflict situations, they always say everything to be honest, which makes it possible to put out a quarrel at the very beginning. Often it turns out that the partners simply did not understand each other correctly — and the conflict had no basis.

This is facilitated by absolute openness and honesty.


Marriages between Taurus and Aries happen quite often. They are stable, but never peaceful.

How can this be? Astrologers do not have an answer to this question — just some kind of mysticism.

These alliances are rarely based on fiery love, since both partners take family very seriously and calculate every step. Often the marriage unions between Taurus and Aries resemble a contract that each spouse performs in the most conscientious manner.

Aries man appreciates the economic nature of his wife Taurus, which approaches the household as a job. Taurus does not depress routine chores, and her caring hands day by day create coziness and comfort for all households.

The intimate side of life of spouses suits both. Aries are distinguished by a great need for sexual satisfaction, and Tauruses are distinguished by their endurance — therefore harmony in bed is assured.

Despite the absence of ardent passion, the couple is very stable and is able to jointly overcome any vicissitudes of fate.

Male Taurus and Aries

Harmoniousness of the union will contribute to preserving the personal space of both, even if the couple lives together. It is necessary for mental balance. Taurus should give his wife the maximum allowable freedom to spend time with her friends, as it is very difficult for Fiery Aries to sit at home.

Taurus himself is inclined to prefer to rest on his favorite couch than in a noisy circle of friends.

If Aries and Taurus do not try to remake each other in their own way, the union promises to be long and harmonious.

The main thing is not to deprive each other of individuality — this will lead to the inevitable rupture of relations.

Hasty weddings between Aries and Taurus do not happen — both must get used to each other, and this may take several years. Cohabitation can bring new conflicts in a pair — Taurus is very picky about the order that Aries woman does not like.

She considers it unnecessary, and household duties are boring and monotonous.

Aries woman cannot create the cozy atmosphere to which Taurus aspires.

Taurus was indulgent towards Aries’s way of killing time in endless entertainment, but in family life he does not intend to tolerate it. The prolonged absence of a spouse in the house, the mess in the apartment is too much for the homely Taurus.

He conservatively approaches family life and believes that the spouse should completely change after the wedding. But for a fiery Aries, such a change is impossible, and the pressure from Taurus is unbearable. The ground for the conflict is ready.

And if the spouses do not find a reasonable compromise, both will want to run in different directions.

The question of jealousy is a separate topic. Taurus regards his wife as his property, so the thought of flirting on her part is intolerable to him. Aries woman is so charming and sociable that a flock of fans constantly winds around her.

This carelessness drives Taurus crazy, and scenes of jealousy will constantly pursue a couple — until the woman Aries settles down. This will happen no earlier than she turns 35 years old!

Up to this point, Aries resembles a one-day fluttering butterfly fluttering carelessly from flower to flower.

What do astrologers say about this? Their answer is unequivocal — Taurus can be patient and compliant only in a marriage of convenience.

In other cases, he will not make compromises, if it concerns his comfort and peace.

Taurus is not able to exist in an atmosphere of chaos, disorder and uncertainty — it is beyond his strength.

Compatibility Taurus-Aries: a union of earth and fire


Between the signs is quite possible friendly relations. The main thing that attracts them to each other is exceptional decency.

On Aries and Taurus, you can fully rely, entrust any secrets. Taurus does not reveal the secret of a friend, even under torture, and Aries stores valuable information no worse than a safe.

The difference between temperaments and interests also contributes to the opposite — opposites attract.

In partnership, this tandem shows a steady positive result.

Aries is the engine of the case, and Taurus is responsible for bringing it to the end. Thanks to the scrupulousness and diligence of the representatives of the elements of the earth, any business projects can reach a logical conclusion.

Aries has the necessary determination to launch any project, but does not have the perseverance to implement the case. Often, Aries can get into adventures, from which they are prudently guarded by pragmatic and reasonable Taurus.

Astrologers believe the business union of Taurus and Aries is promising and justified.

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