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Compatibility Snakes and Monkeys

Snake and Monkey Compatibility — A Short Novel

Compatibility of the Snake and Monkey according to the eastern horoscope does not promise a happy future. The partners have extremely contradictory characters, which leaves almost no chance to build happy and harmonious relations.

general characteristics

Snakes, according to the eastern horoscope, are people who “change their skin” several times during their lives. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the beginning of a relationship they show themselves on the one hand, and after a few years, the partner will have to be very surprised to discover the new qualities of the character of his chosen one.

Compatibility Snakes and Monkeys

The snake is able to live very poorly, and then soar in a flash along the career ladder and begin to live an abundant, rich life, which previously could only dream of. Drastic changes occur in all other areas of life.

The snake, like a phoenix, is able to resurrect itself from the ashes. Even being in complete despair, she lurks, and comes out of the situation with minimal losses, but with maximum benefit.

This is facilitated by such character traits as a strong intuition, a developed intellect, in some cases — the gift of clairvoyance.

Snake finances very scrupulous about finances. She never lends money and does not lend, but she knows how to earn, save and invest.

She has an extremely rational mind, so she rarely lives in poverty.

For all its practicality, the Snake can be romantic, unrestrainedly jealous, sensual. Having fallen in love, he will experience the whole range of emotions, but at the same time he will not lose his mind either.

Partner chooses not only the heart but also the head.

As for the Monkey, it has a very contradictory and complex nature. At all there is no patience, at home, in business and personal life is always a mess.

From the outside, it seems that she is constantly surrounded by incredible chaos.

At the same time, the Monkey is quite cunning and resourceful. She does not like routine and boring affairs, and in non-standard situations she shows her creative thinking in all its glory.

Loves to chat, a desperate dreamer. In her stories it is difficult to separate the truth from the fiction.

Changes mood in a split second. Endowed with a wonderful sense of humor.

In career affairs the Monkey is usually very successful, but in love she is rarely lucky. The reason is the inconsistency of the sign, it quickly loses interest and goes to meet new love adventures.

Compatibility Snakes and Monkeys

The fate of the relationship of such different, complex and unpredictable personalities is incredibly difficult to predict. They are attracted to each other often, like all opposites.

But only truly strong feelings can make them adapt to a partner and work on relationships.

Relationship minuses

It is not surprising that problems in the relations of people born under the signs of the Snake and Monkey, arise quite often.

What are the negative points in such alliances:

  1. The snake is the owner, and the Monkey highly appreciates personal freedom. Therefore, the first will control and limit, and the second will by all means defend personal boundaries and the right to independence. This constant struggle quickly annoys both.
  2. The monkey is extremely talkative, unable to keep secrets and to be restrained. Therefore, she constantly removes litter from the hut, forcing the other half to freak out that their inmost becomes public property.
  3. The monkey is touchy, The serpent is vindictive. For years they keep the memory of the offended damage and are able to take revenge at the most unexpected moment. Often their relations from the outside resemble a war, and it is generally incomprehensible that they are kept together.

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Snake Man and Monkey Woman

Parting in such a pair is only a matter of time. Although at first everything develops quite harmoniously and correctly.

A man is fascinated by a charming darling almost instantly.

What is characteristic of such relationships:

  1. They usually meet by chance — at a friendly party or social event. For a relationship to begin, the first date must take place in the most emotional setting possible. A classic meeting at dinner or a cup of coffee is not their option.
  2. They quickly turn to sex, because passion flares up almost instantly, and prejudices and conventions are both devoid.
  3. A man in this pair is an ardent proprietor, and a woman will not be able to endure his dictator’s nature for long. She is not going to limit herself to the attention of the opposite sex and noisy parties in drunken companies.
  4. The girl is also a desperate spender. She is able to pull all the money chosen by a trifle, which is not very pleasant to him. At this stage, he immediately ceases to consider her as a potential choice for a serious relationship.
  5. The monkey does not want domestic chores, it will not become a zealous mistress. Most of the time prefers to spend outside the home. It is the people of this sign who become childfree, because they don’t have much love for children and agree to start them in rare cases.
  6. In reality, such a relationship is usually a stormy, vibrant, emotional, but short-lived romance, which will end in curses to each other and a painful break.
  7. It is terrible to imagine what their marriage will be like if they nevertheless decide to start a family. But they can decide to get married either “on the fly” or out of some serious financial gain.

In the family, the man will have to give his wife as much freedom as possible, and she will have to respond to his tyranny with good jokes.

Monkey Man and Snake Woman

This pair is much more likely. Due to the flexible nature of the girl, she can successfully manipulate the elect chosen by him.

But she will pay attention to the Monkey only if he has already reached a high status and is well secured.

Compatibility Snakes and Monkeys

In this pair, the woman chooses her head and marries is solely on the calculation. Therefore, it is hardly possible to talk about strong feelings.

They may appear, but only after many years of common work on relationships, after the birth of joint children.

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