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Compatibility Snakes and Horses

Compatibility Snakes and Horses on the horoscope

Compatibility of the Snake and the Horse is not the most favorable for the eastern horoscope. Relationships between people born under these signs promise to be uneasy.

Therefore, we will have to try to save love and achieve true harmony.

general characteristics

Despite not very favorable compatibility, the relationship between the Snake and the Horse can develop safely. But only under the condition that a man and a woman join forces, manage to find an approach to each other and reveal his best qualities in a partner.

Then they will not only turn relations into a happy and harmonious union, but will also successfully develop together.

Compatibility Snakes and Horses

The snake is a wise man. She is capable of a balanced approach to solving any problem situation, therefore she will become the person who settles conflicts in a couple.

And the Horse is an energetic sign, so she will be responsible for joint development, and will also be able to provide the family with a solid material rear.

In real life, these partners often break up, and on the initiative of the Snake. Therefore, the fate of the relationship will depend on its willingness to work on them and on the desire to save love at all costs.

Horse Man and Snake Woman

In this union, a man will rightly expect the girl to perform traditional female duties. He wants her to become the keeper of the home, engaged in the household and create comfort.

And he wants these tasks to become a priority for the chosen one.

Compatibility Snakes and Horses

But in this lies his main mistake, because the woman does not want to correspond to his idea of ​​the ideal life partner. She loves and appreciates freedom too much, is extremely independent, will never wish to limit her world to only the family and the walls of a common house.

But at the very beginning, relationships develop extremely smoothly. Snake admires a man with his immediacy and wisdom.

But later problems may arise. What is characteristic of this union:

  1. The girl loves to be the center of attention and get the attention of the opposite sex, she has a lot of friends. This is not very like her chosen one, who will certainly try to limit her in communicating with friends. And the more ambitious it is, the more difficult their relationships will develop.
  2. She is always open to new opportunities and uses them. Even with a strong love for the chosen one and the presence of common children, she will never miss an exciting event, go to a meeting with friends.
  3. She has a lot of influential friends who are not averse to patronizing her. This provokes a partner and creates a lot of reasons for jealousy.

To preserve love and harmony, a man will have to learn to accept the chosen one with all her shortcomings, to respect her wishes and needs, or to break the relationship. Because she does not want to change for anything.

Above all, she values ​​only her own interests, not wanting to sacrifice them to relationships, even with strong love.

Snake Man and Horse Woman

There will be a lot of problems between these people too. However, astrologers promise them a much better chance of happy love.

Compatibility Snakes and Horses

What is characteristic of this union:

  1. A woman is able to abandon their interests and share the desire of her men to success. But she must be moved by strong enough feelings.
  2. Both personality partners are energetic, strong and active. Boring and routine life is definitely not about them. The snake becomes a wise «solver» of conflicts, it successfully solves conflicts and bypasses sharp corners in relationships. But it is desirable that the level of spiritual development of partners is on the same level, then it will be easier for them to find a common language.
  3. A woman beckons the chosen one with her many-sided character. Every day he reveals in it all the new attractive features; it will never be a completely open book for him. Therefore, the relationship will last until the Horse itself decides to part.

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Union cons

These relationships can be very problematic if you do not work with them. Both partners need to try hard, if they want to turn their love into serious feelings, bring things to the family and be happy together.

Union cons, which should pay special attention:

  1. The horse used to live one day, the Snake is more rational approach to life. Therefore, Snake is often annoyed by the frivolity of the second half, she wants to see next to her a stable partner with whom you can be confident about tomorrow. A horse should learn to take life more seriously, and her partner should put up with her faults a little more.
  2. The horse values ​​freedom above all else, does not tolerate restrictions and limits. If you control it and try to impose its rules, it becomes unhappy. The snake loves to bring up a partner and wants to bend it under all forces. Such behavior threatens with inevitable rupture.
  3. Serpent’s jealousy is also not the best food for love. She is extremely suspicious, finds grounds for jealousy even where there are none. And the horse is very popular with others, basking in attention, not intending to give it up.

Compatible in bed

Sexual compatibility between partners is very high. On this occasion, disagreement never arises.

Even by nature, a cold Horse will sooner or later melt and fully comply with the temperament of the second half.

But at the same time, the Horse is more emotional, just used to close and not show feelings. If Snake manages to find an approach to the chosen one, intimate relationships will deliver a lot of pleasure to both partners.

But will have to try. First of all, to earn trust, and only then to offer experiments in bed.

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